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Body Types

There are several different body types that are distinguishable from one goldfish to
another. The common body types that we were able to distinguish from our samples were slim
bodied, and egg - shaped. The slim body types were the common, comet, and the shubunkin
goldfish. While the egg - shaped bodies were the veiltail, blackmoor, and the fan tail. The slim
body types are identifiable by the shortness in length as well as the shape. These goldfishes are
oblong shaped, which helps in their swimming capabilities, and are able to swim faster
compared to the egg - shaped ones. On the other hand, the egg - shaped ones, as the name
suggests, are shaped like an egg and are quite round. Due to their body type, this makes these
goldfishes slow swimmers.
Scale Types
The basis of the different scale types are based on the shapes of the scales as well as
the reflectivity of the scales. It is important to note that the color of the scales are based on the
skin underneath, as the scales are actually translucent. The most common types of scales are
the metallic scales. These are aptly named due to their reflectivity, and shiny metallic
appearance. The less common type is the matte scales, which can be represented by the black
moor. The matte scales have an opaque look and produces little to no color, making the goldfish
look black. Although there are fishes with metallic scales that are black in color. This is due to
the fact that regrown scales start out black but depending on the goldfish's diet and
environment, may change its color as it grows.