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Assignment 2

Class Code: IE 655 Concurrent Engineering

Date: 6th March 2016
e- learning Pack ID: IE655-Spring2016-36-27

The assignment was completed by Venkata Sai Rishith Ghantasala with the use of resources from
3D e-book: chapter 6, 7, 8, the process CORA template and Ranky-Taguchi calculator created by
Paul G. Ranky.

1. Introduction & Objectives of Project
2. Description of Methodology Applied
3. Main Body of Project

Customer Requirements Based on the Images


Critical Requirements

Main Solution Process

Analysis Of CORA Results

Ranky-Taguchi Calculator


4. Summary
5. Further Work Proposed

6. Social Networking
7. References

1. Introduction & Objectives of Project:

The main objective of this assignment is to improve the Green application compatible for
mobile as well as desktops. And improve customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, lot of
factors should be considered. A detail analysis of all the factors will be done using CORA spread
sheet and Ranky-Taguchi calculator.

2. Description of Methodology Applied:

CORA is a Team Oriented Problem Solving (TOPS) method, aimed at minimizing
dissatisfaction, and financial loss due to inadequate requirements specification, and poor
communication between customers and providers. Along with CORA, we are going to use
Ranky-Taguchi calculator to find optimum conditions for our products. CORA is divided in four
different modules:
1. User Requirements.
2. Engineering Solutions.
3. Parameter calculations.
4. Bench-marking.

3. Main Body of Project:

Customer requirements based from the images from the 3DeBook.

Image 1122 & Image 1123

The first picture shows propeller of the boat and second picture shows joints it was rusted by the
salt water, or rain or humidity or high temperature. Manufacturer should have selected material
with different protection coatings which can last longer in saline water or climatic changes and
therefore saves the maintenance cost of the Buyer.
Image 1145, 1148, 1150, 1151
All the above four pic clearly shows that the boats materials (pains, wood and nails) are ruined.
Perhaps this quality of wood and paint was not able to sustain the climatic and atmospheric
conditions. This might lead to severe damage to the boat. I would recommend, proper coating

might have saved this rust and decay of material. The color of the boat might also need some
tweaks in order to deliver an eye attraction. The multicolored strokes seems like the work of an
amateur Multi coating of paint and oil also might prevent it from getting rusted and make the
material durable for the future use. These pictures also imply that the boat might have taken a
great hit from some hard surface for the materials to be damaged till this limit.
Image 1157, 1158, 1159
These images give a view of a dock where ships are anchored. The image shows that there is a
common pathway for two boats which might not be such a good idea. The spacing and the
location of the docks seems spacious enough. The boats anchored, seems to be luxurious enough.
The boat has a name printed on its front side(DEVIATIONS); I think thats how the lanes of
docks might be allocated to them individually. Although I am not able to locate any cameras in
the pics provided so there might be a security concern. Also the pillars on which dock is standing
might need some renovation as its looking a bit rusty.
Images 1171, Images 1172 and Images 1174
Image 1171 show boats engine parts and Image 1172 and 1174 shows the fuel tank of a boat.
They are not in good condition. It might be rusted by the salt water, or rain or humidity or high
temperature basically weather changes. If these are the cases the Manufacturer havent chosen
the right material for the parts or havent protected them with a coating material which helps in
preventing corrosion. By using the perfect material and coting material durability of the parts
will be more and customer wont have to pay more for Maintenance.

