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Gergens Article

*The stuff in [brackets] is my own dialogue on the reading*

Hermeneutic concerning interpretation
Addresses qualitative study with the APA
Qualitative Research is frowned upon for these reasons:
- Poor observer reliability
- Inability to accommodate inferential statistics
- Absence of standardized measurement
Qualitative movement stems from the 1960s anti-war, civil rights and
feminist movement.
Psychology was being narrowed by the inclination towards logical positivism.
The qualitative movement believes that knowledge of human action is
incomplete without understanding the lived experience of others.
Two new Focuses of Qualitative research:
- Not only elucidate the subjective world of others but break down the
barriers around them
- Multiple methodologies; multiple perspectives on a subjective meaning


Narrative Research
o [makes sense; we largely communicate through stories]
Social Construction and Liberation
o What we define as knowledge is historically and culturally
account of our world
Not just the present day
o It is our job not only to understand human behaviour but to
appraise the world it resides in
Discourse Analysis
o Find and dismantle language used to oppress people
Praxis and Social Action
o How can we use psychology to build the world we want to live in?

Aids in theoretical inspiration in areas where strict positivism usually presides

Aids in interdisciplinary enrichment
- Allows for the application of scientific methods and research in areas
not thought to accessible
Leads to a greater understanding of the subjects, which has proved valuable
in the area of mental health specifically
Links us to culture by being more conscious of the influences we can more
readily access in a qualitative manner

The qualitative approach is much more flexible than the fairly rigid
quantitative method
- This may allow for a large evolution and branching out in qualitative