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Biker Bits

Ever wonder what a biker thinks when he’s on a run? Do women think different than men
riders? See for yourself. This little book is a collection of stories from bikers across the country.
For instance, you’ll travel the paper highway with someone after business hours. Ride the satin
universe alone in the night and feel the rain stinging your face like a wall of bees. Who is
Highway Man and what profound prayer did he share with a loner? Read the games bikers play,
how they take their wins and losses. Sleep under Colorado skies and creep into the city in
Friendly Darkness. Meet the men and women who play tag with the wind. Saddle yourself on
the Iron Lady with Texas Tom and Rock n’ Roll from Philadelphia to Cucamonga. Come travel
across America inside the mind of a biker. It’s a wild and elegant journey, when sometimes only
the wind knows your name

**“I was overwhelmed with the book, having experienced from the heart and soul everything I
read. As in the last book I read “Dear America, Letters Home From Vietnam, as my brothers
were talking to me through that book, I experienced the same in this one.”

Ken Blank (Squeaky

Philadelphia Chapter
Vietnam Veterans M/C

**“All those insignificant thoughts that race through your mind in between the thump of those
Union County Bunch CBA
North Carolina