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C op^rightj 194:2. b y
405 E. mth. S t

mw Yom ctty.


( ) S O

\ >

3)1 Anthology o f L atin

^Axioms and Epi-^grains
in L a tin and //Fhsflish

and Dedicated to the
Lovers and Students
of Philosophy and

JohnlV L ang


Editio Braiceps
n m m n im


b y D r H .opeiicerL ew is,FK .

A t Icu iu ek a v* a boot which, although. ofmodern^.

Hill Je a delight to ad covens ot anthology ctfo d ^
Ubrfors hfa>L0t<e to tend WtU courje o f tfieir L'ninstigation
hand-naaefjook. Ofctung m lk anyfufyect that expresses nolorJ*
ip wcnto but tT) ae&iK ajici arfCstic ntoU+ojv* temperament ta
thouonts occupying the consciousness o f the writer and

like livdipQ a rare ana beautiful diamond or ruby in the midst of

the soils''products.
Here w'e have a. boof that is . ypicaL otynale^ery layer of
anthology and pftilosophy*6'uld appreciate ana hold dear to his
heart for years to come' I t is a jo y to read the variouspaves wfr.
their perns ot wonderful thouwt and l/>ene <j a thrillassudafrd*,i%
knowing and pcssessinqran d preserving a book into yhick hasbeat
pu t so truck Care and Thought and personal rnanuallabor as weH
as mental iaOor
I amproud to have the Opportunity to welcome this book onbehaif
7 ,.
f i rt<9 oi. ^si, f i /!-, t-Z.x->^o /da/i/ ,v.f^ 4~L
^ ____ _

___ m K I .



really rnade & valuable and never-to-be- forgotten, contribution, to

literature,apd he who owns or possesses a copy o f this bookismade
rich indeed because of the uniqueness ouid distinction, rather tfm be
cause ofany monetary or intrinsic value connected mtL thefrcPustlon.
as a piece o f literature .Eyery paqe is Wbrthy o f reading and re
reading and digesting from lime to time%
- 77# title o f the bookmay
be misleading iftaken, too literally because here we f i n d n o: bUioSophy in ifs briefest form,, but philosophy in its golden form, and
if# pnpi/ity of each parayrapkfrill auiomatitotlybecome lengthens
af thougH and meditation, is oiw /1 to each. word, and idea 'rrexru&i
Students o f metaphysics an d metaphysical philosophy wiltespecially
appreciate the book and valuj? i t a.s a h n. faye to pass on d c n
& their descendantsj and X feel th at Some day a copy o f this book
Vilt be found in the library o f every cultured tome
*\ y peace,happiness, andta preat inspiration to betterluma con* p
each reader w, >r m v' laid 'up* .fie idn*.u? thought presented he/riti .

L e c t o r i B e n e v o lo 3 a h x t e t n !
h'us Xuie book i$ infcr.1t*i iorllje use cf the*se
studaits oi Bdtosophy
Torivi fo lii-vuTnA
U>MmVv-\ -wVv)diose
EffJOW_ 1o:~__
appreciate a collection
e mostvaluabUs
3 Uection o
vatin quotations. The compiler h as endeavored to s e
lect those o' lasting- rneriuvuhe ori^uiatL aun and has
added tJie English'version. A book <2rthis siz e cannot
make any claims to completeness an d for thatveiy
reagon some blank pages are Lntersper^ed ,which may
with addition a Lbifc o fm sao m discovered frv
he student Under the c a t t o Vfedom o f S a t a n '
drave auso g a m a few ew sa^m s that are sen erallv
rowned upon. cet those be read, an d considered cuin
grano afus-,'M.ay ihtij Little collection of anctent wisdom prove to
M ia s ' oh- 1 Leading to the glorious light of
J .W L

A B B R E V I A T I O N / -------------------------------ALCHEMY
--------------------------------------1 0 6
ANATOMY and M E D I C I N E --------------------------99
A N I M A L S ---------------------------------------1 0 6
ART and L a b o r --------------------------------79
A S T R O L O G Y ------------------------------------- 104B E H A V I O R --------------------------------------


----- --- -------------- - ----F ran DAY to D A Y ----------- T -------------------


D E A T H ---------------------------------------- 1 1 5
EXCLAM ATIONS, Qu e s t i o n 0 and C o m m a n d s------------FOOD and D R I N K -------------------------------FRIENDS and F r ie n d s h i p -------------------------


GOOD W I S H E S ----------------------------------G O V E R N M E N T ------------------------------------





I N I T I A T E S ------------------------------------U W ------------------------------------------





M arriage,

C h i l d r e n -----------------

M O N E Y ----------------------------------------


M O T T O E S -------------------------------------M USIC and S O N G --------------------------------


O P T I M I S M --------------------------------------


PEACE and War --------------------------------- 1 1 1

P E S S I M I S M --------------------------- ----------


P H I L O S O P H Y ------------------------------------


R E L I G I O N --------------------------------------


N e g a t iv e



B e a t i t u d e s -------------- ---------------Psalm I X I I I -----------------------------

A sp e c ts of


Gems of



R elig io n

P s a l m s -------------- ---

S H I P S a n d N A V I G A T I O N ---- ----------------------


V i c i s s i t u d e s of L i f e ------------------- ------Wisdom of S a t a n
-------- -------- -- -- -- -



I A b b r e v ia tio n s f
A c a d e m ic DegtPffi
.-V A L L M

n r t i u t n U b e rn U u tn m a g t s t e r Jfasler o f (he
lih c a l ,',r!: A -i3
B A * A( t i u_m B a c o stlm 4 reu:^ tiacj^t "
of A t -U] B .S Bachelor ofScience. .

K. M.C. -fcevenendi. mtnisfcsru. c a n d id a tu s -Candidate

for thc Mim.'ikry.
D r . t h e d or D. D- - 1 <octor o f Theology ape>i\rinily

D ru.j. Doctor uti iusque ju ris orL L D-Legum Doctor

V clor :>t Law's

T)riried- orM IT) D octor o f M edicine

Drphi.1- or D Ph- - Doctor o f PhilosophyI)H m us. - Doctor o f rriusic .
D .P.T . Doctor o f Phifsiotogi&l f ix-ra .jcvfics
I ic Lux-mLi n t , academic degree twiwfon B oa . <W Doctor
R t'f'fojM aS 'P 'iificu s The rector o f cl ISravcrxdu
P s D D o cto r oi Psyc'roloqr
Mo. 1). . D o c to r of )%titpln/h'cs.

Can d- prob--candidatus proband us-Candida fe on probation

*Sfi(d mrJi.j ,\f"hi.ic'ctut>r ;A n hiteciure
tirch -1 Lav. ( architecture of ilithsj

-am ciurii o{ caxftyralium

, Unt; n r

for>n_<yit.( r ne rruum
m ja ym

ra-nal-( rcruvn
rer lerhn. (rerum

m fr

f rn f<Ar\QHMRj
H ito /o ^ .
q furahmmiur. oct'mvj

Abbreyialxo ris
A.(Z. - anfe Christum before Christ
A.D- -anno Oominc - in the year of our Lord.
Add - addatur = Add Adlib -- cud libHum - a t pleasure
A H.S -Arrno humanae sa lu h s- Im the year ofhurwn salvation

ci-m- - ante meridiem - before noon,-

A.U.C.- Ctb urbe, cond i t a -from the foundwo o f the Oify

(Rome; J53 Q.c)
B.m. - bene m csceatur - m ix well
8. t r - bene triturn - grind well
B .V - Balneum vaporis - Steam bath

Cd. - circa - about

C .C .

concede , cotunde

cu t , pulverize

' oLadd -Colaturae adde - Add lo the drained

ConSp. - ConSpcrqe *- Mrew uporv
Co<j - o,ocfue = cook,.
c f - Co?)/fir = compare.
I) D-D. ' dat, dicai' dfidiccxt - ,r 'rrnula o f dedication, .
d el - de dalo - o f the du!e dtssolv - dissolvefit. - d e d it. - he paidE.O ey officioe exempli g ratia for example*-tc- - etcetera - .a n d so forth FL-a -fia t lege artis -Ijzl it bedone according to the lawsoffir t
EV folio verso - turn over
h in - hoc mens? - in this month.
lb or ibid - ibidem in the s-aw place i.e. - id e s t . th a t is
Lb. ft bra. '-pound
Leg. - tetjatur - read
M D ad ch. iniSceatur, <iriur a d chartarn =Trfixandf^uck
each dosis ltl a capsuleMTD-8 miscealur, dclur, Signetur- ix.pack and lc*6el

MS- - J^ctnuscripl .

M.-f plv. =m ix to a ponder

N-B- - nolo, hene - note well.
!N? - num ero , =by -numberOp. C-lt. - Opere- c ita to = in the Work quotedPharm. - Pharm acopoeia - Pharm acy.
PM. - p o s t m eridiem - - a fte r noon-.
P S . - PoSi Scriptum - po stscript .

Pro tetflp - pro



'Q . E.D. - quod prat demonstrandum --which Was to be demonstratedC^.v - q u o d vide. ~ which see


recipe ~ take (placed he&re a tdociori prescription

R .1,P - Requiescat m pace Jlay he rest in peace .

St. -iSdnctuS

- f>lrnt

S c --sc ilic e t - namely& P Q -R..-8 en a tu S Q om anus, =the Senate a n d

%>man fhople

st- - stv.t ,* le t it sta n d .

S.v - Sub voce = under the word
utt- - u ltim o , - o f la s t m o n th .
V or vui- - Vide , See .
v iz . - videlicet ^-namely.

VS -

V ersus a g a in sttn-pr - 'm a iiu p r o p r ia

nritt> 'm y onrrx h a n d .

r*j* - ra-serKatis - H^ick the necessary

S p r. - su b

r eserrZlCcon<?

p e tito r e m is s io n ij- W ith reyu rst o f return..

| E xclam ations ^Questions

Com m ands.

Ades Sum' - Stay !

Long absil-Far be if from me
Aegre fero - I aw sorry- Mehercle!profecfo. -h> faith
Ad tempuS - This moment Nihil at v e m - ^ t U n g lo Hie
'matterAge!Belle' Bene1Esfo1-Well!
A g i l e ! - Come on, '


A tte n l ion

NthilInterest- no rnatkrOptxme ! - Well done !

Opus est- - I I is necessary.

B e n e E uge 1 - Good !
E go v er o solus -J/obody P ogsem but I .

I m ight -

P ro c u tA p a g e !-Hence I
Ferte auxilvum H&Lp ! Quid a g itu i-- How are you!
fterrae ! fa b u la 1somnia1 Qjxid refertr-Towhalpurpose
Statim - - I n a mornevi.
Afonsense 1
5 dentiuni- -S ilen ce!
Hem ! Ehem- - hem. !
Ext pud o r1 - F or sham e.
\ie u s ! oh! - Haltok f
Ut v a le s? - How are you,2.
Ita f l a t S o be i t {
rta n e ? verone ?- Indeed ' Exspecto q u i d v e i l s ?
Q u id novi 7-W hats m w ?
What do you frisk1
Vade mecum1~Go with me ' Y a d e, va \e..-Qo, fare wult!

^ ^ 1

G o o d A M s h e s and. B e n e d i c t i o n s
AdmuLtos annos! formanyyears. Noli perturbari,-dont be

A nim o lu b e n fli fecit -With,

cordial Sympathy. Pax: vobiscutri. Peace be
wi& yOU
Dene vafete Good-bye
Dortiinus vobiscum ! The Lord Per te D eo s oro.-ll&jyu.
be with you '
P ro ficiat \~J1ay it benefjyou..
Fe lie iter! -Congratulations- P ro sit ! - To your health.
F ia t pa^c in v irtu fe tua
FULchra d ie s A fine day{-

et abundantia in turribus tuis. Quod b onum .feltx

'Peace be in your cabite and
faustumcjue s il.-ffh a f
abundance. Within your Walts

ahcdl beyood, tortunab and

G ra tia s ago - 7tiankyou

blessedGraiulor- - I wish you lucjt_. Sal-ve o rS atv ete . Good
Habeo g ratiam -lamqralehl TnOrninq or a qr&tfinQ <zl
a n y liyrM!.) ^
Im o jpectore - From the bottom
o f the heart
it be. tonn Orton -youreturn

McXcte virtXltjS. Go on in v'Crfpit. tv He(t\rciv.

