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Cirilo Roy Montejo National High School

Tacloban City

For the month of NOVEMBER, 2015


A. Curricular Programs and Projects (School Initiated Programs & Projects)

B. Education Resources

1. Funding Requirement (MOOE Utilization/Liquidation)
2. Number of Teachers
3. Learning and Instructional Materials (Learner’s Manual)

4. Teacher’s Manual

5. Laboratory Apparatus/Equipment


Six (6)
(Available) Learners Material used during classroom discussion

(Available) Used for reference on activities given and found in the learners material


C. Teacher’s Performance

Involvement in school and Community Activities 5. Instructional Delivery 2. Utilization of Instructional Materials 3.1. 4. Personal Growth November 2015 November 2015 . Classroom and Record management.

eau and storytelling. –news casting. Variety of student-centred activity. 2015 November 19-20. tab.g. role playing. 2015   Discussion method. (e. individual and collaborative learning are used during classroom instruction.November 18.  Completed entry in form 137 and mock cards .  Maximizing the content of learner’s module  Updated students record for the second quarter  Mid-Year Evaluation  Administered Pre-test for the 3rd quarter.

 Prepared the classroom and presented documents needed for the evaluation D. Participation in Co-Curricular Activities November 26. School Attendance (Form 2) 3. Learning Performance 1.2015  Available (2nd quarter )  Submission of SF2 document . MPS (Grading Period by Subject) 2.

2015 October 29. Strategic Plans (SIP/AIP Implementation) 2. Staff Development November 13.Crystal 32 8. ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE A. Instructional Supervision 3.9-Apollo 9-Aura 9Aphrodite 9.Coral 40 II. 2015 .2015 October 28. School Management 1.Atlas 9Apprentice 44 40  50 70 As of October 2015 BOYS: 38 GIRLS: 27 48 8.

update on the HRPTA Project) Prepared by: EDMAR T. B. Community Partnership N/A III. FABI SST-I Noted: RIZA B. DELIMA Head Teacher Designate/ Filipino .Classroom observation Departmental Meeting Faculty and staff meeting Observed actual teaching and execution of the days lesson by the Department head. FUTURE DIRECTIONS Conduct an HRPTA Conference for students update and important matters to be discussed (NSO live birth.