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March 6, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of Colorado State University (CSU) CEP Program it is a pleasure to write a
letter of recommendation for Saraswoti Shinkle, who completed the Education 350
course with an A+ in May, 2015. I understand Saraswoti will use this letter to apply for a
future job or otherwise use it as a reference.
During the semester I received and closely reviewed all of the coursework required for
content specialization and skills that future teachers such as Saraswoti will need. I found
her preparation, philosophy, beliefs and practices to be thoughtful and consistently
superior. In addition to completing excellent classroom work she also served as my
teaching assistant. I have thirty years of administrative and teaching experience in public
schools and at CSU. In my experience, Saraswoti is at the top of the rating scale. Her
written academic work is of the highest level. I use her work, and will continue to do so,
as an example of the quality for which I am looking. She did an exceptional job in her
field experience and came highly recommended by her mentor teacher at Lincoln Middle
School. The instructor working with her during the semester told me she was by far the
best practicum student he had worked with, and insisted someone like her come to class
in the fall. High praise from one of the districts leaders and a master teacher. The classes
she taught during her semester with middle level students included those with many
different skills levels. Her work in the classroom was superb.
It is difficult in a brief letter to do justice to such an exceptional teacher and leader.
Saraswoti will make herself and CSU a success. She wants the best for kids and she is a
tireless worker who wants the best for herself. She extended her stay in my classroom
by becoming a Education 350 Scholar (students who are invited to come back and speak
of their experiences to future education students). I welcome a call to discuss specifics or
further information you might need. You can reach me at home via my private voice mail
(970-484-7364). I highly recommend Saraswoti for leadership positions and as a
classroom teachershe is well worth your investment.
Linda Williams
Instructor EDUC 350 and University Student Teaching Supervisor