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TOPS Technologies Project Training

Project Title: Job Portal

Project Definition: The online job portal application allows job seekers and recruiters to connect.
The application provides the ability for job seekers to create their accounts, upload their profile
and resume, search for jobs, apply for jobs, view different job openings.
The application provides the ability for employers to create their accounts, select a package for
payment, search candidates, create job postings, and track contacted candidates.
The application will have 3 primary users:

1) Job seeker
2) Employer and
3) Admin

The system admin will have the ability to clean and clear and maintain database.


1) Verify users account give them right to access the right

2) Block a users
3) Create Categories on job.
4) Create Subcategories on the type of job


1) Create vacancies for jobseekers

2) Search candidates based on their profiles
3) Can schedule an interview with technical professionals
4) Can select interviewers
5) Can send email to selected candidates


1) Create an account with a complete profile

2) Search for jobs with different categories
3) Edit/update there profile
4) Apply online for jobs
5) Job seekers can view interview locations.

1) Analysis Phase – (10 days)

a. Create Project scope document (1 days)

b. Create Data Dictionary (2 days)

c. Create DFD ( .5 day)

d. Create Flow chart (.5 day)

2) Design Phase (15 days)

a. Create Design layout based on screen shots provided

3) Development Phase (60 days)

a. Coding of application by Modules and teams

4) Testing Phase (1 day)

a. Developers will be testing their own code