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The MI wishes to continue its technical and financial support to the VAS program in 6 selected
provinces in Indonesia.
During the phase April 2015 to March 2016 extenders will support the province level health
officials to replicate processes which have worked for budgeting for supplies, for
micro-planning, improving coverage, monitoring and reporting through consultations and
review meetings with district staff.
The extenders will work closely with the VAS program coordinator, to strengthen the role of
the provincial health office in delivering technical assistance to the district health office, with
focus on the low performing districts within the province.
Consultants Role

o Facilitate problem identification at the district level with the Provincial Health Office (PHO)
o Facilitate planning with PHO staff to improve VAS coverage particularly in low performing
districts to develop an action plan which clearly states what needs to fixed, by when and
who will be responsible for the task.
Deliverable: Plan of action for PHO staff for improving VAS coverage in low performing
districts is developed by first quarter of the year and evaluated annually at the end of the year

Capacity building
o Build capacity of PHO staff at provincial levels to analyze and take corrective actions on
coverage data, particularly in low performing districts within the province.
o Build capacity on the standardized processes for supply chain, micro planning,
monitoring and reporting of the VAS program.
o Support PHO to train District Health Office (DHO) staff during program review meetings
and workshops.
o Facilitate the cross visit of PHO staff and DHO staff of low performing district to high
performing districts to learn how high VAS coverage was achieved.
i. Training of the trainers (ToT) at the PHO level to train DHO staff rolled out.
ii. Provisional office has adequate understanding and knowledge of key program
processes for the VAS program.
iii. Cross visits of PHO staff and DHO staff to high VAS coverage district undertaken at
least once/year.

Supply chain
o Liaise with the pharmacist health service in the MoH and highlight the need to link
between the PHO and DHO to monitor the Logistic and Supply Chain Management in

each district so that that vitamin A supply is delivered in a timely manner and is
i. Provincial plans for the procurement of an adequate supply of Vitamin A will be
ii. Supply chain is streamlined from province to sub-district levels to ensure no stock outs
at the session sites.

Monitoring and reporting

o Monitor the VAC distribution every 6 months (February and August) to ensure that
adequate number of the VACs are timely supplied and identify gaps and areas of
support in all districts within the province.
o Support streamlining of VAS reporting from district to province, data compilation and
o Support the implementation of QRS by PHO and DHO and ensure the data quality
o Travel to districts as required.
i. Established reporting system, data compilation and analysis from district to province in
each round (February and August)
ii. Use of available data and QRS tools for program decision making is undertaken.
iii. Identify gaps and propose solutions during field visits.

Advocacy and Laisoning

o Facilitate and support the advocacy meeting/activities to increase budget allocation for
VAS program
o Facilitate organization of technical or programmatic workshops at the provincial level.
o Work closely with key players at provincial and district levels including UNICEF, other
UN/NGOS, Universities and relevant tasks forces or committees and act as resource
person for the VAS related program.
o Travel to districts as required.
i. Budget for VAS program in the district and province from provincial/local district
government is adequately allocated for program components including procurement of
Vitamin A capsules, VAS training, home visit (sweeping) activities and regular monitoring
from PHO to visit districts.
ii. Good collaboration and networking with other partners and MI personnel recognized as
resource person in VAS program at the province level.