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Principal, MMS


School Library Media Specialist, MMS


GA DOE Library Media Program Evaluation Rubric

This memo is to inform you of the results of the GA DOE Library Media Program Evaluation
Rubric that was used to evaluate our School Library Media Program (SLMP). The evaluation
was completed on February 29, 2016. The results suggest that our SLMP is proficient and
exemplary in all categories and indicators, with the exception of two categories. Categories 3
and 4, both were scored at the basic level.
We scored at the basic level in Category 3: Staffing. Our school has a fulltime School Library
Media Specialist (SLMS), but there is no additional support staff in the school library media
center. The SLMS has various duties and responsibilities. In order to be proficient or
exemplary in this category, our SLMP must consist of additional support personnel, such as a
full-time paraprofessional assigned to the school library media center.
Additionally, in Category 4: facilities, access, and resources the results revealed that we
scored at the basic level. The school library media center does not meet the minimum
requirement for a FTE of 625 students. This school library media center was designed for
elementary school students. There is limited book space and the furniture is dated. We can
improve our score in this area by updating our school library media center with additional book
shelves and 21st century furniture and resources.
Please review the attached completed rubric. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free
to contact me. I look forward to discussing the results of this rubric with you. I welcome the
opportunity to improve our school and SLMP.

Thank you,