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Ethel Merman made her memorable debut in Git Crazy by singing F Got Rhychm, One of a genre of lighthearted songs asserting the superiority of music, nature, and love over material wealth and poner, [Got Rhythm has been a popislar favorite with singers and audiences for the past 50 years ‘The musical in which this song fist appeared was a Megeteedroentintesrn — T GOT RHYTHM ‘Music on Lyris by GEORGE GERSHWIN and IRA GERSHWIN Lively om Gm6 EDS om Eb sun + ny, With nev - er sigh 7 Don't need what SESETTSESTSEFCT TCS HTESC SSE SCSESSSECSCESESSCECCEIVS © 1990 W2 MUSIC CORP (Renewes) "AV Fights Reserved eee 3 ‘Their day + ful of Why should - n't Fm7__Bb cme Fv Bb Fm7_Bb ve we sing a Tong? = AMS DT m7 Eb9 yo Dr all the day, Hap - py with my AMS D7 cm7 ET Edim G7 FT Bha6Ddim F7 get that way? Look at what Tye Bb Be) m7 FT Bb6 Edim = Om? FT Refrain: _pp-mf (with abandon) thy ~ thm, Bo Bbé FT_Ebm6__Bb Bb C#dim Fu 1 got my — man_ Who could ask for an-y-thing more? Bb Boe Gm? FT Bbe Edim Cm? Fr Bb Bbs dai - sies Tn. green pas ~ tures, —— sot ~ c Cm? FT Ebmé Bb Fv Bb DT Amt man-Who could ask for an-y-thing more? BESTHEISSSTEESFSHSFFTFTFSFFSTESTETTETESETTSTHESHEEBE 2 oo hima — BG ask for an-y-thing more "Round_my Who could door. FT ask for an-y-thing more? my a You won't FT Ebmé man_ Who could