Mecum bene agitur. S i quid auxiii vofcis
r Um Well
necesse erct,merogatote.
Nobiscum Beus- Godwdkus. Come to me i f you need help.

V'ade tn pace- -Go in Peace. V['ve,A?alec[ue! Ufe and

ESctoliis tibiftixat-Jfay*. health to you Farewell !

-Pachifus( rtfream ofqold) f(div



bseero, Tehova prospera nunc.

0 Lofttj i beseech Thee, send nou/prosperity.

tt p a x injpraemunitione tua.tranauillitas in palaiiis tats .Propter frat r e s et amicos m e o s e io q u o r nunc,

rax sit m te 'Procter domumjehovae,
Dei nostti, procuraoo bonum. ttoi.
$ k a c e be w tib in t/iy w a fo a r d calm -

Within, thy palaces For my brethren <znd

fri&nds1 sa/(zs, I will now sexy 'xkace be

within, then- -" B ecause o f the house o f tie

HjOrd our God, I u/CUseel^ thy oood.
s.l2 2 t ?-<}

De Die in Diem i|
From. Day toDay
IS;- V vrifKift-v4 v

D ies L u n a e
M a rtis

T h e Days of Lhe'VV&ek

- Monday. D ie s Jovis- -Thursday.

- Thuesd
^ Veneris - Friday .

M e r c u r n - Mfadnesd.
S a tu rn i -Saturday.
D ie s SoIiS(T)ominica)-/5ui3'ay

L4ib liodier\n.o - - From to-day on
A n u n a ru m - - All Souls' Day (J/ov.Zj
A n n u n eiatio B eaiaeV irgiriis M ariae - 7~he d a y o f
A n n u n c ia tio n

A n telu can u s - - before d a y.

A ristotelici d ies - 7Tie days ofjirislolale iforthesiudy

o f Philosophy)
C a m c u la re s duss - Dog DaysCaxpe d i e m , q u a m m in im u m cred u ta p o s ls r o -

Enjoy the present daifj trusting the lea st possible to theSuture

C r a s tlm x s d i e s - to-morrov,/.
ChrLsti. d ie s n a ta la s - Christmas.
D ies a t e r - B la ck day D ie s e r itic u s - C ritica l d a y
ies fesiw s - Feast tDau . D ie s Ilaols - Easter. n a istlis - Day ofbiH h.I )ie s non juridicus-

A non.judicial day. salu.tarLS-iSW a' Friday T)Svucdxxs-Fbnfeetp.d. sU p e n d ii sob/end.i-f'oy day. Dies grat.ian.un agen,
D ies v i r i d a u m - Green Thunsdatf.<ia.nUTi. '

H e ste rn u s d ie s - Yesterday r i o d i e - 7c - day'.


etc ipsa die effecit Tehova. -ins is

the day MhieK the Lord has made. %jj8,m
In diebus ipsis an norum noatrorum
sunt septuageni anni aut Cut simus
valenttssimij oetogeni annl -%e days ofeuryears

are three score years and ten; and i f by reason o f

strength they/ be fourscore yeans. 7k. 90, /o

Ralenctae M alae. - 7daycdayKalendis sextilibu^ - On the lslda>j o f August

Nam tmlle an nos s t praetereat, sunt in ocufo
tuis ut dies hesternus vtgilxaque nocturna.
For a thousand year;? in %y sight are but as yestet'day n/hen it is bast, and 'as a which in the night
P xS tii
kevenm e -hOay after lo-morrotV.

Postadie %, day adr thatprime - me dai/ "before ffiaf.

Quotidie beneaicam tibi -Every day v d l l f>fcss%v.
Replies quotidie Laudo te- Seven times a day doJ
pmise%ee. 'rsUd/fiSoliemma paschaLia - caster

7 S.A.-. -Epluri-bus unum.-Oi-ie out ofrvany

A n n u i t coej?tts. -H r 'tas S mcli'd at our undt/tnkinp.

N ovus ordo seclorum ./^ newseries o f o^e.y.
U S M arines S e m p e r F id e t is -A lw a ys faithful
J S . V ca sl Q uard- iS eroper jja r a tu s -Always rearJy.
A rizona.: D id a t D e u s - (roc/ enriches.

4rkavsa$ R e g n a n t p o p u li - cfhe people rule

Colorado - Nil n i s i nu,m ine_- Aothing without Dwidenee
Connecticut Qxxv t r a n s t u l i t s u s t t n e t r Wu Imn.-ifkukn
District o f Columbia J t-ts f.itia o r n n tb u s . jutkoe.loall
Florida : I n D e o s p e r a i n u s . In (rod we (ru.if.
Idaho : E s t o p e jrp e ttia . - J'fay it le fxD-fiefuai
Kansas : .Ad a s t r a p e r aspera.-7r5the stars through

Maryland Scuto bonae v o lu n tatis tu a e corenasti nos

Thou hast encompassed u i by the shield o f Thy
loving kindness.
Maine D irig O - I direct.

jy>issarhu#f tts : Ense petit placidam sub LLbertate

quietem.- Bii the sword she seeks settled wet/) liberty.

M ichigan : S i quaeres perdnsuT am am oetiam ,

ctrcumspLce. - I f you seek a delightful pen insula, took about you
Dei'rod, *tCr.i >peram us ro.eli.ora resurgenl cineribus
rhtr. hope for better doyr, t f fhallrise fromilrs ashtf
Mississippi : V irtu ie e t a r m is - By valor and arms
Missouri . S a lu s popult s u p re m a l e x ecsto.
Let the peoples so fty be the supreme law
JViWyte.xico: Cresat Pundo - I t increases as d advances
,Aew York : l i x c e t s i o r f - Higher1
M irth Ctxryilinn . f f s s e (JUrtm v u i e r i . ~U> be rather
ihojt to Seen
t }hi.o- Im p eriu m in irnperLo A n empire withinan empire
Oklahoma l^ab or omt it rt v vn ctt- Labor conquer.' all

things Oregon, AUy>s propriis .-S h e flies with her on wings.
South (tirotina A riirIlis oj?lbu.sque panaH ffapared
Lr Spirt.t ami k/ru(t%.
V irginia ; i5io s e m p e r t y r s m n l s -th u severfo h/antr.
West \zZryinia, M o n ta rn , s e m p e r Libert


i*!oun ta tn ee/S cdtvayd' frvernenC e d a n t a r m a togae Lei arms yield

to the gown-


M o tto es o f ! 7nrv rjjties and Colle-ics

Tr't'X'ciS L rrad ien t--^^ them. illumine, the earth.

|drown- In Deo sp e ra m u s - In- God m trust.

feilu-mhui .ln lu m m e tu o v td eb im u s Lumen
I n Thy lufhl **r shall -See tcqhtreornia. : Et d o c e re e t r e m m e ^ ju ire n e ca u sa s
SotJi to {p.-jdv and to Sew'-I out the reasonsftthings

Hurv,rt :C hristo e t e c c le sta -fhr Christandtk Chu,vk

In d ia n a \

\ ^ l l x e t v e r i - t a s Lujhl ad~f?u.tkYciU

John- Hoptdns V e rita s v o s lib e ra bit -%e truth,


Set you. free


L itteris dedicata et omnibus artibus

dedicated to Letter.? a n d a ll the ctrb-

Orerjon- :M en s moLem


Princeton.:Del Sub nurrone v ig e t- She flourishes under

the will o f God

Ttilane Non sib i s e d a u is .-A'ol forherself, but forherow*-.
Oklahoma CLvl et ret publicae For the citizen and Ihe
Comm 0Twc*l/.f.

^Mississippi V irtu te e t armis -By v'ntor and arms,

A rte s ,Sccetitia,Vertt'a5-'5iVri//>iW?^>.//ii2(
Minnesota Commune vinculum omnibus artibus
tfhv common- bond for all the u-rts



ScLentLa. c r e s c a t ^ v i l a cola.tu.r
L et k.ifowicdge groW, let life Se enriched.

Florida Civj,um in m oribus re i _pubticae salusIn the character o f its citizens Lies the safety o f tie
Jfev/M exico . V i t a , h o m in u -rn . Uxx Light, the fife o f men.
Jfo. D akota L u x e l Lex - L ig h t a n d La WPennsylvania :JL.i.tterae Sine moribus v a n a e ,
Letters Without morals aj~e Wain,.
jS o. Carolina
. EmoLlit mores nec sin it esse {eras.
She refines character a n d does not tii/on' i t
to be u n tra in ed .

Texas p ra e s ld u im civ ita tis.

Training the d e fe n se o f the stateU niversity of the South: Ecce qua botiurn. Qehold ha*good,
Vermont : S tu d iis e t re b u s h o n e a tis - ^ ? p u rsu its
and deeds th a t Are honorable
Wa;>hwgions- J L u x s e t . - L e t there be light


I \ on m tn ls ta ri, s e d m lriis tra re .

tA o[ to bd m invstered ccnta, b u t to m in ister.


Other F; unousMottoes
.lb sit in v ld la . -

L e t th e n be mo ill-w ill*

A Deo e t reg*. - Fhonv G-od and the ffingr.

|Ad ixtrtunque ps.ra.tus.
pared 7*breither event or case.
I4 lea. ja c ta . e s t. - T he d ie is c a s t
jA u tC a esa .r a,u.t n u -llu s - Either Caesar or nobody.
a n m ilo . B y wisdom * a n d courage
jDeoj 3 tTHCLS^ p a t r ia e - - /tt G od, frien d ,), Country

*Divide e t L m pera. - D ivide and rule .

[DoiTline; d.irtge nos -Lord direct US- (City of London!
lExeg'i m onum entum aere p e re n n io u s| I have reared <*monument more lasting t/an brass
F lecti , non fra n g b . 7o be b e n t, not brotfen.

ib rU ter, ftdeK ter,reluater. - do/diy, faith/ik*,successfully

M agna e s t v e r t t a s et p r a e v a le b it . - Truth is

mighty and. fVill preVaiiNem o m e Lmpune t a c e s s it -Jf'oone provokes me

vri tt im punity.

Nusi. A lex an d er e s s e m , e g o v e ro vellem e s s e

Diogenes - I f T)/Vere not Alexander,Lwi>uld truly ntm t/ole)Noli, m e ta n g e r e - TducL me not
Noli i u r b a r e circu lo s m eos-Q o not disturb mydesi^s
Non m u lta , s e d m ultu-m - JVot tnuny, hut muck
N u n c a u t n u n q u a m . - Jfo\V or neverO di p r e f a n u m vulguS' e t a r c < so.~Ihate t/rrabbk
and keep it a t a distance-

P ro a rts et focis. - F.,r a lta r and hearth.

P r o r e g e , Lege, g r e g e - r.<r the king, the law'

(i nd the people
RecLe e t .su.avi.ter. - Ju stly and mildly.
i3te volo, si.c o ,s t a t pro ra tio n e v o lu n tas.
'has Ifr ill thus T pleasure cslantls fora reaovn.
i5 u av iter in m o d o , fo r tite r Ln r e . -(fcntfc in manner,
resolute in. execution.
S ulltm cui-que - L e i &a.c.L have its ofru,
Ve.r\ij vidc^A/ici. -T a a m e , T Saw , Icorujuered
Vigitando aseendimu5. - Throucfk watchfulness fre rise V irib u S U,nitcS - With united forces.

Ab e sse a d posse v a le t,a posse ad esse non valet.

Om THOM deduce from a fea tify to a possibility, but nof from.
a posSL'O tltly co ex r e a lt y

Abeund otudi-a in m ore-S-fursuits influme cm,radar.

Ad impos3 nemo obligatux. -M}bo<iy is obliqed to
Alii sementum fa ciu n t, alii m efeX c
These arr sowing^ other# reap-

A p u ra deFLuit aq u a from, a- clean Wt/l there IS


only pccre H^afer.

A rbone djajecto quivcs K g n a a o U ig il-y /f^ r the

tree is felled, a n y b o d y ccin, (fatter wood
A rd u a v aU atu r d u n s sap ten tia scruple. Lofty n4sdom uv circled vi/ith, ruyyed recfe.
A ssldaa stilla saxum excavat .-or-. G utta caval
lapictem, nonvi-.sed saepe ca d en d o --^ drop hc>//oa out
the stone by frequent dropping, not by force -, constantpersistencemm.


