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Rebecca Marroquin
Rhetorical Analysis Final Draft
RWS 1301 TTR 4:30

Rhetorical Analysis Final Draft Of

El Paso Miracle Article
RWS 1301
TTR 4:30PM

Rebecca Marroquin
Rhetorical Analysis Final Draft
RWS 1301 TTR 4:30

The El Paso Miracle is an article that talks about the positive things about
immigration since most of our town is surrounded by them. It gives specific information
about facts that some people may do even knew about immigration at El Paso itself. This
article is destined typically for the people in El Paso, politics that argue that immigrants are
a bad influence, or just for anyone around the world that wants to inform them. But mostly
for the reasonable part it depends on the reader and its intentions on what they want to do
with the specific topic of this article and its uses for it.
In the first place the author Radley Balko talks mostly about logos at the first
paragraph since he has facts and information concerning the topic of this article which is
immigration and the way it affects El Paso. On one of the first paragraphs he states an
interesting fact, comparing on how many murders have happened in El Paso, TX in the past
year compared to another city full of residents. Whats interesting about this is how theres
less murders in a city fully of immigrants than a city that is just fill up with residents.
However certain individuals have labeled the Mexican race has thieves, rapist, and
murders.They say El Paso is a very dangerous city, but Radley Balko (2009) writes that
Jack Levin states If the immigrant community represents a large proportion of the
population, you're likely in one of the country's safer cities . Moreover that quote, simply
means that a person shouldnt have to fear a city of immigrants if not the opposite. In
addition some people may think the worst about one place, but in reality it may turn right
the opposite its not true what everyone may say. In the other hand this article says that El

Rebecca Marroquin
Rhetorical Analysis Final Draft
RWS 1301 TTR 4:30

Paso is among the one of the safest cities in America, just as Radley Balko stated El
Paso's embrace of its immigrants might be a big reason why the low-income border town
has remained one of the safest places in the country. Regarding the fact that its right next
to Mexico the only thing that separates them two is the Border that divides Mexico and the
United States. To demonstrate numerous of studies and research were also done in this
article that were designed to see if a crime was done more by immigrants or by any other
person and it turn out to be that immigrants are less likely to commit a crime or to be
behind bars than are native-born.
In addition, on the pathos side the article make emphasis on how does this piece
make immigrants feels. With others, stereotyping them without knowing one single bit of
their personal life and saying horrible false arguments about them. Also, take in
consideration that people running for president are already labeling these immigrants and
brainwashing innocent minds. This will make a lot controversial between the immigrants
and the residents that leave either in El Paso or America and the reason for that is that they
want for others to see them as a normal civilian and not some kind of terrorist or anything
similar to it. Knowing that maybe most of the people are in fear of thinking or even coming
to El Paso because supposedly it's one of the scariest cities in America can make arguments
go crazy, but think for yourself. How would you feel if this were happen to you, if you were
part of the race that is fighting for the American Dreams and armistice among this country.
This may be personal to others, but just taking a second and getting into someones shoes
may really help in this situation. Many people have said that all of the people that live in
America where immigrants once in their lifetime and no one is a pure race, so the questions

Rebecca Marroquin
Rhetorical Analysis Final Draft
RWS 1301 TTR 4:30

is Why make a big deal about immigration? Some people plan on getting out every single
immigrant in this country, but that would be more than 17 million people, almost an
impossible task to do. Others just say to avoid that entire struggle and let those immigrants
to live in America and the help them become part of this nation.
Finally the ethos, the author shows credibility on immigration by stating arguments
and doing research on its own and offering statistics. Giving facts about studies and
research people have contributed to just to prove a point out, which is immigration, is not as
bad as others may see it. Radley Balko gives extraordinary examples of successful life
stories of individuals who were descendants of immigrants without mentioning the highest
average incomes and very little crime this country has. Many people have said that the
border doesnt actually separate the United States and Mexico, if not what it really does is
joining them together; it's considered more of a philosophy with El Paso people. The article
also talks about how immigration works in other countries such as Europe and apparently
theyve seen waves of crime and rioting, because they marginalize them. El Paso went
against Washington on court to prevent construction of the border fence, saying that it
would make illegals less likely to cooperate with police knowing that they want to build
something that is meant to separate them from their native nation. Even though they lost, it
still hasnt stopped El Paso from being one of the safest places in the country even with
their low income border and high level of immigration, which is more than three quarters of
it is filled up with illegal immigrants. The Mens Health magazine ranked El Paso as one of
the happiest city in America, what was really surprising about that is that is was also
considered the second safest city. As the facts and information continues on doing it just

Rebecca Marroquin
Rhetorical Analysis Final Draft
RWS 1301 TTR 4:30

talks about the positive sides of the mayor topic and how other people support it and give
their personal opinions, knowledge, and personal experience. To make this article more
credible and may change peoples point of view towards the illegal. In hope on maybe not
to support everything that is against immigration and just have some consideration to what
those people are going thru.
Overall this article was for readers to understand to the point of views from other
individuals who dont share the same opinions as others on the subject immigrations.
Giving facts and opinions towards what they believed was important to mention before
anyone can make an argument. Involving ethos, pathos, and logos made this a much
stronger article than what most would expect. Just by knowing what each one means the
reader knows exactly on what to expect and what to look for in the article El Paso Miracle.