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Name: Theresa Courter

Date: 3/4/15

Time: 40 minutes

Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Matyas

Subject: Social Studies

Specific Objectives to Meet/ Goals:

-Students will be introduced to the Mayan civilization
-Have an understanding of Mayan traditions
Common Core Standard:
2. Early Indian civilizations (Maya, Inca, Aztec, and Mississippian) existed in the
Western Hemisphere prior to the arrival of Europeans. These civilizations had developed
unique governments, social structures, religions, technologies, and agricultural practices
and products.
-Students should remember the traditions of the Mayan culture, and how their
temples are still stable and show the roots of Mexico, and Central America.
Motivational Techniques:
-To motivate the students, the field student will engage the students with
questions throughout the lesson that will promote inquiry. Students will also have group
discussions on different topics related to the lesson. This will motivate them as a team
and get them excited about the task at hand.
Materials needed:
-Smart Board
-Internet Access
-Short video (or videos) from YouTube about the topic
-Paper and pencils (Provided by the students)
-Face Paint and brush
-Topic/question sheet
Kiva Fellow in the Field: "Who were the Mayans?"
Play Ball - Road to El Dorado
-Prepare technology for video presentations
-Have the class seated and ready for the lesson
-Ask the class if they have heard of the topic
-Form the discussion groups
-Hand out question forms
-Show the introduction video

-Provide the students 10 minutes to discuss their topics and what they will share
with the class
-Walk to each group as they are discussing to make sure they are on the right
track, and to ensure groups dont share the same information
-After the ten minutes pass, have each group share with the class what their
groups had discussed. For every question the group gets right, one representative gets to
paint the instructors face, like the Mayans.
-Once the discussion is completed, show the students the second video as a
closing to the lesson
Academic Language:
-Social Studies
Assessment Methods:
-When the students are finished with their discussions, the field student will
ensure that every area of the introduction was covered.
Evaluation of Field Experience Students Performance:
The lesson went well, the students responded very positively to the face painting
activity. One of the glitches is the lesson was the video and the review questions. I
showed the video and went over the questions once and the students were having trouble
remembering the information. For the future I would show and review the questions two
or three times.

1.) Where is the birth place of the Mayan Civilization?
2.) What was the main crop grown by the Mayans?
3.) What where the temples made of, and how would the Mayans move
the large stones?
4.) Why were the temples built so high?
5.) How many calendars did the Mayans have?
6.) What was the name of the Mayans most famous sport, and how was it