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Proposal Draft

Proposal Draft

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Published by: nguyetam on Apr 21, 2010
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April 20, 2010 To: From: Subject: Background Oregon State University¶s outdoor tennis pavilion courts are located near

Dixon Reaction Center on SW Washington Way and SW 26th St. The tennis courts are open to the Corvallis and Oregon State community. People most likely use outside tennis courts on a sunny day for playing tennis, tennis club, or tennis lesson. Problem Oregon State University¶s outdoor tennis courts current situation is in a very poor condition. The court is starting to interfere with players¶ making it unplayable. The lines on the court are starting to fade away and multiple cracks. The most common problem with asphalt tennis courts is cracking. Cracking is due to the asphalt¶s natural tendency to shrink as it weathers and ages. It also loses their flexibility and become more brittle over time. The cracks also tend to puddle up with trash and hold water. For the stake of the Corvallis and Oregon State community, we do not want a hazard to happen at the tennis courts. Tennis players¶ can trip on cracks when running or walking on the courts. To renovate the outdoor tennis courts, we can hold a shoe recycling drive on Oregon State University¶s campus. The shoes will be recycled and broken down into raw materials used to resurface Oregon State University¶s outdoor tennis courts. With the increase in unsustainable consumption have lead to environmental problems. Using the recyclable shoes would help make environment better for the world. The tennis court would be eco-friendly. Feasibility The main goal of this project is not just to resurface tennis courts, but rather play a part in sustainability and social responsibility for the good of the environment. Students can make a difference by recycling shoes to help resurface tennis courts. Everyone and anyone can contribute for the greater cause. We can also partner up with Nike¶s program called Reuse-AShoe, where they recycle old shoes and turn it into something new like a track, basketball court, and playgrounds. I believe with the right resources and finding people who are truly interested in changing the environment and tennis courts, we can easily manage and finish our research in the allotted time frame. WR 214 Students Tammy Nguyen Proposal to change outdoor tennis courts at Oregon State University

Topics to Investigate Many topics would need to be covered when reconstructing the tennis courts at Oregon State University. If we decide to partner up with Nike¶s Reuse-A-Shoe program, we would need to consider the plan. Audiences The primary audience for the proposal will be the person who has the most impact on being able to change this problem is the person who is in charge of the tennis courts. However, the website does not list who is in charge of tennis courts. The website does leave a phone number, and I assume that if I call that number, I can reach the person in charge of the tennis courts. He/she is most likely the one with the most power in changing the tennis courts. I have the hope that he would have the most interest in reading the proposal and perhaps helping it become a reality. My initial audience will be John Peacock as this proposal is for his WR 214 class. I hope that this proposal is considered well written and met all requirements. The secondary audiences for this proposal will be Oregon State students and the Corvallis community. Tennis is a sport where people enjoy playing indoor or outdoor tennis courts. If we don¶t fix the tennis courts as soon as possible, it would eventually become a large problem due to many cracks on the courts. This project also helps the students and community come together to donate recycle old shoes to make the environment better. Methods The research would be consisting of five resources such as internet websites, articles or books. We need to know more information about the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program and the cracks on the outdoor tennis courts. I will be conducting a survey to see students interest in donating their unworn shoes to help the outdoor tennis courts. Charts and graphs will also be provided once the survey is done to check out the comparisons. Qualifications and Resources To create a successful proposal, students and the community that have interested in helping the environment and wanting a new tennis court will be needed. Their desire and dedication will help build a strong proposal and presentation. Work Schedule Activity Gathering Information Preparing the Progress Report Responsibility TBD TBD Total Time 35 hours 10 hours Completion Date TBD TBD

Analyzing Information Organizing Information Planning the Draft/Visuals Drafting the Report/Visuals Planning Revisions Revising the Draft/Visuals Editing Proofreading


9 hours 4 hours 3 hours 10 hours 6 hours 12 hours 6 hours 4 hours


Project Cost The proposal overall will have about thirty-five pages including information about Oregon State University¶s tennis court conditions and partnering with Nike¶s Reuse-A-Program. If printed at the library, it would cost five cents per page. To make it professional looking, we will buy a clear folder at the bookstore for about two dollars. Phone calls and emails will be made to whoever is in charge of the tennis courts at Oregon State University. We will possibly visit Nike and talk about their partnership for more information. Call to Action My goal is to reconstruct the Oregon State University¶s outdoor tennis courts to prevent injuries or hazard problems to Oregon State students and the community of Corvallis. With the help of the community of Corvallis, Nike, OSU students and staff, we can change the tennis court easily. Attachments I will be attaching a map of Oregon State University to show where the tennis courts are located.

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