Auc|entes iorluna lUVat-- -'ortune favors the brave.

Bonus v ir sem per Uro -A good man is alwugsa beginner
Cessante causa cessat efledus. -Withthenctuse cruses
the effect

'.ircuti^-sbantiae V arian t rern. Circumstances ottercases

'o g lto , e rg o su m . - I Hunk,so I arn

Corruptlo oj^tvml j?esslma.- The best thing, idm, perverted

becomes the m ost obnoxious

De d ie In diem sraplenU.3. -knowledge fvm day today

Be n lhilo n v h il,in m tu lu m m l posse re v e rtl From nothing 'nothing is m ade a n d nothing that exists
can be r e d u c e d to n o th in g

D u ra n te c a u s a d u r a t e ffe c tu 5 --/& dony as the raxue

ex ists m /I the effect fast-

duo bus m alts minimum eligendum -O f {M erits

one m ust Select the Smatter one.
E n are hu.m Q 'num e^st- - To <zrr is hum an.

Expercentla e s t optima r e r u m m a g ls tr a .
t.'xp erien cr t-S the best teacher

E x ee p tlo probat. r e g u la m . ~the exceptionprowstherule.

Eh e ta Lntecta fieri, nequeunt. -Wiicd happened tumnoi
Se undone.
Fide, sect CUL,'vide,. - / ru sl ,b u t See whom you are trustify.
Ignoti nulla cugido. there (s no desire for dm ! is unknown.
lh magnis VolutSSe sat est -Id have striven for thegood
i s a lre a d y la u d a b le .

Mens re g lt m u n d u m - <Mind rules the. world

N atura non tacit saltu m --difalure does not skip-

N ih il s c i r i p o t e a t , n e i d i p s u m q u id e m -ftfe cannot

kjiow anything-, not even th a t We know nothing

N ih il i n in te lle c L U .q u o d n o n a n t e in -Sen su, d'ffrere is

/tothing ui tie ivie.y -ci iJril Was not aJLreadtj in mind-

Ne c e d e matuS. -*21) n o t y ie ld to m isfortunes.

Nil h u m an i a m e aUenum put o - Jvdthipn human is
foreign ta w e

Non sch o lae ^ ae d -vitae d ts c irn u 5.-0 4 L pm p o t

for the. school , b u t rr/r It u- .

Nulla d i e s sine tin e a - - ^W d a y w ith o u t a. L in e .

Ornne p rin c ip iu m g ra v e . -E very beginning i s h a rd O m nia p i-ae clara r a r a . - A t! th e b e st th in g s a re rare.
P rin cip ib u s p lacu isse v i r i s n o n ultima laus.
io have [leased the m ost worthy men is not U>e 'rad praise

P a lm a n o n s in e Jp u W ere--A p p rize wdJotd a struggle

i^ u a e n o ce n tj d o c e n t -Whateyer hurts //u fei a lesson.
Qui e n u c e u tn e s se -vult, tran g it n u c e m .
He who w ants to Pat Hie n u t musf.crnrk d

Qj.u om nia corporis habere eontendita ,7/aU rial.isf

Q uiaurm num et ultimum bonurn in utititate ponit

U titi ta n a n .

Q uod h o m in es,to t sen te n tia Q.-So many men,sotKwydmfi.

Quotidiana vilesdunt- % iity iordinary thirds are nut
h d ic e d

m uck-

Ref etitio est m a te r studiorum. - Rft'petition is themother

o f le a r n in g

Si tacuissesjphilosophus mansisses. - I f you Wouldhave

tfejtt s i ter! tfot* w ould h a w p a ssed a s a philosopher.


&t*pecfUia i k>j i n o c e n i-

B e t tt r to o m u o i U an

fIempoi-3 inutaniur nos et m utam ur in ilLis- -

. um'fi al'f cJia-nqinq and trir arc 1. /7

.' /rtjirh* h-< them
LI deatnt v i r e ^ t a m e n eel iau^anda voluntas -

Evi:>: Cf (nchry in power, Un intention is io be commended.

Variatio d d e c tit- - l-Z r u fy is enjoyed

V u ltus e s t in d e jc anithi- -%e countenance a the

ina&x 0/ mind-

Iv n c it cjui s e vinci-l .-H e conquers who conqam p re m iu m est optimum -hrlue ,bthebesiprize



Accidtt inpuncto ,quod sj^ m tu r In anno- - Tin. unexpected

'ri&if/is offcn,.
\ v s f bus a d verb era. - ^wn. iwtyrcKi to oiowir.
'B e n li. p o .s s i d e n te s . - Haptn- arc I k (Konk i o f'.t,. ij/ru&in?
R^ntJ qu.1, I3 tu.1t., bene vcxct- - Ht nhJ ia r ti/eO in privacy

has had a oood Iife

IDa dextram nil-sero- - Lend a h a n d i to an im/vrlunuh/
Elusu! Fugaces lakuntur anni- -A I m 'c w faefmtf -.m*

VXS-S . .'M'V

Has esl ab hoste doceri- I f is right to be tauoni , ven by an

F".iber qitisque fortuna sua- - Every man. is (/
his own. forturn
F er out fereEither be hammer or anvif.

Mil sm em agno v ita Lahore dedit mortalibus. Life has given, Ticking to mortal vitlmd nreat labor
NtHmur in veUtum.-Vk? strives a ffer forbidden, ihints
Non cui.vcs contungit a dire Cormttium.-Jot e&>yone dia^fy.
Omnia praeclara ra ra - -All the best things are rare
p erfer e t obdura - Suffer and endure.
R ev o cate anunos, maestumque tirnorem rnittifeRecall yourwur&ge .imt oeinisb gloomy rearV itu s nemo sin e nascitur- - w one is bom vitboui


\ *


' l ) .

o n ia g e .C liik lr e n

Ab ijlCUnabuUs - Frurn the cradle

Amantlum Ira e am o ris \rXe.^c3\io.-Lovers'auarrets
are the renew ing or love

A mensa et boro. - Fnjrn bed and board(%*</separation)

A pparatus et instructus m uliebris. -The
SAvinculo matrimonix. - From the marriage bond
Bi.5 pueri S e n e s . - O ld men are twice children -.
Arista pudica d e c e n s sa p ie n s , g en e ro sa probata
Pure iti h ea rt ,rnoqe st, o f seem ly bearing, discreet,nobbtninded, and held in hia'n esteem .

C asltLas tid e s ca 'rrta s p ie ta s obsecjutum et

^naecumque DeuS' faem enis m esse praecepit.
Purify, loyally , affection-, a Sense o f du-fy, a yielding
nature, n hd wha.te.ver Qualities God has imp/anted in1

, , Women .

C redula re5 am or est-- Lose c<s ready to beUeve

G ras a m et out n u n q u a m am avit quu^ue amavct
CT36 a rn e t- ' To morrow he shall lo\SQ who n ^ e r (u s tov&d
and who / W loi/ed, to - m orrow he s l a l f toi/e.

Cre scute e \ maltipUcaminl I n c r e a s e a n d mu f a p ly .

Decet Verec.undum esse adolescerrtem. f t becomes
a youtL l~o be m odest

E c c e .v irg o i.lla e r i i g r a v id a ,e t p a r i e t fila in ? .9

JeMa,a yujfw, snaahe mth cniij,jnashallbring.Ortha soR.fhUiJjQ
D ebltum conjugate - The m arital 4 u.ty

Domus et placens u.xor - Home W tie W wifi.

DUX fernina factl -/%? leader o f the ejeedu^s a Woman,.
F o rtu n a cuX favet, csponsa petvta manef;.-#/W7luc/i
fat/brj, carries f,hp bride, home

In fontem ab ubere de^elio. - % n^ean. the haty.

In puncto m n ciis- ( S ixtk Camma.ndrr,entj
Matreputchra ,CIL& puLchrioX.-^zuah&r -more beou.hfid
than, the tjeaulifu.1 Mother
Mititat omnis am ans;ei habelsua castra Cuptdo?.ill (ot/ers Quarrel and Cupat ha<s f>ij casfies.
Nec te c u m possum vcvefe,nec sine i e .- in m A *
netfper with, you, nor vt'iffiouf -you

Nuptcas non concubixiis, sed consensus -fhcit -

<A'ot tfw > narifaL rvfa tio n sjb u t m Con&ri; mates fa marriage.

^li\HG vcvum 0Z5C OVO. -Zi'cry iiy'trjo hiiny c&rnrsi endo f an egy
Omne vivum e VCVO- - J l l life from Life.
Om nia v i n c d amor - lipse con a u w w y //u ,y
Omnis am ans a mens.- Ei/e.ry l o w i,s demented

Qwae p a ru m constant in amonbus esf J fiirtMu[.U?r t a c e a i m QQS^X&^Xfe.-ttowAr*. sJxrft hesiknhinChurd\.

Maxima ]>ueris d eb e tu r reverentia. $hc ymafasl
Te^e.r&nce is owtod to children,.

N'ataralia non su n t turpia.-JfcduraiacL arendsin&iP u e rijn ie n lia trac tan i - Childnn, W dock/dish Ihmm
SineOsrere ei Baccho friget Venus -^fej'/W ^w /W i-fc.
S is mihi mollis- 6e nice te me.
Variant et mufobile setnper LeminaJfoman is ala/ays*
chargeable and capricious finny.


m a n te s , 3tn6nt&5m are et sapere Vpc

.h o se in lose, are
d em en ted

d e o c o n c e d x iu r . -

L i is h a rd ly con ced ed to a. j o d to lot/e

a n d s t i f f re m a in s S e n sib le .

heritage o1 the Lord, and the fruit of the womb u

< r
M[S reward-,
E n , tn trn q u itate torm alus s u m , et in peccato
fovtt m e my ter m ea. - Behold, I was shdpen in,
Iniquity ard.iri Sin, did my mother coneeive me.
Lifcore Quod co n c h a e,to t su n t in amore dolores.
SIS. m any, sh e lis on the Sea sh o re.S O m any p a in s in [ore.
,rere is no th in g b etter
than- a L ife w itn o u i\n a rria q e

M e la is n ilc a e lib e v ita . -

M e m tseram , quod amor non. e s t medicabtli!.s notes

0 poor m e th a t LoSe is n o t eu.ra.bte by the h e rb s o f theoarin'.

T lu tta tu iit fecitque puer, sudan-t e t alsil

Liven, a s a c h ild he d i d a n d e n d u r e d m iic h h e SWeaLed

N u lta fere c a u sa esl in guo^nonT em ina litem

ttioverit- - There is hardty a. law -suit without a
, woman being the moving fac{or_
Odero, si potero, si non. invitus am abo--i. shaft
h c ite , i f L c a n ; i f h o t, I s h a ll lo ve a g a in s t m y w ill

O sculam int- futdum., ut non ir a scalar- M iss the so n , l e s t he be a n g r y /.

fr s 2 .

O-scula qul su m p sii, sc non e t cetera sumet, haee.

quoque, qtiae data sunt, perc(ere avgnus ertf.
Who h a s k is s e d a n d d id n o t L a k e th e r e s L , o u tfit
to lo se even- w h a t W a s g r a n t e d to h im .

Quot caelum steiias, tot habet taa Roma,puelLas-S l s m a n y s la n s in th e s k ie s ,s o m a n y g i r l s fa s year-f&n(.


, i non. casfej cau.te tamen.

I f you- C anrw t be good, tbe Careful

j i v i a a m a r i , a m a. - I f y e a w an!
' to be Loved, love f

S pectatu m venii int,vem unt, spectentur

u t ip s a e .
the w o m e n ). G om e in to the Iheatre
w see, but they aLfo come to be seen/p u n t e n u r i e u ,n u c h i3 q u i e x r a a t r l s utero
n a t i s u n t i t a e t s u n t eunujcbi.,c|ul castrati
a u n t ab h o m im b u s : e t s u n t e u n u c h l qui,
s e ip s o s c a s t r a r u n t p ropter regmimooelorum.
F o r them are ro m e e u n u c h s which- ytf/ne so born,
fro m Ih e ir m o th e r s w om b a n d ttx r e a re som e eunuchs,
which w ere w a d e e u n u c h s o f r/ieris: a n d there be eunuchs,
m ick- have l-nade iftem selves e u n u c h s fo r th e kin gd o m o f h p a i'en 's s a k e J fa ltiie * ' I9 .IZ .

tT t m is e re tu r p a te r filto ru m . -L ike a father

P i tie f/i his children ft *oi, 13

L fxorium s l p r a e b e t . He shows him self lobe


meltorvm fcrtunsm1-

Tot better Conditions !

m > :-[io r is

aiSSt -Auqurjof
<>hafiiwr (ime

1 8p alto
t>on ht
Benigno numinc Wil\ faipnn?
t'i 4 | -i
. prOLitXc/use'
antabot v a c eus coram Ivitrono viator tu' benny/aw
: ravelin- will sing in {hr presence, o f the h ^w ,A ym a n .

