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Diana Lou V.



MW (4:30

6:00 pm)

Front of the Class

Coping with my Tourettes taught me the most valuable lesson that anyone
could ever learn and that is to never let anyone stop you from chasing your
The aforementioned line by Brad Cohen, which he stated when he was given
an award at the end of the movie, had an effect on me as a future educator. It is in
this line that made me realize how lucky I am to be normal physically and also
realized that he (Brad Cohen) was beyond that typical teacher who teaches for the
sake that he do his job. He was that teacher who looks beyond what teaching
profession has to offer and had that passion ignited with determination that could
never be extinguished by the consequences he faced given that he had a Tourette s
I really admire the determination of Brad in the movie the most because I
sort of lack that kind of factor in my life. If I am involved in the situation like that of
Brads, I will probably hide and shut myself from the world. But he didnt do that.
He proved to the whole world that he can be what he wanted to be despite his
illness. And that made me think that I should go on with my chosen profession, the
teaching profession, even if sometimes I feel like quitting. Brads bravery in facing
the cruelty of the world will be a constant reminder that I should not give up and
throw all what I invested just because thats what the world wanted for me to give
Someday, I wanted to be like Brad an inspiring teacher who had big dreams
for his students; a teacher who cared for his students and looked past the physical
aspect of a child and a teacher who never gave up on his students even if they had
this very active and inquisitive nature. I wanted to be that teacher who played a big
part In their lives and that in some ways changed them for the better. I wanted to
be a teacher who teaches because I wanted to educate and inspire my students to
do their best in everything they are in.