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Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra

Media Kit

BGSO Promotional Campaign | Making Music to A New Beat

The Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra (BGSO)
was founded with the intent to increase the love of
classical music amongst Baltimoreans. However, the
orchestra wanted to accomplish this goal in a very
unique way. To appeal to people who participate in
one of todays most preferred past times, the BGSO
plays classical music selections based off of the
background music in some of todays most popular
video games.
In response, the orchestra has had adequate success in
increasing peoples love for classical music and
showing that classical music does not have to be
However, we believed that with its unique draw, this
orchestra could be more successful than it is.
Thus, our team at Manson Marketing Group (MMG)
in acted the Making Music to a New Beat campaign
in order to increase the audience attendance rate of
the orchestras concert to boost the orchestras

Primary Research
- Demographical interest research was conducted by
the BGSO in 2013 and 2015 in order to determine
how popular classical music is with Baltimore
residents now. It was also used to see how Baltimore
residents felt about video games and how much they
played them.
Secondary Research
-Nielsens 2014 U.S. Nielsen Music Report
-National Endowment for the Arts Performing Arts
Attendance by State
-Entertainment Software Rating Boards Video
Game Industry Statistics

Key Findings:
- Classical Music purchases only account for 1.4% of
musical purchases made in the U.S.
- Maryland is within the top 8 states for the highest
performing arts events attendance rates.
- The average age of video game lovers and players is
34 years of age.

Target Audience: Baltimoreans between the ages of
17-40 who like classical music and/or video games.
Overarching Strategy:
Looking at the results of our research, it is clear that
even though classical music is losing popularity in
the U.S, Maryland residents are willing to attend and
support performing arts events.
So in order to get this orchestra the recognition it
deserved, we needed to launch a campaign that would
get people talking locally about the joys of classical
music and the joys of hearing a unique repertoire of
classical music. We also needed to make a strategy
that would target an older age group. Our research
also concluded that the typical age for a video game
player is 34 years old. And for us, if we could get
video game players to attend BGSO events, this
could also increase the sponsorship count for the
Budget: Approximately $1,000
Campaign Strategies:
With a limited budget for advertising and marketing,
we decided to create a campaign that would focus on
engaging with the orchestras target audience directly
and from more unique perspectives. The following
tactics guided our campaigns approach:
-Start a conversation about classical music and all the
good it can do for the Baltimore community.
-Play off of the rising success of video game
orchestras and raise Baltimores awareness about
having their own local video game orchestra.

-Extend the BGSOs local activity participation to

reach more adults living or visiting the Baltimore
Campaign Objectives:
-Increase BGSO event attendance by at least 25%
-Generate 100 social media mentions on Twitter for
BGSO events and sponsorship opportunities.
-Increase BGSO Facebook page likes to 2,000
-Secure at least five media placements to promote the
orchestra throughout the state.

Monthly Instrument Petting Zoos:
From January-September of 2016, the orchestra will
hold multiple instrument petting zoos in different
areas of Maryland. At these petting zoos, adults and
children can come and learn how to play different
classical music instruments. This event will be used
in order to get people in different Baltimore
communities familiar with the BGSO and encourage
them to come to BGSO concerts.
May the Fourth Be With You Concert Series:
In honor of National Star Wars Day on May the
fourth, the BGSO will hold multiple concerts from
May 1- May 4th where they will play classical music
selections of Star Wars video game music. These
events will be used to target classical music and
video game lovers that are older and have a love for
Star Wars game or the 20th century film.
Artscape Concert:
During August, the BGSO will participate in
Baltimores most popular and digitally covered art
festival, Artscape. Participation in this event will be
utilized in order to spread awareness about the
orchestras existence and increase the orchestras
mention count on social media.

Classical Music Month Concert:

To end the campaign and the BGSOs fall season, the
orchestra will hold a Classical Music Month concert
on September 30th. During the concert, the orchestra
will showcase all of the music in their repertoire. This
event will be used to increase the audience and donor
count for the BGSO.

Objective 1: Increase BGSO event attendance by at
least 25%
This will be measured by looking at the head count of
how many people attended BGSO concerts last year
and comparing it with the results of how many people
attended their concerts this year.
Objective 2: Generate 100 social media mentions on
Twitter for BGSO events and sponsorship
opportunities, as measured by Twitter Business
Results will be measured using Twitter Business
analytics to see how many times the name of the
orchestra occurred on Twitter and in what kind of
Objective 3: Increase BGSO Facebook page likes to
2,000 participants, as measured by Facebook
This will be measured using Facebook Business
analytics to see how many likes the orchestra
acquired at the end of the campaign and how much
digital engagement has increased with those who
liked the page.
Objective 4: Secure at least five media placements to
promote the orchestra throughout the state.
This will be measured by counting the amount of
actual media placements the orchestra was able to
attain by the end of the campaign.

