Fake Paul – post Nov. 1966 ….

they never played in public again … Fake Paul 2” TALLER than John Lennon, detached lower earlobe VS real Paul had attached lower ear lobe; different teeth. No more ½ circle pixie-eyebrows. Check out Paul in pre 1966 above photos! Also Fake Paul's left hand ring finger is crooked as hell. Abbey Road, Paul is tallest – WITHOUT shoes, even. And right handed? Oy. Smoking with right hand? No way! Holding your baby with your MAIN hand?

Paul is now a GIANT!!! The rest of them did not like being phony, so after they exhausted all of the REAL Paul's and John's writings, they disbanded. NB: all of the post Nov. 1966 songs reflected clues and hints to the cover up. They hated the fake Paul. He hated it too. “Stuck inside these four walls …. Band “on the run” Stuck Inside These Four Walls, Sent Inside Forever, [stuck where?] Never Seeing No One Nice Again Like You Mama [can't see his mom?] If I Ever Get Out Of Here [out of where/what?] The First One Said To The Second One There I Hope You're Having Fun [ ironic. Paul #1 saying to Faul #2] Well, The Undertaker Drew A Heavy Sigh Seeing No One Else Had Come [to the funeral, that is what undertakers do]

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