Dextro lomporo A l & lucky mom ent

Du let1 st^ <.{*
in toco j l ts SfVeel fo c,ryoy oneself.
Durn \ tvtmuo, \ tvcirnu^'- .^ I ms Uve while w<? hve .
F b i b o . l u d e .Veni- - tzal drin^, enjoy thyself, follow me..

fcx .<tauhd^n;13 (Jut u f the Q()un:icJtr)('P. .

Fata v tam m venieht - Jhe to Us will fmd o >v*y out
Forman e t liaec olim m em im sse invabil- ~% r/w v
Some day you Will lake pleasure in rernem(jenr>(} even l/n.j
LTSucit^vitTlus t9',tlu.r- 'I)erelore lei u s rejoice
IntV>t SU3 * T 3 p a r v n i ^

l^itlle thinys possess their

peculiar cnurm..
hterirn a liquid fit- liUcross a bruiye when ivr come lo cl-

N"tl d^SpenandujTl - 'There cs no such, Wonrf cls failNihil habenli, mhtf deest- - tfc who ha s noftmp, 'tniss&S

Omnia mea mecum porto - A ll I haw Ic a rry vith we.

PostnuULa .jubiia- - Sifter sadness, gladness.

Post nufetla Phoebus. -A fte r [he m in com es sunshine.

Possunt quia. Jposse Vtdentur- - They ran,, because
they th in k ihcy can,.

giudqucd sit fataram ci-as , fu,se quaerere- <-f)Ont W'orry a.boui the fu tu r e .

Revocal anim os^'rnaestum que tcm orem rnittite,cun yo u r CourQ&e <xnd 1)0. ru st, gloom y /e<zr
i s , el Ldcef, rideas. - "You wit! ta u g k a n d y e n have
cl n y /il io ta<A.ot
KJide St sapis - Lcxuyk i t y o u are n/iseS a tis sup^rque. E nough a n d to spare.
Sfimpef relbC. - A tw a y s fo rtu n a te
Solam en misercs socios habuisse malorum. - I t isa
ronsotation. tor the unfortunate.?, to have comp/wions in misfortune.
Tandem bona causa ircumftet -A t fa st the yood cause
will cvntjuer
Vu/ant saaves m ores1%ree cheers to good humor/
Vixl beatus 1 dis, a miciSj Uteris. - I. hove ti/e d blessed by
the Gods, hy trie nets, by Intiers.

^dbuc tu a m e ssls In h erb a e s t - Yourhar/ed


is y e t to aome.

iA Tehova gressw viri, statuunUxr.cuius

delecLatui' v ia . g u u m eadit,non deucflur
quia Tehova ausfentatm anum ejus. Puer f a i,
etiam consenub sed non Vcdcjustum ita d ereLtetum.ui sem en ejus quaereratpanem . y/7^ step s o f a g o o d m a n a re ordered (>ythe lord:
a n d he delighted in -ffis W ay^Ihough he fa ll,h e shall
'ro t be utterly c a s t down, -For the L o rd upholdetkhim. HfitLhCS1h a rd - I naire been you n g ', a n d non/
am o ld ; Yet bat/e I n o t sen- the righteous forsaftn,
jrior ftis -Seed heaping bread!rs. 37, S3-Z S

At pulchrum esr m onstrart et dicier .-hie est -

I t is nice to be po in ted a t with the finger a n d when,

.it is sa id -"That's h im 1'1
A u x iliu m nostrum i n nom ine Teho\^e, qui
fecit coetos et terram . - Our help is in the name
of the Ip rd . who made heaven, a n d earth- fs.124,8
Fortunae tUium e s se -% be a lucky child-

G rata superveniet qaae non sperabttur, h o ra .

Your nappy hour wtu come when you c/o not expect i t
roasted p ig s run

H ie porct cocti am bulant

around here-

1/aetammi injehova et exsultateJusfcL.etcantate,

Orrmes recti, anittio - Be'glad in die Lord a n d righteous :.find shout for Jo y, all ye m at are
upright ir\ heart-

Multae su n t affttctiones justi, sed ex omnibus

dlis eripct eurri _Tehoya - <
7fany are the a fflictions
of th e righteous,but the L ord delisereth him out
o f them"alli s 34 !9

JNampater meus et m ater mea derelinquunt me,

sed Jehova reajpiet me -M en my father anTmy mother
forsake me, then the Lord trill take me up. ft. 37, /e.


o n e m m oUcviom u p q u am tradendus
estegenS ; expectatio pauperurn non.
jp en tu ra est in perpewi
jhalC not
o f the poor shaft not perish.
r o s tm a ta m s e g e te m s e r e n d u m est- -After
bad harvest one Vnuslplant a.aainP r i s c a ju v en t alios,esfo m e n u n c d en iq u e
n a tu m axatulor- -%<? p a s t m ay please others,
IC o n g r a w la te 'm y -s e lf on- b e in g b o rtv n o w .

R eiice in Jehovam.qidcquid dat tcbc, et ipse sustentaDitte^nan permictet unquam ju<5to,ut aimoveatur
fa st thy burderv upon, the litrd, and He shadsustain thee,
He shall never Suffer the riohteous to be movedt alv a T0 S e s t 1 - Evertnincis Safe
_ ic m e s e rv a v tt Apollo- -dhus Apollo saved me
Vespere s i dcversetur fletus^ m ane adest cantus.
-may endure for a night, but jo y eometh in the
morning. %. 3o, 5


i n

Ad res turn re s jediit

lAdversus necessitate
tzVen the gods fi$hl

i i s

-7 ( e t' (mi

Me rojjf-

dit quidem resismi

17) filt r

Ul/Ui.',>/ hr' u n


Another won mux/ ye triedU lia tentancbvtaesl

Ccvem mehercuie non'
puto esse^axte
his Yidece possit
r c u tc -', 7 do m A
nf-tihere is CL ctiiz^rn? who Couh !<zuyh i/i m e d**.ys
belu-Ye Ihcd
jCredat Judaeus A p e lla te /- U-ieye i/u\s irho m il
rum non sis qui fueris, non esse c a r veLcs
vei vcvere-

_ is 7>o reason*
- v t . n/hai
. A , -you
1 .......
when- you are /-ino
1 r f y Vyu -should m sL to kzep on

Difficile est satiram non scribere. - I I is difficult not

to x/ritt a satire about if
Dummodo sit dives, barbarus ipse placet - I ff,, be o
rick, a Very Barbarian i.5 bleasieg

Fst CJLtaedam fcere Voluptas - There is a. pleasure

Fa me interire -% 4 e o f hunger
Felicitas rnuLtor habet amico.5 . - Prostxrily has ma**,
Fortuna favet fatuis.
Fortum favors foots. /"rier)^s (rf aviora m anent - c%e worst is ye.1 to come
Hie laetaf.ur,ille x m e r e i.- % LS o m \s y lad, tie other Sad.

'Tllis mors gravis incubat^qui notus mmis omnibus.,

ignotus moritur stb t - S a d is the fa-h o f hifr^ vi/ho ends his
days a ll loo Well known, lo often?, but a slranyer h him self

tin eo statu res no^trae sun t,u t non possint esse

I TT)l5en0r<25. - Our conditions are in. Suck a estate lf>af ifey
could pioI he 'more miserable*
In. omnibus aliqutdjin toto rTLfitl -Som ething o f a ll l u l
710Hunq a j all.
Mihr opus eat aliqua re - 1 need sometlmy.

Nctor in adversum - I

struggle a g a in s t adverse, circaw-

Nomxna su rf ipso paene timenda $ono--ven Me sound

o f you.r name Way be dispteasinq

Non fu i, fu,c,non s u m ,n o n c.aro -Itv a s not, Itm s,

Ia m not, Lcare not
Olla m ale fe rv e t Skim py meats.
Omnium assensronum retentco -xS^eepticism.
Quid juVat a s p e c ts , sc non conceditur usus ?
hrhal g o o d is it to See i t i f you. ca n n o t enjoy

</ ?

Qjuod fortuito evem t, inslabtle e s l f a s y g a m e d ,

e a sy lost-

Riaum te n e a tis amici -Rgfmir from fkuohter, friends

Sic e u n t.fa ta hom inum -%us gotfte destinies o f wen
Stc transit gloria mundi- - So the. glory o f this world
p a ss e s away.

s t a t sua cu iq ae d ie s-E v ery o n e h a s h is day

Sub Sole nckd berfectum .- Jfothirg u-nder the su n ,

Video meliora probodue, deteriora sequor - Is e e the

better things andTapprcm o f them,, but I follow the tVorse

Volo,non v a l e o - Z am wittiny but n o t u lle


^ a r b a r u s Jnic ego s u m ,q u ia non m ^ teUi}gor ulli- -/7^K la m - a stranger, because

> 2 >obody understands meT
f.edo "maLort - - 7
vVau to a superior
k c c e isto s im probos.ut tra n q u illi in .seculo
a u g e a n t v u e s . - Beholdj thes'e are the ungodly,
who prosper in the World
k s .J 3 IZ .
E go v e r a s u m p au p er e t & ens. - B u t Tams
, , p o o r a n d needy . 7s 7/, S ' ,
r o r tu n a y i t r e a e s t, tu rn , c u m sUgndet.teanpitur
jM.cfc..iS L/te glass,when, i t sparkles i f breaks.

n o rp m em . quagro. - l a m toakino for *

Ipsius morrali5 .similes foeno dies esse,

sicut x[os agri sic florere tpsum.Quum
ventus pervadit tp5um,.mo>r faon ess^neque
agnoset ipsum amjplaus a Loco suo.- A s for

nvaso, h is d a y s are a s g r a s s - A s a flower o f the

fie ld , so he flo u r ish e tk . For the w in d p a s s e tf oser
it, a v d i f is pone-, a n d the p la ce th e re o f shall knot?
i t no Tvone. % 103, fr -V

MtDeus forfa, mi Deus fortis, quare dereliquisti m e - sty (rod, m y (rodw hy h a s t Thou
forsaken m e r Ps. 2 2 /

Mutuo accipd improbus, sed non potest reddere- -v n e wcckgd o orro w etf aridpayeph not ayain.
37/ S,r
JYOS n u m eru s sum us et iru g e s consitmere natt

We are only a nurnber and borro to e a t and d a n k

O b stu p iii s t^ te ru n tq u e comae e t vox fauctDUo h B e s u - IiV a <y frightened, the h a ir ra.ise4
oh my hea d a n d the \Soice stopped in m y th r o a t.
O f a lla c e m inunr sp em . Oh me fallacious
hope o f m e n .

