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Shakespeare Sonnets Worksheet


Read sonnets 29, 73, 116, and 130 by William Shakespeare and
answer the questions. Answer in complete sentences.
Sonnet 29
1. What two moods are contrasted?

2. What kinds of men does the speaker say he envies?

3. What does the lark symbolize?

4. Where is the tune in this poem? What does he say?

5. How does the speaker’s state of mind change from the beginning of
this sonnet to the end?

6. Why does the speaker’s outlook change?

7. In this sonnet, Shakespeare connects the two disparate moods with
an image of an address to Heaven. How are the two images

Sonnet 73
8. What is the speaker’s mood?

10. In this poem. 13. Provide 2 examples of alliteration from the poem. What is the speaker’s attitude toward his mistress? 17. Name some examples of what . How does “Sonnet 130” compare to most love poems? 16. Shakespeare seems to be making fun of the comparisons that other poets use. What are the images and how do they relate to the mood and theme of the poem? Sonnet 116 11. The images in sonnet 73 are considered particularly effective. In most love poems. Identify the images of death. What is the narrator referring to with “the wand’ring bark”? 14.9. How does the narrator feel about love? Sonnet 130 15. What are impediments? 12. the speaker praises the beauty or spirit of the beloved.

. they glorify the woman).Shakespeare considers to be a “false compare” (Remember. other sonnets are love poems.