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Cosmic Surrender

In the serene void, drifting I was.

The planets were transparent,
As I never saw them before.
Like mammoth dancing bubble,
Casting frosty shadows
Against the void,
They invited me to play.

Passing through them

One by one,
I tugged at the web like strings,
The billion year old connectors
That sealed their names in everlastingness.

From a great distance behind me

I heard the wars and cries of a people,
The love songs, the sighs, the prayers
Sent in secret in the night.

I saw dreams and despair rise

Above mountain peaks,
Filtered by clouds of puffy white
To be dispersed to the gods of
Invention and Necessity.

Serenity enveloped me and whispered

“Don’t look back. ‘Tis only the remnants
Of thought you see and hear”.

Her huge transparent wings carried me further,

Until I was absent of the remnants.
My consciousness understood the fruitlessness
Of old inner battles and dreams.

It was here, Serenity gently pushed me

Into the all-embracing arms of Surrender
And she cradled me.

Bouncing me gently to and fro, alas,

They opened my consciousness,
Shedding away layer by layer
All human thought, until
I was able to see purely.
“Twas not the cosmic void
I now inhabited,
But the entrance to Eternity.

I took one last look

At my beloveds
And whispered a final prayer
Of understanding and eternal knowing
To each as they slept.

Had I my human eyes,

I would have cried, but
The Giver of Knowledge spoke unto me
“Did you not witness my pulling and tugging
At your energies?”

Thinking I was awaking from this dream,

A current ran through me and
All memory vanished.

Forward we slid into Eternity,

The House of Infinity.

As I turned to bid Surrender ado,

The Giver of Knowledge said unto me
“No need to bid ado, for Surrender
Is love’s energy, the force
That ushered you here.

I turned and watched Surrender

Spread out her majestic wings
Like a thousand suns
Lighting up the darkness.

“She drifts backward in time”,

The Giver of Knowledge told me.
“She goes to bring forth more
From their dream states.

Donna my Daughter
1964 - 2004