Aaliyah Cuthrell
511 St. Francis Street
Baltimore, MD 21213
Phone: (410)345-2893
Fax: (301)298-4359
For Immediate Release

BALTIMORE, MD, January 16, 2015-- The Baltimore Gaming Symphony Orchestra (BGSO) has
approved a Star Wars video game music repertoire as the main musical selection for their spring concert
This year, the orchestra is widening its musical focus by playing musical selections from Star Wars, one
of the most well-known movies of the 20th century and one of the most popular video game series on the
Were really excited about these concerts, said Kira Levitsky, BGSO Conductress. Star Wars is a really
popular film and an even popular video game series. Im really excited for how the concerts will go and
what performance opportunities this series could open up for us in the future.
All of the spring concerts will be held during the week of May 4th in honor of Nation Star Wars day and
will range from 90 to 100 min. in concert length. During the concerts, attendees can look forward to
hearing some of the greatest Star Wars musical selections, such as the movies opening theme and the
Empire March.
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About the BGSO
The Baltimore Gamer Symphony orchestra was founded in 2013 by Kira Levitzky, The BGSO is a
community orchestra and choir that plays orchestral renditions of popular lesser known video game
music. The orchestra also caters to the Baltimore community and holds numerous performances
throughout the season, including free performances, to allow the adults and children of Baltimore to
experience orchestral music and the power of video game music as an art form.


Aaliyah Cuthrell
511 St. Francis Street
Baltimore, MD 21213
Phone: (410)345-2893
Fax: (301)298-4359
Making Music to a New Beat

When a person sits down to play a video game, it is rare to pay attention to the music playing in
the background. However, for Kira Levitsky, sitting down and listening to video game music is an
everyday job. Theres a lot to be received from video game music, said Kira, conductress of the
Baltimore Gaming Symphony Orchestra. Have you ever played Halo and just stopped to listen to the
music for a second? It sounds beautiful and I just think that theres something any music lover could take
away from listening to video game music.
Kira has always been a lover of classical music. But after landing a job in 2012 as a music
education teacher at St. Anthony's Catholic School in Maryland, she quickly realized that many people,
especially todays youth, do not share her passion.
However, she did find that people are passionate about was video games. Back in college, one
out of every five conversations I heard between guys was about the latest video game release, said Kira.

They were passionate about that stuff! Then when I became a teacher, I found myself having to pry my
students away from their Nintendo ds game systems daily. So one day, I just bought a game from
Gamestop and plugged it into my television. I wanted to see why people were so in love with gaming.
When I played it, I didnt get the hype. However, one thing I did get was a love for the background
With a newfound love for video game music and a determination to share her musical passion,
Kira sought to change peoples perception of classical music. She started writing classical music pieces
set for full symphonic orchestras to the tune of popular video game jingles. I remember when she wrote
her first piece, said Veronika Levitsky, Kiras mother. She brought it over for Thanksgiving. I was
impressed! Shed taken the entire Mario Brothers theme song and turned it into a classical masterpiece.
After writing a plethora of video-game based musical selections, Kira decided to take her idea a
step further. In 2013, she formed the Baltimore Gaming Symphony Orchestra (BGSO), the first video
game music-based orchestra in Baltimore, Maryland.
But upon the creation of the BGSO, Kira vowed to make her orchestra different. She didnt just
want an orchestra that shared her passion and entertained, she wanted an orchestra that would enhance the
Baltimore community. I wanted to form something that would combine two of peoples greatest loves,
music and gaming, said Kira. But I also wanted an orchestra that would make a difference. Very rarely
do you hear about the Baltimore Symphonic Orchestra doing community charity. I didnt just want to
perform, I wanted the orchestra to be an inspiration.
In order to give back to the community and emphasize the importance of the performing arts,
Kira dedicated all of her BGSO performances to children living in inner city Baltimore. All proceeds
collected at performances were donated to improving Baltimore City schools. She also held monthly
instrument petting zoos with orchestra members where adults and children living in Baltimore could
come and learn how to play classical music instruments.
For all Kiras hard work, the BGSO flourished and has recently been awarded a four year contract
with the Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff charitable foundation for venue support and media coverage. Im

still not an intense gamer, said Kira. The most I could really tell a person about gaming is how to
correctly hold a Wii remote console. But one thing I can go on and on about is classical music and Im
just so happy that Ive been able to do that through an outlet that people love. It makes me smile that I can
take the opening theme from a Pokmon game and turn it into a classical music selection that someone
downloads on their iPod.