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Justin Reynolds

Education Athens State University - B.S. in Computer Information Systems

Graduation Date 8/29/2009
Total GPA 3.47
Professional GPA 3.7
Citizenship U.S citizen
Birth Date 11/25/1984

Technical Expertise

and Applications C++, C#, Visual Basic.NET, STL, Java, Rhapsody, PL SQL , DirectX, OpenGL, 3ds
Max, Unreal Game Engine, Multithreaded environments, Unity Game Engine, WinForms, QT, Microsoft Word,
Excel, Power-point, Microsoft Project

Frameworks (Visual Studio 2008) .NET, NetBeans 6.7

Databases SQL Server 2008, Oracle Database 10g, PostgreSQL8.2, Northwind Database

Concepts Object-Oriented Design (OOD), Object-Oriented Analysis (OOA), Multithreaded

Programming, Software Engineering Life Cycle,UML Design Patterns, CASE

Operating Systems Linux/Unix, Windows

Network Management LAN TCP/IP

Team Projects, Experience, and Goals

8/8/2008- 12/9/2008 Visual App Junior Project - Developed a C#- based GUI application with 2 programmers
using ADO.NET code layering and ODBC data adapter which enabled the user to pull data from a PostGreSQL
database and manipulate movie records.

1/4/2009-7/1/2009 Senior project - Led the development of a C# based GUI application with 3 programmers
for Decatur General Hospital which enabled the user to pull thousands of patient records from SQL Server 2008
database to sort, find, and manipulate patient data.

10/1/2009 – Present Game Development Project – Serving as Lead game programmer on a team of 7
entrepreneurs who are developing an MMO, RPG- based game that uses C++, Unreal Game Engine, DirectX,
OpenGL, 3dsMax, and SQL Server 2008.

3/9/2010 – Present Independent Project – Developing a C++ QT form editor tool which enables the user to
create their own form components, and manipulate the form into a product that facilitates their tasks, and