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dear friends

this was an test for 1 hour for 50 marks

an easy paper where a lot time also can be wasted.
1.with some conditions given.we hav to give the ans
1.all tallmen are muscular,lean,employed,fairskinned..
2.nofair skinned men are neither muscular nor lean
about 8 some stmts of same type..
4 questins from the conditions.

2. there are 770 peanuts.when susie takes 4 lily takes 3.when susie
take 6 julie takes can u divide the chestnuts in proportion
3. a hare and tortoise in a circular track of circumference 10 yards.
the tortiose starts first and walks abt 1/8 of distance.when hare
starts tortoise travels of 1/6 of win race at what spped
hare neds to run.

4. some pigs and ducks are there. they have altogeher 60 eyes and 86
feet.calculate the no of pigs and ducks.AGAIN FROM SHANKUTALA DEVI

5.this giving details like.

grocery store closes on monday.shoe store closes on thursday,bank
will be open on monday, wednesday store closes on
tuesday.on sunday all stores wil be closed.
four people A B C D goes out for shopping on a day.
according to statements of four people A B C D u have to tell to
which stores they are going.

6.three games played A vs B. B Vs C. A Vs C results of games are as follows.tot

al six games goals for=goals against.
find the score of the teams in each games played.

7. . this puzzle is from summers regarding murderer victim judge witness

policemen based on conditions find who is who?
8. three people fodder pepsi cereale. if fodder has cofee then other
takes same drink.simliar two other conditions are have to
find who always have same drink
9 . 4 mothers given their of their child has birthday party on
that day. provided the age of their children 1,2,3,4.with some
conditions given such as
some conditions.

friends hav a look at prevous paper but study all kinds of appti,reasoning
cts paper will be easy only when we hav a peace of mind in the hall.
all the best
iam also a fresher still in the hunt