O forrpose p u e r,m m iu rn n e c re d e colon--

O fa ir youths, do not tru st tne. cotor o f your cheeh

too rr>uchy.


lrini-S Jtiorao mendax.-Every rnan is a liar

F b st e p u ite m s e d e l a ttr a cura Behind
the horsem ati s its black' Care.
iru lv is e t u m b ra s u vnixs>.H)usf and shadow are n/e.
Q uae m a la s u n t hominum. re b u s tr ta m axim a,
scire / quaeris f .-Habe p a u c i s : fem una.flam m a
me turn .-You ask. tvhick are the three grea test evils
for the thinas o f men ? Ha^e tp&fn, in a few Carets
Woman, Flwme. (Conflagration)
( Inundation j

K gpendunt m ib i m a lu m pro bono} orbifatern

am m ae m e a e . -lhe>] re y a rd e d me,, ev il for apod

to the spoiling o t my seal'15.35,M

S e m p e r p au p er erls, s i pauper esj d a n tu r opes

nuliC Jiuno nisi dlVCttbuS- - I f you. are poor, you
wi.ll cfhvays be p o o r o n ly to the rich, m il riches begiven

LInusqutsque r e c e s s u , o m n e s stmuL putcdc

ra c ti sum ,-non est q u t f a c t a t b o n am ,n o n e 5 t
vel u n u S . / hey are a ll gone a sid e /th e y are all
loosther becom e filth y; % ene i s none th a t doeths
g o o d , no, n o t one.
P s . /-s* 3

Q u is q u is e m m .hab d a b ltu r e L e ta jn p liu s

habebu-quisquis a u 'e m non habet.etiam
oi iod nauct , tollcu <r a co - f <v


lo him shad K gii i tv :incL he SwUl m w * w o re aburitianeejbut

whosoever /a s 'not, from h im sn n 'i k taken, awa>: evens tind
lie b a in , itfatk /3, tz


r e l ic ;i o n
e s u * a ,q u a e n u n c Christiana re lim o n u n m petty r, e r a t e t a p u d a n tia u o s, n ec
ab irjitlo se n e n .s h u m a n i', q uousque tpse
Chrlstus, venwA. in c a m e . u n q e .v e r a retiMo, quae
ja m a.-at.,eoej?tt appeLLai't C h ristia n a . ^
Si A u g u s t i n e , fy t r n d . I , X ffl, 3

'/f' )>;,i

(ftOJ C m .;n e ,e n :.'i

i j / y y , r t ' l i g t 'on. exisfed atreuiJy


t e M ' M p n M r 5 / / K V //*? *>,m

tt<\ :>f!17nan /yce t: t*tiL.he v //cry?/ <;/ ChriSl- rhfrn that fane ' f . rnm trap. rcn<)i(Vi, d/ucA already f.xtsfat, H'ux catfcd the
'i ft an reftenon-.

T h e I iOrds Prayer
P a h 1;: nosier,cjui e s in c o e lis /S a n c tific e lu r nornentum.
A d v e h ifll Frgftuftt, tuu-m. F ia t V o lu n ta s fu a .sc c u lin ,
Coela, e-t r>v l& ea,. P a m rn n tjh u n v coolttianuw i d a
/tubes k o d ik . E i di-m itte n o ir s debcia n ostra , s ic u ie i
>103 rtim cttunus d c 6c to ri(u s n o sir is E t ne nos Cnd w a s r/i tm lu'fioneai: se d lite ta . no s a uwb>.
Quia tuum e sU vynum , e ip o k n & a ,
jfa tt 6,9
elg lo ria , i n ssautSfr. -
/I n u n .


T iie GoLdenRule
O m n ia erg o quaecumque vultis uH aclantvobis

homines,et vos facife lILis. Haec est enun Lex et

T h e b tra it G ale.
[titrate per angastam'portann; quia lata porta,et ,
sp&ltosa v ia e s t quae duett ad: perditionemetmultt
sunt qiu intrant per earn

Gloria Patri
e tfitio e tS p ir itu i S a n c to .sL c u te ra i in prmcipLO
e t nunc et sem jer et m saecuLa saeculoruft.

A v e Maria
g r a t i a pie n
b en e d tc ta ti
e t benedtetu
tu ije sits.
S anda Maria,
nobis pecca eett iin
n liora

Dominus tecum
?Kin mulieribu^,
y ru c tu s venirts
, -%8ancta Maria,
j# ^ ora pro nobis,
J tori bys, nunc
1 mortis noiae
OK ,/ AAm


Cr e d o
P a tre m omnipotentemj&deirem coelt et terrae, vcsi Htium gjpnhirn, e t invisibi.l.u_irn. E t in unurnDomtnum
Tesum ChrifftuiV) riiium vex. unis ^en itu n i. Et exPatre
Tiatum. ante Onma sa e c u la D ed m aeDeoLumeh de
ujrnm e.D eum vcrum . de D eo v e r o . Gnitu.m n on
raetum cop sutetantLalem P a t re p e r quem O m n ia ,
Facta sunt y i u p ro p ter nos bom ihes, e t propte r nasfram
Salufein d escends de coetis. Et incarnatus est de
Sptritu sancto ex M a rta V ir g tn a e : Et homo ractus est Jruciftxus ettam pro nobis .sut) Pon.tioPilatp passus et
sebultus est. Et aseendil in coelutn -sed^t asiclext^rarn
Paths Et iterutn Venturis e st cum g b ria judtcare nvos,!
et mortuos: oijiuj re g n in o n e n t finis. Et in JSpintum
6ie.turn dominumei vivifi-cantem qui e x Pain? alioqae
Jprocedtl Qui cum f a t a , et Ftlto simiit aaoratur, et con gloriftcatur: qui locutus esi per Pt-opbetas.El tmatnsanchri
Xamoticam, et AspsMtcam 'tcclesiam . Conftteor unum
jbajptisma xnretnisiowetn peccatoram . t t expecto resurrectionem jnorlworera. Bt vitam Venturi sae&ti- Amen.
T he Nickx* < ri:eh.
K lh*vr in huh (jVid, flw K.iilnt- A lm ig h ty,
M a h rr o f luraviMi >1x111 earth , mnl o f a ll l : u.
visiuli* ai.ii in vissltlc ;
Am i in nno U u d J p siis C lir n t tin o n ly
: >tU:n
><in i1 (
Iwyni toi l h{ H i* J\.tliT lmor* ii- w riiis,
' -J o f G '-.
' 1 I.'.-lit., v .t v (Six] >,( v - i y U*l,
begotten. ml tuad, b*iiiiT o f nno hiil>iUnc w jtli i-Jns
K athftr; by WbMi li Uiii ,; s wurii inailn ; \\M, (nr n
iiihh an d I'nr o u r sn lvuliuii, am.! d from I iv.-u,
and w:w incarituUt by tbu 11f l s r;h t ..f ih r Y iru m
M a ry , and w as in a ilf kiuii ; m 1 w i ,-ni. ij'.. J al** mUK 1lllilT 1' lit li- P ila lr . Hi* 5liff*r*nl, Alnt Was bUtln) ;
am i th tiitrci J a v 1lo riv.y up iin a cco rd in g to Ui
Si;ri|il a 1 r s ; sum! - m in i .iito L -a w n . :m i .ir.t.-t-L on
th r-i-lit haiui o f 11.- l-'alln r
\m l I I - sh all coim>
ag ain , w i U i g lo ry , '> ju d ^ r both tlic i|Uich am i tin*
dead ; W 'li.'S- kingdom hitall lia v r no oud.
A m i 111 th e H o ly Glnmt, tinand G iv i r r.f T^if*.


the Bud, W

w itli ll i- Fallu-r an d tin- Snn li.^ -tlie r is w u ril;i[*:d

an 11 cn*ril;cd W h o tip ak r 1 tin |'ro|ihet.
A nd o n - h o ly C a ll."In- nul A} <Uilin C U urrli. \W
aoknnivlcilK' orm Ji.i|>ti/im f o r i ', o f s in s ;
am i w r 1>i<ik fn rtl.i- Itfw urrw i 1 . d 11 dead, and tbi;
L if e o f tlic w orld to conn!


Ad m atorem Dei, gloriam . -15 thegreater glory of God.

Agnus Dei- Lamb o f God.
A J o v e princLpium - The leginni-ny with. God

AnnunUo vobts magnum gaudium vapam habemos

sJirnou-ncemeni o f {herbbe -j &lection,
Augustana Confessio- - The A ugiburo Confession,
BeaUtudo Vestra. - 'rbur Hojmess-(Tctfe o f He Fb/>e)
Benedicam us Domino- - Praise the LordCede Deo - Yield to the divinity.
Clem enta tu a . - Your grace.
Ooslitus rnit'll Vires. - i^fy strength is from tfeav'en.
Coena Domrnt- - The Lords Supperae rc c u s clericum non d ecim al -A clergyman, does not
charge a. fee bo another

Crustulum signatorium (otlataj^ Wafer

Cucullus non tacit
-The cowl does nofmahtetktmkDbo favente favoring Deo juvan le.-6 hd helpingDeo, non tortuna,- From God, not fromcJiance De profundis - O ut o f the depth.
D eu s e x m a c h in a - A ld(Lt doWn) from the machine.
D lt p e n a t e s - Household gods
D o m in a tio v e s tr a - Your UforsUp

Domine, non sum dignus.- 0 Lord, la m -not worthy.

Dominus vobiseum - %e L ord be bnth you.
Dogm ata i^omanae e c d e s ia e . - Catholicism.
Diploma su m m ip o n tx fleis-.^ Papal Bull.
Et conVensus D e u s u ta s p ic e r e l obera qiuse fecerunt
nanus suae,viclit quod omnia essent bona nimLS.
I- p , r , .
r r -11
Genesis J.. 3!\Vulsa.ia).
t x t c d e rortLS- - hirm by fadh

jRjvefcs Unguis ' - Guard yoar tongues

Ftdei ooticula cruX- - The cross is the touchstone offaith.


foeest emm corpus meLxm^htc&st calCx sanguts mei.

a!his is my true body, this is the cup ofmy blood
In aurem dicta. - f}u rccu ,/a r Confession,
In Deo consilium - ffihere is advice in God
in hoc stgno vince^ - Iff this Sign- thou shatt conquerIhitium sapientiae amor "Domini- ^ihe Cow of God is Me beginnino o f ksfjdom,.

N:eJupiter quidem omnibus placet-Eve-njupifer is nolplmsmy

Luxaetema lu e e a t eis. -Jiay the eternal tlghl-ifiumine fkmNemo propheta acceptu^ in patria su a. - ^fo prvphet
is ctccepfed in h i J OWrL country.

Non duaero intetUgere,ui cred am used credo

Z don't vVani to understand to belceVe^ul I believe to understand.

Oremu5 . -Lei US pray. P a t e r p e c c a v i. *FaU er I hove sinned.

O rnnC a a d D e i g to r ia m - - A l t to tk glory o f God

Peccahxr tntra e t extra --0/hemis tinning within and h/M ouIQul aliqoam sectam proflteur- / Sectarian,
gui doctnnam CKrisfcanam propaganda m euscipilrfkssiMr^
Quod Leus bene vertat- f / f i l God may direct to we best
R esargam . - I shalt rise again.
SemeL abbas, sem per abbas.-(%ce an abbot, always an abbotServato ftdem - I wilt keep faitLSue ipsius abnegstco- - Self-denial.
Sursum c o rd a - L i f t uf> yiour hearts
Te D e u m la u d a m u s . - H f praise. Thee, ol LordV o x c la im a n t i s i n d e s e r t o . -The Voice o f one cry m y i-n,

tie wilderness-


dversae res admonent religionem.

^ A d v e r s itie s, the fe a r of^tjod.

- Goi'feurtimatum o -s i-It il finisbedjohnxixjo

Deus noojs est receptys et robur, aimlium in
angusttts pcaesem issunum .-ipod i s o u r refu g e
ana strength,, a very p re se n t help i-n. trouble.
Dicit stulxus cam animo suo .Non est Deus..
Jhe fool hath, said in hid heart r%ere is no God'.'fr./u
D iscite justitiam .m onitietnon temnere divoj.
Learn,, -you. are Warnedj not to despise justice and
the oocts.

JETruis st-cui deus, sccentes bortum et malum.

Ye sh a ll be a s qod$, know ing g o o d a n d erilfym sK p .
Qjiia non es dereticterus animam meam iri
se p u lc h ro -fb r Thou w ill n o t leave m y so u l in helf.

e- . t r ,

T$pma tocuxa, causa itiuta.- Komeithe PopeJhas

Spoken, the Tvafter is d e a d e d
Taniaene animus caelestibus^ irae - Can theyods

U num pro m ultus d ab itu r cap \A - qbne head5wilt

T .
Sacrificed fo r m any.
V erbum dom ini m a n e t in a e te r n u m - % 2 word o f
^ God abides in eternity.
Via crucis,vba Iucls. - /he way o f the Cross is the
Way o f ihe Light-

eatipauperes spiritu: quoniam ipsorum estregnum coelorum.
Beati qui lugent: quoniam tpsisolamen
, recipient.
' Beati qui sunt mites quontam ipsi
terram haereditario jure obtinebuntBeati. qui esu.ri.unt et sitiunt justitiam-. quoniam
ipsi saturabuntur.
Beati sunt misericordes:quoniam ipsis misericordia tribuefor.
B e ati qui. s u n t m iindi c o rd e :quoniam ipsi Deum
v td e b u n t. B e a ti qui sunt paeitici- quoniam ipsi
fUit ./Dei vocabantur- B e a ti aiios penseqmintur
homines jiistitiae ca u sa quoniam ipsoaim est
reanum coelctum . B eati erilis quumvos couv itiis a ffe c e rin t.e t perseeuti fuerint.etmentifintes
dixerint quidvis m ail adversus Vos, propter rrte .

