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Development of a Teaching

Tool for Setup Time Reduction
using Lean Principles
Presented by
Amey Vidvans

IE 550-Manufacturing Systems

Why reduce setup time? Reduced inventory due to single piece flow  Reduction in cycle times  Room for continuous improvement  Reduction in variability  σe = σo2+ ts2(cs2/Ns+ (Ns-1)/Ns2)  Flexibility of product mix .

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Ways to reduce setup time Identify elements(Internal and External) and waste  Incorporate Automation  Eliminate adjustment  Eliminate use of tools  Incorporate modular design  Incorporate Quick action mechanisms  .

 Transport  Inventory  Motion  Waiting  Over-Processing  Overproduction  Defects .Wastes The Seven Wastes of Lean Manufacturing are.

screwing . looking for tools Installing new punch Adjustment of orientation and bolting Feeder Adjusting according to new incoming strip width.Identifying wastes in the old setup Activity Analysis Removing and bolting on new die Use of non standard bolting.

Incorporation of changes Punch adjustment and bolting eliminated .

Loss of washers and need for wrench eliminated .

Adjustment and need for screwdriver eliminated .

Quick changeover .

Salient features Eliminates Tools. free to use both hands in setup  Standardised modular design  Quick action clamping and bolting  Fast changeover  Eliminates feeder adjustment  .

Time study of old conventional system Activity Time taken Removing nuts and die 2m15s+40s=2m55s Fixing new die and bolt 18s+1m58s=2m16s Feeder adjust 1m17s Punch removal and installation 20s+31s=51s Total time 7m19s .

Time study of improved system Activity Time taken Removing die and fasteners 21s+44s=1m5s Fixing die and fasteners 20s+15s=35s Punch removal and installation 2s+2s=4s Feeder adjust(remove and fix) 18s+40s=58s Total Time 2m42s Looking at other options. we can reduce this time further .

 There is always room for continuous improvement.  .Conclusion The time study conducted on the various elements reveals that the average time reduces by 63% by incorporating Lean Principles.

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