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How can we help educate individuals who are unaware of
social injustices that surround the Kansas City community?

By creating a visual and physically engaging experience that
raises questions of personal identity and provides answers
through personal discoveries.

Create an experience that will leave a leasing impression
on how one sees their community and world at large.

Power and Light; one of Kansas Citys highest trafc areas,
and also the shooting site of Ryan Stokes.

Printmaking workshop and educational event that holds
symbolic imagery to inspire positive social awareness.

Anyone unaware of their actions and their effect on their
surrounding community of Kansas City.

inspiration for our project

one of the first research points

Look to James Baldwin and the reality of living with racial injustices in an art and academic setting

Modern responses to civil rights

Proposal of Artifacts:

creation of workshop elements

Superclarendon Black

Trade Gothic LT Std


first attempt of branding an event

looking to 60s and 70s for type and color inspiration

web as more of a resource rather than project review

printing scenario

location of Ryans death

where Ryans vigil service was held

The Meeting

Create brand for Ryans Cause

Do a community workshop (research)
Create connection with community

Noted from meeting with Stand Up KC and with Cyndy and Narene

Set up presented to Fibers

Response forced us to redefine our approach (WIP)

application for Undergrads Underground

not accepted

Going to submit piece to BFA show

Letterpress cards and clay roundels

Whats Next?

Use research for in-context event

Evaluate our approach
Receptivity gradient
Remember this is more than a capstone but life project