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“The Return of God’s Faithful Saints”

By Stanley L. Harris

After two years living in fear,

Not knowing what would become of them,

For it was the good news of God’s gospel,

Paul and God’s ordained Saints proclaimed.

Healing, baptizing, converting, saving lost souls

In Jesus name.

For they had faith in Him.

Preaching and teaching God’s good news of the gospel

To one and all,

They were obeying God’s call.

While on the road, Paul and God’s ordained Saints,

They witnessed John’s Baptism for repentance.

They had to change.

Filled with God’s Holy Spirit, they weren’t alone.

Paul and God’s ordained Saints return home.

For it was the good news of God’s gospel,

They proclaimed in Jesus name.

The Return of God’s Faithful Saints.

Welcome to

Homecoming 2009
Sunday, October 18, 2009

Theme: “The Return of God’s Faithful Saints”

Acts 19:1-6

And it came to pass, that, while Apollos was at Corinth, Paul having passed through the upper country came to Ephesus,
and found certain disciples: 2 and he said unto them, Did ye receive the Holy Spirit when ye believed? And they said
unto him, Nay, we did not so much as hear whether the Holy Spirit was given. 3 And he said, Into what then were ye
baptized? And they said, Into John's baptism. 4 And Paul said, John baptized with the baptism of repentance, saying
unto the people that they should believe on him that should come after him, that is, on Jesus. 5 And when they heard
this, they were baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus. 6 And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Spirit
came on them; and they spake with tongues, and prophesied.

Vision Statement

St. Philip the Evangelist Parish will be an inclusive church where people of diverse backgrounds will advance the kingdom
of God, nurture their spiritual life, extend assistance and care to the people of the Anacostia community and beyond.

Mission Statement

We, the congregation of St. Philip the Evangelist Parish, confess a firm belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. We will strive to
grow in knowledge and love of God through the leading of the Holy Spirit, so that we can be reconciled to Christ and to
each other. In understanding the call of Jesus Christ to go and make disciples of all nations, we affirm that our mission is:

1. To seek and serve Jesus Christ in word and deed;

2. To go into the community and the world with the good news of Jesus Christ;
3. To be an instrument through which God heals; and
4. To use our resources to respond to the spiritual, social, and physical needs of our community.
St. Philip the Evangelist

“ We Have Come This Far by Faith ”

Mission  Chapel  Parish

1888 189-? 2002

St. Philip the Evangelist is one of the oldest Black congregations organized in the Diocese of Washington, D.C. In October 1887 a
small group of black Episcopalians banded together to form a Christian community. Members of this group began to worship on
Sundays at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith on Howard Rd., S.E. Sunday school was held in the morning for the children
and the noon service was for the elders. The Reverend Davenport, rector Emmanuel Church officiated at these services.

As the membership grew a larger facility was needed. In 1888 the members rented a room in the Douglass Hall located on the corner
of Nicolas Ave. and Howard Rd., S.E. It was here that this group was established as a mission of Emmanuel Church and was named
Emmanuel Mission. Later, in 1889 the Pioneer Institute building was purchased by the members of the congregation. Each member
paid $14.25 a month toward this purchase.

Through their faith, dedication and hard work this frame structure underwent numerous changes. These changes included raising
the roof, the construction of a sanctuary and altar, the installation of stained glass windows and the conversion of the basement into
a parish hall. Soon the barn-like structure began to resemble a place of worship. In the late 1890’s this mission became a chapel
under the Diocese of Washington. The name Emmanuel Mission was changed to The Chapel of St. Philip the Evangelist. Services
were held continuously at the chapel until 1937.

In 1937 an anonymous benefactor presented the Diocese of Washington with monetary funds and land to erect a new chapel and
parish hall. The location of the new chapel was 2431 Shannon Pl., S.E. under the leadership of Reverend Millard F. Newman. The
furnishings of this chapel and parish hall were given generously by its members. The donor of this great gift remained anonymous to
the congregation until Sunday, December 20, 1942 when the Diocese presented a memorial plaque at a dedicatory and memorial
service in the memory of Mrs. Minnie B. Smoot.

Mrs. Smoot was a pioneer business woman and a devoted worker in the Chapel for many years. In 1948 the property next door to
the chapel was purchased for a vicarage. For forty years its members worshipped at the chapel. Outreach ministries were begun and
the quest for parish status was pursued. In the 1970’s, the congregation outgrew the small chapel and a larger structure was sought
to accommodate them and to further the development of their outreach ministries.
The Diocese of Washington purchased the old Anacostia Methodist Church building on 2001 14 St., S.E. in June 1977. The
congregation of St. Philip the Evangelist, under the leadership of the Reverend Jesse Anderson, Jr., marched jubilantly from Shannon
Place to the new and present location. The congregation was eager to utilize the larger space and to continue its mission of serving
the Anacostia community. It soon became apparent that this building which was constructed in 1899 was in dire need of repair.
Minor repairs were made over the years; however, in 2000 the church underwent an extensive renovation. The congregation had
persevered by their faith, prayer, hard work and dedication. A new and vibrant church now stands. The rebirth of this church
spiritually energized the congregation. On January 26, 2002 the Chapel of St. Philip, under the leadership of Reverend Dr. William B.
Lewis, became a parish!

