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Charles dickens

Charles dickens was

born on 7 february
He was an english
He was born in
He was the second of
eight children

He worked in factory and his

father was sent him to prison for
six months for not paying his
When he was 15 he worked a
lawyer office and writing

When he go to london
he angred about what
he listening and
watching and he want
to help people to open
schools ,libraries and

He was orphn
The ends of story
happily and
people shocked
who can poor
chlid to do this

In 1843 dickens wrote a

christmas carol one of
his famous stories
In 1868 charles went to
united states to take job
,the job was tiring and
he became very sick
In 1870 charles dicken
died at his home he was
writing book called the
mystery of Edwin Drood

If you want to achive dream
even if you yong person your
mind achive any thing you
want but full your mind good
ideas and belifs and
remmber do not listen to
people to say you yong so
. much to do this