CORA:All the factors that affect the companys growth are chosen in the CORA spreadsheet. A
detail analysis was done to consider these factors. It also has solutions to the customers
requirements. It gives an idea to green application on how to make a successful strategic plan. It
is important to consider all these factors since our company is new.
The priorities of each of the functional activities are ranked with
Absolute Importance Rating (AIR) to give priority according to user requirements. Correlation
values of 1 (Low), 3 (Medium) and 9 (High) are used by the team to prioritize the requirements.
This function should be done in a team to allow better understanding and correct level of
customer satisfaction required. All requirements will be ranked depending on their importance
from 1 to 5 (5 - the most important).
..\Downloads\RankyCORA_Assignment 2 (1).xlsx

Critical Requirements :- (With Importance Rating)

Delivery of Products. (5)

Minimize waste by implementing green processes. (4)

Customer Service. (5)

High quality that meets current market demands. (5)

Latest and innovative technology. (5)

Customization of products. (4)

Structural reliability. (3)


Low cost of manufacturing. (4)

Use of green energy sources. (5)

Raw material availability. (3)

Reduce carbon print and dependency on natural oil. (5)

Main Solution Process:


Efficient design

Statistical process control

Flexible manufacturing

TQM and Quality control

Cost management


Quality and safety standards

Supply of services from collaborating companies

Implement distribution logistics

Optimum utilization

Sustainable green focus

Analysis of CORA Results:-




As rating

Bs rating

Cs rating



Sustainable green focus


Efficient design



Cost Management



These are the solutions with highest AIR values obtained from CORA spreadsheet.
Sustainable green focus should always be the top priority in Green application. We already have
better rating in green focus than our competitors. We are going to obtain maximum sustainability
by implementing CE methods. This can be achieved by using maximum green resources. We are
going to avoid printing as much as possible to save paper.
The engineering solution with correlation 9 indicates that it is the most important
and essential solution for the corresponding customer requirement. Engineering solutions which
have a high correlation to the customer requirements are essential for the company in order to
satisfy the customers and gain their goodwill. So it is very important to focus on such
engineering solutions with high AIR value.
Ranky-Taguchi Calculator:..\Downloads\Ranky-Taguchi Calculator.xlsx
Ranky-Taguchi calculator was used to improve sustainable green focus. Four main factors
affecting the environment were considered. Several tests were conducted to calculate the amount
of waste generated during various processes. The most effective factor is types of waste. This
was found out with the help of Ranky-Taguchi calculator. We have a team working on various
methods to treat different types of waste so that it causes minimum pollution. Savan doesnt
dump these waste products in water bodies or land. So in order to get rid of these waste materials
we are developing new techniques which are eco-friendly.


Green application has successfully collaborated with 4 companies. Our first company is SECO
tools. They have a huge range of powerful cutters and inserts or motors. We are using their
products in our application. Our next company is EDGE the magazine . It is a magazine of
SECO tools. The third company is EVINRUDE. We purchase all the motor boats required for
various operations from them. The last company is SCHMALZ. They are providing us with the
policies and with the latest technologies which would help in eco-friendly application.

4. Summary:By using CORA analysis, green application could estimate its rating related to other companies
as well as the top solutions to improve the companies output. It gave us an idea about all the
factors that should be considered for overall development and expansion of our company.
5. Further work needed / proposed:
We will be using CORA spreadsheet to track our progress. We will use the solutions from
Ranky-Taguchi calculator to reduce waste and maintain our sustainable green focus.
6. Social Networking:-

1. Miniature Solar Cell
The size and density of this structure which is so light that is a perfect example of the immense
amount of advancements we have made in technology in the present era.The cells are designed
such that the contamination risk is very low and the efficacy is very high they can have many
uses.On the other side other minute solar cells can also be lost easily or damaged easily when
they are not looked after properly.
2. Zipper trucks

Interesting technology which combines the techniques used in simple concepts such as zips/ lego
blocks and it is fascinating how such trite stuff can be used as reference for such useful
constructions which has innumerable uses. bringing down the cost of project which is green
3.Cities without Gas Stations

Green Sustainable technology which can prove immensely beneficial for the manhood. There is
so much enhancement in technology and this can certainly be a major blow to all the automobile
giants if they do not aim to build eco friendly automobiles. Investment in such technologies is
7. References:

Concurrent / Simultaneous Engineering An e-book by Dr..Paul G Ranky

Quality Management for Organizational Excellence by David.L.Goetsch and


DVD Videos of eLearning Pack ID: IE655-Spring 2016-36-12