<5V.Wottf-p*/ S', 2 -//


6atuaw qui non

fhtir;^inrartjrOraprQiimrirnonfair, .gfrti
|Hnuo:mi lrgr mtotnrOitaljiturDifarnoIjf if t fritran#lirrnuquoDplaratiifit


5 eati omne?,qm se recipiunt^ad earn


B le sse d a re <UL

tiny that p u t ffjeir tr u s t in mm- Ps.2 ,/ 2

{O e a ti tntespd v i a , qui ambulant in Lege

Jehovae:Beati custodientes teslimonla
eius e x toto anim o quaerentes earn- -

B le sse d o.i~e Zize u w d e fite d in the W av, who \va lk in ,

the Iolw o f th e L o rd - Bt& ssed c ite they tha-l keep t/is
ItslivnovC eJ, a n d tha.1 S e e H'-rn wiH%, th e tthefe heartl- z

eatus tile homo, qui sedet in sua

domo et scdet post fornacem et
habet bon am pacern. _ B lessed is the
m a n ,, who is .sitting in b is house and sifting
behind the stove a-nd i/a s his cfood fje a ce .


P s a lm


e h o v a p a s to r m eu s e s t , n o n possum
In eaulis herbidcs, facCt utrecubem ,
secundum aquas lenes deducit me.
A n tm a m m e a m qutetam efficitiducit
m e p er o rb itas j uslitiae, propter nomen -sui/mE tia m quum am b u larem p er vallem LethaUs
umbrae, non timerem m a lu m ,q u ia tumecum e s :
v irg a tua et j?edum tuum ^tpsa consolantur me
IrisW'uuJ coram m e m e n s a m e regione hostium
m eom rn delibutum re d d is unguento c a put
meurYij poculum meum ex u b eran s.
JNTihil nfei bonum e l b e n t g m a s prosequentur
m e omnibus d ie b u s yitae m e a e ;,et quietus
ero in aofno Tehovae, q u a m a iu (onga e ru n t
tem pera.





.A spects

Anathema s i t - Be damned
ICotnjpelle in tra re . Forte, item, to con* in-

- i ll US r e g io , 6 ixts Y oli-gio. - Who is waster o f tf?e ooiw try

.Extra e c c le s ia ru-vlla sM u s! utsi& $

|Frau3. pea- - A'pious fraud. ^

7.JLerekfcomm ^ m b u slx s. - H M c- burnino o f heretics.

Ianis ju re a to rn s . r Vuri9a io,y .
in aetehiam damnatus esV g f 'ciamnod in aJiet?!* '
In ambtguo mcredM a s e d - - I n a'ouU is j& ,betcefr '
In d ex ItBrorum jprohtbetorum. - Index o f books tSrbidJen,
r j
. by fjw CtMolie, enure/,.
iyUUCrg cum $act/15.-To Short inth tnenos sa.ct'ecf.
M alleus malefi. corum. - '7he Wttcbei ?fal/et- A l a v book
ii i
_ . of the Irtqu-LStfion..
Ua.Lam theologuxtn- The hatred o/rJAeolot/ians.
Phuosojfnt-a, 'ancclia ttieologvae. -rhito^hy.the -servarigirt
Pcetatts e raa D eum suruJatio- - ,&fiaious hvbocris*

ftenitejrma paoUca -A&ti'r. punishment b>>tie J{,urck

)^B5 6 rv^atL0 FfaQntaU-S. - v o il6/e m eanir)o o f \*vrc/s H^cfA^

. , ,
in ten tio n , to <ztceJye
u i n L ixt S u n t , a u .t n o n .s m l- - ( fesuifs>7/#y aha//be as /k v
are, or {n&y GnaU rtor be a f q//.


-Ad altiora!

~'Tc higher thinas!

.*Actio in d istan s.- Ac-iCon, a l a distance.

Animus meminit praeterttorum ^praesentia cernii the s p i n t recollects tie pad, n.rci is conscious o f ffe !>rev n f
C elestia l m ysteries.
A rcani d i 5ciptina. - S ecret doctrine

yifcana coalestta -

,4 re angelica - <?faaicv 4 u d i,v id e,aile. - dear, dee and l^ef) oifcnt.

B ig duo sunt homines: m anes,caro, spiritus,umbra ,
Q uatuor ista loca bi.s duo suscipiun.t;~7erra tegit
carnem, tum id urn c ir c u m v o la t um bra , O rcus
habet m a n e s, spiritus astra p e tit %%?.<? hvoare men:
ghost, flesh ,aiiinf. shade; Four /fa t twite twi> raise n/>; tie
earth corcrs ff-, Ttte .jraVe envelops the shade, die toner
tvcrld receives the g b o s ljtt Spirit rises ft' tfe sfa rj.
Ceidum v o to pete finem. S e f* definite k>undfo fourshirr
C lario r e tenebris. - &nghier from, o&srurt/y
C rede quod h ates -B e lie f f,-*f you Awe it

<inn yot* sntx/; nAir'r it

Damnant quod non intelltgUnt - ncycondemn whal fbey Jo

'o urniff^ldnti


Dei- plena s u n t om nia--/1)// things are lull of God

D eu s c h a rita s e s l - (rod is LoveEcee sponsus venit.exite obviam ei--Behold the bridegroom
Cometh., qo ye out to meet bint
E m an are ex alto e t s e ab illo a e p a r a r e certo modo.
/he World o f the first Emanation c f Pabus, kaUa-la.

Ex Deo nascim ur ! In Christo m orim ur ! PerSjxrctum

Sanctum .revtvtscimus iVe are born- from God, tve die in
Christ, We revive through the Holy Spirit ( R.+C)

Expert credo. -IctelieVe one who has tried it.

E x Qri-ente Lux - ^ihe light comes from tX eE a st
Experimentum ccucis - ><f>erimen{ o f the cross
E cce cjua bonum , quamque jucundum .habitare
fratres in unutn. Behold, how good and how pleasant
it is for brethren, to dwell together in, u n ity

F a d e s quae litnina s e r v e t ?-M a t face watches a t the

th resh o ld ?

t'ecisft, nos ad te, et inquietum esl cor nostrum,

donee requiescat in te -ffod made u s tor ftimsetf and oar
hearts are restless u n til we find r e s t m Him -

I n fo r o conscientiae -B efore the inner ju d ye

In limine. - On the thresholdIn tutfiine tuo videbimus lumen- thy L M we shall

See licihl

Itttrolfce, n a m et h ue D it su n t- ^ t e r because here

a lso are ft? C-adsI.N .R .-I- In nobis regnal Jesus.

In n e c e ssa rie s unitas, in d u b tis liber tas, in omnibus

Ca ritas. - In things necessary, u n d y , tv thinys doubtful, liberty -,
in a ll things charity-

54 :

I n p r t n c i p i o e r a t V e r b u r n , e t Vferbum e r a t apu4 D eu m ; et
D e u s e r a t "V erb u m .O m n ia p e r ip su m f a c ta s u n t e t sine
ipso f a c t u m e s t n ih il q u o d fa c tu m est- S i John., 1, 1-2
I n trinitate ro b u r In tn n U y is .strength.
Mirum in mo dum . - In a Wonderful manner
N escias, quo SCis, Si S3p is. -I f you. are wise .forget whatyou

N ec. sc ire fas est omnia .-W are -notallowed tokno^au

,yy J
IVegaid^uam saptt, q u i sib i non sapit -He is not wise
who has no benefit o f fits kwowledye

No^ce te ip^um- - J&ow th yself!

Noscere volunt om nespnercedem solvere nemo.
/ l / t wish. {0 ktfO W , n o one to p a y the p r ic e .

Non omnis moriar- - I shall wot wholly die

O m ne tn u n u m p e r f e c t u m - ^ / ? # ^ triune is perfect O m n i s d eterm in a tio e st negatio.-v'// interpretations
aro neyatiVe.

P er Crucevn ad Ro-Sam.-Through the cress to the rose-(R-tC)

Pa.ulatLjn tongius it UY - B y and by one progresses.
P ra c tic a si multiplexpranlice is 'ma.nifotdQuid m irare m e a s ro t in uno corpore fo rm a s?
Why W onder if,a t I have SO Tnany form s in . <2 Single boc/y 2

R.eligi.0 Loci - - % e s p ir it o f the plane.

R es e s t s a c ra m icsr- A man in distress is a sacred oiject.
R f i.S U .rg a m - - I rise again.
S ap ere - 3 a re lo be wise

S i non inteUigis n ec capis, quae in fra te suntj quomodo comprehendes.quae supra te sunt? I f you.
do nol undero/and a n d conceive w hal is below yo u ., how w ill
you. comprehend w hat is aioVe y o u ?


Sub silen tio - In. science-S u n t qu-Lsc ian t. - These are some who knowSolve et c o a g u la .- L o o sen , a n d h in d
Tantum sc im u s, quantum m em o ria te n e m u s .
fcrioiv as muck- a s ',ve cojv retnemtoerT e sse ra - <
7ihe !?
T u s =Incense -/\c c e n d e re tburepla.ca_re deas.
incense to reconcile the gods.
V e n im u s ad tarem nostrum . -H^eome to our own. house.
Vfeluti in speculum . - A s a. mirror
V e rb w ri s a t sapienti.- -/? n
fo the Wise is sufficient
V e rd a s V o s lib e ra b il -%e trutk w ill set yo u free.
V tx ea. n o s tra v o c o - - 1 scarcely call these ffiinjsmjom.


.'X desl m mundo quid commune omnibus

KfliI mextis, in quo ipsa perm anent. -%e spirit

LS the common bond o f o '/ quarters o f the earIk,

ar>d liiVs through and in all-

M agnaL e m a
M a n e t a l i a m ei

in the depth

rium . Universat soul,e reposlum . - Li rests concealed

the souI-

an iWa e / 5e.m peraue, prio re relieta

r e c e p ta e . the souls are im m o rta l tvhen tfieyf/a^e
, left, Iveir former abode, they tiye in new houses.
M u lti s u n t v o c a ti, p S u e i v e ro etecti.. J?ar.
a re catlM , fettr a re choseru.
vH.aod .jui-musvfe s u m u s V e e r a 5 e r im u s vrf uner tvi// n/e pe w-n>orrowr ivhat we ivere and are
b o l/ie ita e m e jite s s p e q u e m e tu q u e p a v e n tHorned sou.Is tremble sometimes ir hobe, sometimes in fear.
seo te n o v l s d o m ib U 5 w v U n td u e / h a b i t a n t q u e

b o r e tu a i r n o r t a l l s - n o n e e t / n a r t a l e . q u o a opias.

, [Our lot is morlolj who! you desire is Soirtihtnaimmortal.

o p ir a u a le ro b u r v o c u a v e ris . -facritual pouTer.
Te h o m tn a n e s s e m e m e n to - - Afcmemberthat you
are a hit mar beiry-


tTtis'erem jejunio am m am m eam ,et

oratijo m ea in sinum meumredtret-

Z humbled )ny soul with fasting; and my

prayer returned into mine oun oosom.'Ps.35,/s.

AttoUite m anus vestras sancte, et

b e n e d ic u e Jehpvae.-L ift up your
bands in the Sanctuary, and bless me fpnt'.
o g lta te ca m .an im o v e s tro in cubcU^'/J*,
'vestro, e t qiXbesctte. - Commune, with yo u r
own- heart upon your bed, and be sfitf- A d, 4.
a tie d isse rtu ru s sum coram te et speculators.
f l In the morning wilt I direct my prayer unto Thee,
and tVtli look up.
ps S', 3.
u ta tu [.Uustras lu c e rn a m m e a m : Tehova
D eu s m eus splm dentes efricit lerfebras meas.
For Ihou wilt light my candle; the fprd my (pod
wilt enlighten, my daffoiess.
| Lnt accepix serm ones oris m ei,et meditatio
animi m ei coram te,Tehova ,rupes m e a et
j redemtor mi- - l e t the^words o f my mouth,xind
the meditation o f my heart be acceptable ip fhy
sight. 0 Lord.rnv 'strength and my redeemer
/j? /H
S ta tu a tu r oratio m ea a t su ffitu s coram teLet my prayer be set forth before Thee as incense.