St. Philip the Evangelist was conceived by faith, nurtured by love and strengthened by hope. We have come so far by faith; beginning
as a small mission, growing into a chapel and finally becoming a parish, but our journey does not end here. It is on the beginning.
And as we celebrate our 120 Anniversary may our faith continue to grow and serve the community of Anacostia for years to come.
The Reverend Dr. Lewis M. Anthony
Episcopal Director for Ecumenical Affairs
Mid-Atlantic II Episcopal District
AME Zion Church, Washington, DC

The Rev. Dr. Lewis M. Anthony is a third generation native of Washington, DC, and a graduate of Anacostia Sr. High
School, Columbia and Harvard Universities. He currently serves as Episcopal Director for Ecumenical Affairs, Mid-
Atlantic II Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.

Prior to this assignment, he served with distinction for 27 years as Senior Pastor of Washington, DC’s historic
Metropolitan Wesley AME Zion Church. Founded in 1832, Metropolitan Wesley Church served as a station on the famed
Underground Railroad, birthplace of the first public school for Washington’s African-American children and is the
Mother Church of the witness of the AME Zion Church in the Nation’s Capitol.

A veteran of civic and public affairs, Dr. Anthony began his long involvement in public service and advocacy as a student
leader in the movement to convince the Congress of the United States to build a new Shaw Jr. High School and served as
a contributor to the first student Bill of Rights for the DC Public Schools. In 1969, following his speech at the dedication
of the new Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, he was appointed as the city’s first youth representative and advisor to the
Mayor-Commissioner of the District of Columbia, The Honorable Walter E. Washington. That same year on the Fourth of
July and at the age of 17, Lewis Anthony spoke from his prepared speech to an audience of over 180,000 people on the
National Mall.

In 1977, he was appointed by then Mayor Washington as city administrator for the Nation’s Capitol. He later served in
the Marion Barry Administration as well as two years as Director of the Congressional District Office for the Honorable
Walter E. Fauntroy, the District’s first elected representative to the US House of Representatives.

A widely traveled speaker, teacher and preacher, Dr. Anthony is involved in many civic activities, including the National
Crime Prevention Council, the DC Coalition for the Homeless, the US Civil Rights Commission, the National Council of
Negro Women, the National Black Family Reunion and the DC Child and Family Services, to name just a few.

Dr. Anthony is the recipient of numerous awards and citations from Presidents Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton, the Van Am
Prize Medal from Columbia University, the Distinguished Public Service Award of the District of Columbia, the Grassroots
Award for Community Service of the Southern Christian Leadership Council, the Dean’s Award of the Andrew Rankin
Memorial Chapel at Howard University and the prestigious James F. Jenkins Pillar of Faith Award for outstanding
contributions to the spiritual community awarded by the Howard University School of Divinity and the United Church of
Christ. And on April 30, 2000, he was inducted into the inaugural class of the Washington, DC, Hall of Fame, receiving
the legacy award for religion.
Homecoming Committee

Minto Clarke (Committee Chair)

Joyce Crocheron

Stanley Harris

Edna Hearns

Alvester “Sonny” Roots

Pamela Taylor

Elaine Thompson

Thomasina Washington

Stefan Williams
Blessings and peace
to our beloved
members of St. Philip for
their devoted service and
faithfulness in upholding the
ministries of the church and for their
unwavering efforts in caring for the needs of
the community and promoting the Gospel.

Yours in Christ,
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. William B. Lewis
Congratulations and
God’s Blessings to
St. Philip’s Episcopal Church
on your Homecoming

Flossie Ballard
Congratulations on your
Homecoming Celebration

St. Philip

Continue to walk in the Light of the Lord.

Ivy Meadows
IH n onor and R emembrance of

Pauline N. Harris
Dorothy Goode Brown

Anna B. Jackson

With Love,
Erik, Gillian, Emmanuel, and Ilana Harris

Carrie Jackson’s 92nd Birthday

We are so blessed to have you with us.

Stan Jackson

Tayloria D. Jackson

Marqus Strong

Marqus R. Jackson

Stanley J. Jackson

“The LORD is the Creator of heaven

and earth, and we pray that the LORD
will continue to bless you.”
To the
Glory of God
St. Philip’s for another

May God Bless us

with many more.

With Everlasting Love,

Thomasina Washington
In Memory of Thomas C. Anderson, Jr.

