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King Tut:

The Mysterious Child King

Why was King Tut so important and what did King Tut believe in? King Tut is a
very important and famous pharaoh because his
mummy was well preserved unlike many other pharaohs.
Not only that but his actions created peace and love
between the people in his kingdom. (For a little while at
Ancient Egyptians believed in many gods, including gods of the sky, sun,
and earth. (
Egyptian Gods Website
) Egypt is a polytheistic country, which means
they believe in more than one god, unlike Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Ra and
Amun are two of the most important gods. Because of this,
King Tut created temples and gave offerings to these gods.
Ancient Egypt Website)These actions created great hope
and admiration of the child king among the people of his
country. (K
ing Tut Brain Pop )
His religion significantly influenced his life and
reign as king. The Egyptians call the pharaoh the Son of Ra which he
took seriously. He made sure that his people worshiped the gods and
gave them rich offerings.
King Tut had very confusing relationships. King Tuts full name is
Tutankhamun. (
Biography of King Tut
) King Tut had two stillborn
children. Nobody followed him as Pharaoh. There was no heir to the

throne. King Tut died at a young age and his wife, Ankhesenamun, married Ay, his
granduncle. (
Biography of King Tut 2
They had one child named Mutnodjmet.
Nobody knows who his mother. There are some possibilities. There are possibilities
that Nefertiti was King Tuts step mother or his step sister.
King Tuts father supposedly Akhenaten believed in only one god named
Aten. He is a solar deity shaped as a sun disk. King Tut
did not like this religion so he changed it back to the
original gods.
The conundrum
of King Tut's death has been
around ever since Howard Carter discovered his tomb
in 1922.

Archaeologists believe that king Tut fell of a

chariot and broke his leg,. Another explanation was that he got a infection. Some
people also thought he had genetic disabilities. For example, he had to limp
because he had a stub leg/foot and that his ancestors had a longer life span than
him and his close relatives.
His bravery and athleticism amazed lots of people.
He was a very skilled bowman and chariot rider. He
was also a great Egyptian general. He fought
against Nubians and Syrians and he won against
King Tut was an Interesting and great pharaoh. He is the most well known

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