PsW ,*
E ^ o g r Tehovae caedit. fla m m a s iepus."/he voice of the fo rd aii/ideth the flames o f fire
Ps 29.7


G e m s of

(Of particular interest to _

cf- Papits,


EL lu ,D o m in e^su scep to t'- m eu s e t g lo ria m ea et

exultans caput

IPS.3 , 1 -

(J^urck, 20 to Z'f'.)

T u a u t e m , D o m in e , n e elongaveris aoxxluxm
tuum a m e ad defensionem me'am conspice-

-s'2, 30

(Jfan-L 2$ to Z9J

DiXi: Dornineysusceptpr meus e s tu e l refu& ium
m eum ,D eusm eus,sperabo in. eum.

(ITW. 30 to Jpril 3)

9!, -2

C o n v e rte re D o m in e , et. e rip e a n im a m m eam salvum . merac propter rm seriiordiani tuaw^
' / hrit 4 'to 8)
Exquisivt D om m um e t e x a u d iv tt e t ex: omnibos
trxbdlahones meis enpuit tnep j 3.^
///ft-iV 9 ta U)

R a lite Domino, qui habitat inSion; annunccafe inter
genfes studxa etus.
A .9,/x.
Q-iprCL M to /8)



___ :era.tor e t m isericors D om inus, Longantmis

e ijn u ltu m m isericord.
, April 19 &>23!



Vfeni.te ad o rem u s et procidam tus e t ptaremus ante

Donunum, qui fecit nos.
% 95,g
CAprii 24 to& f

v* t


l^mijiiscere.miseraUonum tuarurn,I)o]7urre .el'miseried -d iaru m tuarum quae a saecuio sitnt

(jipriC 29 Lo Jidy 3)

F iat mlsericordia t u a , 'Domine, .super n o s ,quaemad modum . ^beravimus in te.
H- lo &)

Vriv it Dominus et benedictus D eus m e u s e t exsuLtatur D eus salu-te meae
/$ 4 7 ,/g
, .HuS to 13)

U t quid Dom ine .recassisK Lonse-despicisin opportanitaubua in tribuiattone7 b 9 .zz

/* to /<fI
Jubilate.Xieo, omnia te rra , cantaie el ex u lt ate et
t/b y a h a )

E;t factus e st D pm inus reftxguim pauperis,aijator

m ovporairittaribus \n tnbuUnone
o ,0
(Jta2ttoW )
' '


E t factus est mibi 'Dominos i-n reiu 5 iu.n1 et Deus meas

in adjutorium spei m eae
Ps. P-f, -2-e
( Jiuy 23 ioJun* %)


D o m i n e . D e u s s a l u t i s m e a e ,m d i e c l a m a w e tn o c t e
c o r a m te 7b 8 8 , 2

. Turn 3 to 7)


D o m w e , P o r m n u s , q u a m a d m ir a b ile

untver5a terra. ( ji/Jli. & to IZr)

est n q m e n vn

fs . 8, z

TudCca me Demine secundum jusUUam meam at

Secunaurn cnnocentiam super me

{June. (2 to IT)

rs. 7,9


Expectans sxpectavi. Doin ln u m e t Cntendit^fni'KiijwK IS to 22)

fv- 40, Z

Don'une^li/bera animam meam a tabus intqiu's el a
Lingua dolosa%. /zo i z
/ june 23 To 27)

autem inte.erayl,Domine,dtxt de

. in m a n t t n w f u i s - s o r t e r
J Tunz -<3 tv Ju(\j Z)

m eae.


Dommuj cu^todit te D om m us -protectip tua super

raaniun dexteram tuamP^./Z/ s
CJut* 3 to 1")


Dommus cuslodi-at introitum tu u m et exitum at

b o o nunc et m sa e o u lu m
(JJ? a - a )

H s-tz/.r


Ecce ocati. Domini ^upei-.nietuentes eum et in eis,

cjtusperant m muserurbrdLa ecus.-

j j ,j,



Confltebor tib i.D o rm n toto co rd e meo. narrabo

omnia m irabuia tua.
%. 9, z
: r<*tym-b n l

<aud{ me Domine

% U9,
E cipe m e ,D o m in e ^ ab hom ine m a lo ; a v i r o


3$. m o .

-If fo /fug /j

Deus ne elongaveris a m e : Deus meas in asjxilium
%. jr/,

m eum re sp ic e.
{_ <uyusf 2 to 6)

E c c e e n im ,D e u 5 a d iu v a t .m e e t D o tru n u s s u s c e p to r
e s t a n im a e t n e a e .

( Auyud/ 7 to ft)

Ouoncam tu e,s patieiiixa ttiea.D o m isiej D o m m e ,
ap es m e a a. javentute m e a
j- y / .
^ A ^ H Z io K j
vjooniam non eagnovt. life ramrn,intrc>ibo in poftntia^
JJoinini-,Doniin.e1m>?morabor iusUtiae tuae solius. % L
/ / /6~
; Am , us { i7 to m )

W V 1I

X X X ii f


Spend-, Israel,in Domino, ex hoc nunc et usque in saecukm.

i^SepLer/tbet' I i 5)
/<3 131, 3

DilexL quoniam exaudi e l Dominos voxem orationis
m eaeP&.//6',/
CSm -6 to to)


Domine dilexi.decorum domus tu ae e t locum habitation^

toriae tuae%-Zs~,f
CSebt n fo ISj



D eus virtutem converte nos e t ostende facjem tuam

et salvr erunus- /b. 80, 8

( SsU./ff to zo)

Quoniam t a es( Donune, s p e s mea.; attissimum. posuisti

refugium tuum.
7b- 9 1,1
CSeit- 2! lo 2$)


/4udivLt Dominos etm iseritus e-st m e i: D>ominu5

fact us est m ens adiutorS do, //
{Seht "Zu fo joi

Ut quid Dom ine repellis orationem m eam .avertis
iacxem tuam a me?
/2?. <?/, /$
( Oct 1 to s i

CS am ^

(jJct 6 4 lo)


Deus cu sto d it te ab orani. malo^ custodiat animam

tu am D am inus.
7b- /2-t, 7
( Oct II to 15)


Et eg o a d te Domme, clam avi et maneoratCo mea

praSvenuit te
ft. 88, m
O zl/tto zo )

x liV

V'oLuntatlia, oris m et bene p b c ib facjD oniine,et

inai,ca.tua doce m ers i/9,
i O 't .W t o Z S )

Sidccebam: motujs est p e s m eus mtserucordj-a tea,

TDoimne, ad lu v ab at mfe
2s. 94, if
i Oct as b 3oJ

S u a v it Dojninus u n iveu o s et mcserationes eius
super omnia opera ecus.
Vs- MS, 9
x im

Ouam magnificata sunt opera tua, Domme' Omt^ca

in sapientta fecLsti-, impleta est terra possessione
tu a.,. .
r f%>. / 0 1.2 1
iXoV.S to 9)

A'otum fecit Domtnu5 sab-dare suum ,in coo5p.ctu.
t^enuutrn, revelavit LusUtiam suam%. 9#, 2
t W. to tc H)
(7 )
.x t :.xMagnus"DorriLtuis et taudabilis minis et maffnitudinis
eius non est finis.
%. 145,3
. .I;-*- /.f to /5y
M iserator et m isericord Dom inus, tonganim ts

$ it gtoria D om m i in sae eu tu m >(aetabctur Dofmms
in opertbus sui-s.
Ps. 104,3/


C onfltebor,Dom m e.secwadnm .justiUam ew is et

pf-allain n crnini Domini/ aiiLssiTni.
,s.7 ,/f
tu a e t
CosnQvi, Domini, quia ae.quitas iudujiatn
in v i r t u t tu a hunu.Uasu m e
C i)ic-5to9)

/-is. H9,

D om
p a r a v it s e d e m s u a m et
n iin
n uu s . i n coelo
e g n uum
m iipsms
p s iu s o
om n i b u s q o n n - n a b i t u t : .
(% z ,/o b H /
I u a u t e m ,D o m i n e ,i n a e te rm x m perr^anes et
m e n a o r ia le t u u m in eener-a.tionei'ti.
'-.r. 102.13

(t^ J5i0,9]


A llevat L o m m u s om nes qui c o rru a n t et<=ri.git

omne-s e L is o s
f'lj'ZC. 20 to 24}

rs ./i^ M

O u i timenf. Dominum speraverant in Do imno.-aduitor
eorwm et. protector eorum estrir- US, n
'"3.w. 25 & 23)

t an im a tu rb a ta e s t vatde, se d tu Domine
esaae quo.
CH.IO. .
6/ *
[V; 3c toJcMs.j!
A s o lis o ttu usque ad o c c a s u m laudabde0
hom en Dominif Tan. 4- to 81


Justus D.qminuS i n omnibus v its suis, et sanctus

tJin omnibus operibus suis
Jrs.H S .ij
(Jan-Sio /3j

K y
S i t n o m en Dominu benedictum ex hoc nunc et

usque in saeculum .

i > ^ / 8;



'ide quo n i^m ,m an d ate tu a ddexi.,Dorni{ie; in

tu v iv iflc a m e .
?s. //g , /S9
ija n .19 to 23)

;5e r v it e ,D om ino, i n Um ore; e t exaltate ei cum
. Jizrv.^.4 io -28)
1X 17
b 'cee.o cu U D om ini in suber m etu en tes eum; et in
euy, qui sperant super mtsmeoraia ecus.
Qjnn-ZS io Fkb-)
Convertere, D om ine. e t usque qua P Et depreeiMXs
esto ^u p er serv o s tuosPs. 90,13
(^Fabr. j to ?)

Ne.cLerelinquas m e t V ) o m i n e ; D eus m e n s , ne
cxi^ cesseris a me%.3$,22
/JTN fiebr-8 to fZ)

lx v ii
D electare m D om ino e t dabd ttbi. petitioner
c o t- d ts tux.
S 's 3 7 ,4
1 /*ie. /.? 6 <7)
ix v u r
Confiternini D o m in o , quoniam bonus, quoniam in
soooulutn n n s e rtc o m ta ei-u*.
Vs. lob] l
( Feisr Kite 22.'



Dominos pars hereditaiis m eae et calicis mei, tu e^

qui ro stilus harediaatem meam rruht.
A. I f,5

l x x

I n the beginning' G od created the heaven and

the earth.
Genesis I. /
(y ih is is the. one zxcebiton, y^hen. the invocait&n

is pronounced in,' Ir.-no'isL

<5V*days in .X ( year

(F&br./B &

Confttebor Domino ntmis in ore m eo et in medio
naultorum Laudabo earn.
%109 30
(J1arcL5 to 9)

Convertere j amnia m requiem tuam : qui
Dommus benefecit tibc
CJIarcL 10 to

(T e n . d a y s .)


Accepto damno januam daudere-Cfe^

Accipere quam facere iniurlam praestat.-X? is betkr
to Suffer a. Wong Han to do one

AlXis nefec,em,quod lubi fieri, non v is - ^ o n t do anything

to others trial you cfo not ya n t Hone to y o u rse lf

Antecjuam incipias consulfo opus e s t - deft/rey o u sh d

Something, thinly if Orcr

ylucliatur et altera bars. - dear a b o Ue other stJe

Bis dat qui cito dat- - h& git/es ttu'Cae who yurej fxiokly.
Caveat emptor- Lei tho buyer bewareCertum voto pete finem. - Set a defim'e. bound toyourdesim.
Dimidium facti est coepusse. 'Melt beyun is h a lfdone.
Dixi etahim am salvavi-J.sW t/ a n d sa ved my soulDo ut des. - I give thal you. way g d e
I'esUna lente - d^ake hash slowly.
Fit v ia VI. - Energy Wins i/ie Wa.y
Ib rm o s a fa c ia s m uta co m m en d atio -A pleasing countenance is a Silent rPcommendaticm

G ratia gratiam parit - J T l or lut-

Leve Fit, quod bene fertur, onus - A burden, wellborn becomes tigH.
Langum iter est precepta, brev'e et efficaxperexem pla
Long 16 the. Way throughprecepts,shortand effoch'ye through vtojnples.
M a n u s m a n u m la v a t. ' One hand Washes lie other.
M e d io t u t i s s i m u s ib is. -In the middle course you

Melius est pate sem el, quam c a v e re a emper- t*r better to suffer once than, to be forever onjo u r guard.
N e tm n e m Laede, n em in em lim e .- /ta r t nobody,/Sar nobody.

