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Name: Elizabeth Jane Wilkins

Date(s): February 27, 2016

Subject: Reading/Beginning Reading Skills/Phonics

Grade Level: 1st grade

Opening Hook/Warm Up:

I will review CVC words. Watch YouTube video of
Silent e music video.

(3)(c)(iv)The learner will use common
syllabication patterns to decode words with
vowel-consonant silent e (VCe) (e.g. kite, hide)

Objective: Student Friendly:

- The Student will learn that when they see a
word with silent e they do not pronounce the
- The students will be able to recognize that
short vowel signs transform into long vowel
sounds when there is an e at the end of a word.
- The students will be able to recognize simple
words that end in silent e; they will be able
to spell and pronounce them correctly.
Big Understanding: To get students thinking about identifying and reading words with silent e endings
and pronouncing them correctly.
Summative Assessment Evidence: The learner will be able to spell words that have silent e. The learner
will recognize words with silent e and able to pronounce them.
Higher Level Questions to Incorporate: Higher Level Questions to Incorporate: What happens to the vowel
in the CVC when silent e is present?
Instructional Strategies / Student Activities/ Grouping Patterns:
Teacher Input/Modeling: IDO: I will explain how silent e works by acting as the sneaky e. (dress
up) I will explain that the sneaky e will scare the vowel make it say its name (A, E, I, O, U) I will use
examples such as hide, Kite.
Guided Practice: WE DO: I will pass out flash card that only have CVC without the silent e to have of
the class. I will pass out flash card that have the CVCe words. Students will have to find the person that
matches their cards and sit together in a circle.
CFU (Checking for understanding): In the circle the students will say what the CVC word is without
silent e and with silent e.
Independent Practice: YOU DO (Individual students): Students will work on worksheet all about silent

Ending, Summary / Reflection: Students will get with a partner and practice CVCe spelling words on
individual white boards and check each other work.
Materials / Resources: Worksheet, Index Cards, whiteboard, dry erase markers, poster board, scissors,
3/7/2016, page 1 of 2, 308074108.doc

Grouping Patterns: Whole group, individual, pairs

Technology: Play YouTube video silent e music video James Iglehart on smartboard.

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