I am truly the rib that God took from Adam to make Eve for you.
You must know and feel how much I love you.
It is an honor to be your wife.
I loved you in life and will love you through all eternity.

With all of my love,

Joan Anderson
Welcome Home Saints!

The Crocheron Family

Ron, Joyce, Michele, Bryan, Carla,
Hannah, Isabel, and Holden

St. Philip the

Evangelist Episcopal Church
on your
2009 Homecoming Celebration

Gloria and Otis Ducker & Family

In Loving Memories of
Carl A. Anderson (Tony)
Dewey and Belle Louis Vanderburg







Congratulations to
St. Philip the Evangelist Church
In Thanksgiving for the years of Ministry to the

Anacostia Community

Laura Esther Underdue Johnson and Family

In Memory of the Underdue Family

Bruce K. Underdue
Grace Viola Underdue
William H. Underdue
Sallie Elizabeth Underdue
Charles H. Underdue
Bruce Underdue
Alger R. Underdue
Benjamin Underdue

Homecoming 2009
Welcome Home Saints
St. Philip the Evangelist Episcopal Church Family
In Celebration of Homecoming

In Memory of our Deceased Loved Ones…

Many thanks for God’s Blessings upon our family and friends!

David & Theresa Harris, Keith R. Harris, MD,

Kim Harris & Shelbi Harris Mowatt

Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually.
Psalm 105:4
Congratulations and best wishes to
St. Philip’s Church on your
Homecoming Celebration!

In Memory of the
Reverend Charles E. Walden, Jr.

With Love,
Wilhelmina B. Walden
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Congratulations St. Philip’s Church
on this momentous occasion.

May the Lord continue to bless

your church family exceedingly abundantly!!

My thoughts & prayers are always with you.

Best wishes!
Dr. Elnetta G. Jones & Family

St. Philip the Evangelist on Homecoming 2009

“The Return of God’s Faithful Saints”—Acts 19:1-6

As stated by President Obama in accepting the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize,

we pray Sunday, October 18, 2009, becomes more than just
a “return” of the faithful and serves as a “new beginning”
and “call to action” for all the faithful.

The Taylors
Lawrence (Dad), Pamela, Aleta, Lawrence III, Linda (Ginyard), Matthew, and Jodie
We praise and thank god for all of our Blessings

Harold & Ruby Watts

Corrine D. Taylor

Gone but not forgotten

Wenzell, Daryl, Hazel, Grands and Great-grands
In Loving Memory of

Wendell A. Taylor
July 27, 1927 ~ March 19, 2006

We didn’t have the chance to say goodbye, but we will

hold you in our hearts forever.

Love Wenzell, Daryl, Hazel, Grands and Great-grands


Pauline Henderson
Wilbur & Valeria Henderson
John & Cynthia Francis
Anthony Francis
Tiffany Francis
Joshua Henderson
Justin Henderson
In Loving Memory of
Samuel E. Price
From your loving wife
Josephine L. Price and daughters
Dianne Ables, Sandra P. Johnson, Patricia Spencer

God Bless You

In Loving Memory of Our Parents

Betty Jane Wilson

Charles A. Moore, SR.
Haywood Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson

From Freddie and Sandra Moore

In Loving Memory of My Parents

Edith F. and Charles B. Williams

My Aunts and Uncles

Armenta and Henry T. Haynes

Thelma and Robert W. Towles, Sr.

From: Stefan, Kraig, Chip, Marty, Jeffery Todd & grandchildren

In Loving Memory of my
Mother and Father

Frances L.
Leroy H. Thomas

Jean Y. Miller
Janique Y. Harrison
Timothy D. Thomas
Steven B. Thomas
In Loving Memory of our mother,

Clara P. Hamilton

Mr. & Mrs. Brain Hamilton

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Harris

Happy Homecoming

Parish of St. Philip the Evangelist

Alvester “Sonny” Roots, Rosalie M. Roots,

Darryl A. Roots, Pamela Roots, & Sierra Roots
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Thankful for

Family & Friends

Margaret P. Jackson
Renita Barbee
Barbara Bess
Jason DeLoatch
Imogene and Enoch Gilbert
Peggy Grant
Loretta Harding
Kerry, Consuella, and Kierra Hall
David D. and Gale Harris, Jr.
Stanley and Sharon Harris
Barbara and Donald Harrison
Wilfred Howard
Chloe Israel
Veronica Johnson
Imani Kakoma
Mildred T. Leak
Levitha Owens Long
Zeke Mowatt
James and Viola Robinson
William Sanders
Melanie Smith
William and Marilyn Underdue
Ryann Washington
Larry Williams
Minto Clarke Williams
T hank You
A special thanks to all of our
2009 Homecoming participants,
sponsors, and guests.

May God continue to bless you and yours.

Minto Roper Clarke

Homecoming Committee Chair