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Ewing Mayor Ball shares stage with animals

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Staff Writer

EWING — Six dogs and six cats from Ewing’s animal shelter will be sitting center stage tomorrow
and up for adoption at Town Hall — the focal point of Mayor Jack Ball’s monthly meeting.

For April, Ball decided to devote the entire session to pets: what’s needed at Ewing’s shelter, a
peek at the fuzzballs who are looking for their forever homes, information from the newly-formed
Ewing Animal Advocates Committee, which is dedicated to saving strays and sociable ferals from
unnecessary euthanasia, or plainly put, death by injection.

Ewing’s Health Officer W. Allen Lee will also be on hand to talk about the shelter along with Rick
Moore, the shelter’s acting manager.

“We need shelter volunteers, adoptive pet ‘parents,’ and donations, especially cat litter and
blankets,” Ball said in announcing the special event.

“George Stewart will talk about animal advocate committee, which he chairs,” Ball added, “and
we want public input on our pet policies.

“This is going to be a fun night where anyone — residing in any town — looking to adopt a cat or
dog should come over to Ewing.”

Ball called his pet night at town hall “a prelude to a larger adoption event we’re going to hold soon
at the Ewing Senior & Community Center.” The date has not yet been set.


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