Ne fronti crede- -^bont tru s t to appearances.

Ne sujTMinervamCcloceaf). M ay Me p iy not aitem J to teach.

flin e r v ii .

JVe q u i d n i r n is - - J fo thing too muck

INTuncjuam re tc o v su m - Jfei/er turn, back

ObsequXum amic05,veritas odium p a r t i -Oomphany nJ(ej
friends, b u t trocth a ttra cts hate.

O ccasionem Jpraeetpio- "fake ti-me by Me forelock.

0 trine tulit punctum,qui muscuit utile dulciHe is master who can, combine the pleasant Hn/t the usefaj.
O t i a S u n t V l t i a - xdtemss leads to crtm e Pet- r i s u m m u ltu m d e b e s c o g n o s e e r e -A fool is noted

ly his constant laughter-

Parvum parva d e c e n t -Bm all things lecotne. the small.

Potior tempore, potior jure- -He who comes first vsiti be
-served fir s t -

rroinussa c a d u n t x n detjiturn. -iVoynisses create debtsPropria laus Sordet- - S e lf praise smelts

Proxtm us e s i sibi quisque -H a d ones duty is to .

h im se lf first.

Q u a n d o q u e b o n u s d o r m i t a t Homerus- Even qo?d /tomer

Sotripfitnts not/s
Quid Cito f u , 110 peril- - What is done hurriedly fvrhfoj


Qiu non v u lt in tellig i.n o n debet leg iltiodoes not

tvant to be understood, ohould not be read.

Qp.i inconstant^ae notam habet - A turncoat

Qaidc^uid it est,tim eo 'D ana.os e t done fererde,s.

t^atay'&r L{ may he, I {ear the Greeks, &Ven when hhey briny presents.

Quidaixid ages,prudent er a gas, et respice -finemIYhale/er yo u do, do hdsety <*-nd consider the end.

Q^iod foriuito ev en it.injtabile esi- Easy qamJ,e*!y fastH agno est v is consueUidinis.-/W is the power o f halitM agnum v ectig at est pansinioriia-'/W? is Itse lf a
good income.

N aturam expellas fu r c a , tam eri usque recu.rreei/hougb you m ay drive out nature ivilh a. biftdforti, she jveff
ctCtvoys come bcu^C

N bscitu r e so c its- - A wan is knott/n. by the company he fays.

O derint dutn m etuant -L et them hate as tony u s they &*r
Ottine solum forti patrca est.-Every la-nd is a. brave nxotj borne.
Fte.ricu.lum in mora. - %ere is danyer cn ctetcy.
Praemonitu5,pfaemunitu5- Forewarned, forearmedPriTicigiiS ob^ta - fa s is l the fir s t advances.
Qlios jDeus v u lt p erd ere, prtus demenfcat- -%ose whom
God nd/la lo destroy he first deprives o f ffeir senses.
E>H3 c UtC|U6 SUTit Vctia -Eyetyone has bis oWnpeculiar vices.
fc'OTnper aVaruS eget- -^he avaricious mart is alwaysinwani.

Sic utere tuo ut alienum non Laedas.-Ji? useyour ow>^

that you may not injure a.noMers (property]

S im ile g a u d e t sLmili" Like, loves tike.

S p e s situ quisqae- -Let each'mans hope he in himselfT ^ n p o ri parendum . -We musl move yvM the times.


Ternpus omnia revelat- - ^we rei/ettls all Hungs

Tibi seres, tlbi m etis, -for yourselfyou Sow, for yourself
you recLpTu. ojuoque ! - You too[ You^re another)

U num post a Iter urn - One after the other

Ut sementurn feeeriS jita m etes. -M you sow.

you reat-

vet prece.vel pretio - Either withpmyer or wilt) prici.

Deatus.qm attendil ad attsnuatum.dicens,

tempora mati UberabiJ; eum Tehoi/a -filessed
h>e th a t considet'eiL Hie boor: tf>e Xgrd H 'itf
de.Liye.f~ him - in time, o f trouble.
rs. f/,v


Comlde iti Tehova, et fee bonum: inhatnta,

terram et pascere fide: et oblecfa te in Tehova,qul dabit tibi petitioner animi mi-f)$iob/e
super .Jehovatn viam tuam e t conftde in eo,
nam el rcciet- -fr u s f in the lord and do good:
So shaLtthou, dwell in the hand, and Verity ffou shall
be fed Delight thyself also in, the & rcfand /fe shall
qive. thee tne desires o f thm t hexirtCbrnmit thy nfay
unto the s>rd: tru st also in Hem,, a.nd He shallbnno
it 10 bass.
% .37,3- S

>acriftca Deo laudem, el redde excetso vota tua.

Offer unto (pod. fhanfcsgii/iny a m p a y ^ n j ; o




Friends and Friendship.


A liu d s ta rts ,aliu d sedans loquitur -He speaks

different, r'tlandiwy or siffiriy.
A lter IpS*? amicus. - A fr ie n d is another s e l f
AmLcablli modo - In a -Friendly mannerAmicitia nLsi inter bonos esse non potest- -fn e n h h p
Oarrnot exist except teoyeen the good.

Amid probantur rebus adversis.-/^W or are tested by

rr.a \/ersity.
Amicus cerium in re in c e rta c e rn ltu r- - A true M
proves him self in, misfortune.

Amicus human! generis -A friend o f /Le h /.man raze..

Amicus usque ad a ra s -J friend even to Ueciliar
Anguis in nerba - /s n a k e in {he cpra.iSr a rah, ^/rtend) D onee eris felbc mmltos numerabts amims:
Tempora si fuerint nubila :Solus eris. Co^dj
ftfn/c fortune smites ut>on^ you. you m il!'/ave ma-nj,
friends, t>uf in dark, times you Witt te tef/ a t f atone -

Vera ai^icitia e s t donu.t n deorum - "I.rue TrienasUp u toe g if t or tne aods.


Id e m velle atque tdem nolle, ea dem urn vera

Qtnic-i tia est- -Io striv e for the sam e, and not n/ani
.'/><? sa m ej th is is tru e friendship-

S > uie a m ic itia v ita e sse nullam IVilhout friendship Life is nothing.

Si- cruud n o v isti r e c h u s is tis c a n a id u s urnp e r ttj se n o n , h t s u t e r e m e c u m .

T f y o u c a n d o s o m e th in g o e fte r t h a n t f / i s ^ h a r e
iffr e e C y ; i f r i o t u s e t h i s tyith. m e .

jVIajorem c h a rlta te m nullus habet quam Lstam,

u t quispiam an u n am su ain deponat pro amicls
Slits G reater toSe hath no man- than this, th a i am an- Lay down- h is life fo r h is friends 5/John, -S /J



Ad saLices inea.suspendirnus citharos

nostras, -tye h a n g e d

o u r h arf/S upon the ivittoy/s

o 7 the. m id st thereof -

Canite Jehovae canticum novum.

<5Y<7 u n to the Lord. a. neyV SOny


C a n t o r e s a m a n t h wxwores-- Singers Uk^b drinkC e l e b r a t e J e h c n / a r n c i t h a r a ;n a b lio e t d e c a c h o r d o jp s a llite et- - p r a i s e the. L o r d vt/ h a rp ,

S in g u n t o H i m o n the T balteryoftm sfa/ys.
C e l e b r e m t e c i t h a r a ,o D e u s , D e u s m t -

Upon the hart? iVlII I pmise Thee, 0 God.-tm* (rod

^ Ps. -43.1


Cl.angi.te DeOjOmnes mcotae terrae,

Psallite glorlam nomini^ ej \xs-JJak_e ajoy
ful unto God, all ye lands, siny forth the
honor of Hisname. R-66.J

Clangxte in novtkuuo buccina .-Sion/up the

tru m p e t in the veWwoon.Ps til, 3.

Evegila .gloria m ea; evugila,nablium et

cithara .-Wake up ,my jto ry , an/ake, psalteiy and harp.
Laudate earn clangore buccinae, laudate earn
nablio et cithara .Laudate eum typano et tibia,
Laudate eum hydraulus et orgario .laudate eum
cymhalis honoris, Laudate eum sistris. xfiHsehhim Wtth the'sound o fth e trum p et: Fhiise Hon

w ith the p s a lte r y a n d harp . P raise Him withsfsxrioed

mstrurriariLS a n a Oroans. P raise Hirn upon the loua
a rid upon, fne
Sounacru? Cymbalo- ft./5iOt 3-f.

Pandam in cithara aentgma meum.

I trill open- m y dark Saying/ upon, the harp.

Praecedebant {idicines inter

puella5 tympana pufeante^- -% e senders vent before.
the playerj on in stru m en ts followed after; amony
them Qirfs
tim bre/s.
'Rs- 6Kj-f

O t i c a 1X53-Forthe s a k e

o f fun-.

.ox erat et caelo fulge_aCtuna sereno-xn^o-

ilqM a n a Lnthe clear sky tf>e

moon Was shining.

Nunc est btbendum,nuric veae Libero pulsands)

t eilU S. - J / oh/ is the tim e to d rin k , HOW to Slam/)the flooth'tth Ucfht fe e t.


Nunc vino pelate extras. - dl*vdrive away c a re

n/z.>?e '.
rliLSCMLUm se m v i t a s s e . - H a v l n j a Uttte m o r e
fftQ u o r ) th a n , n e c e s s a r y -

Poifxts a m ic u m q u a m d ic tu m p e r a e n s .
J y a ih e r t o s e a f r i e n d t h a n S u b p re ss a. j o k e

-Bj& 5 s e v e r a e s t v e ru i-n s p u a L u m 77#e toy if 4 serious mcctterRidentem accere Verum. -7? speak the truth mth
P cd icu U im a c re fortiLLS e t m e liu s tn a g n a s
plerumciue se c a t re s . - O fte n , a j o k e d e c i d e s
im p o r ta n t m a t t e r s b e tt e r a n d s fr o r /Q e r th a n

i l l
S a t p r a t a b ib e ru n l.- the 'meadows have d ru n k enough
tie . X h a ve e n o u ^ k -J '

a u c iu
m e s s e m e re - td-

'7 7

H e i .3 p yerco iru fr u r n u n m ix e d w in e .

T am fe lix utinam. quam pectore

C a n d id a s

e s s e m . - I f l o n l y we/% a s
h a p p u a s m y h e a r t i s c le a n .

Tamquam trune us sltpesque gtat.

H ( s ta n d s th e r e lik e a w o o d e n I n d i a n -

1.D u Ice, Uquidui naue
darm n .nnnquarri
v e r ta s facie s., tit
oblitos jainciirarum
omnes reddas homines.
II A u u n t u n cias irri

becUlis, m iser tsque

s?audium.,ao v irtutf'tn pujnam illis
qu i aim 'a hominum
( Tree Tirtr)sialiont
l.i i i / . i v n


>v:t r hide thy fhi^e

Uvrn us, h tw (t ft r
row from W n .

2. You give,vy/m./* to
the WeakixiotreHtvM
Cd you
jo jf, arid
fxtn iu'rfitr_ to :nsn;
o f wen



Acti Labores j nc und i - I I is aood lo resl a ffer complekj work.

Actum ne d&3S. - cbo not w'hcd is done.
you hui the VcLit on t/>e head
Ar^0 c^UOd 3gis ~~ho what you do c.arefully
Ars Longa ^vtia brevis. -A r t is Long, Ufe is short.

Artist est, artera. tege r e - H i g l e d a r l is to h id e

L essatio Operxs - C e a se Work ( go on strike. J


L'0 pan*? \.uj:T3Yido - I n

Fit (abrlcatldo faber


o rd e r to earn h i s bread
Workman is made by Working.

Hot 10-5 alit artes. - f/o n o r n o u rish e s the a r ts .

TuCundi acti labored- Ihe Temembrwnce o ff>ast labor
I.abortre est Or&f. To labor IS to pray. IS <3>ye^^
Labor volujptas. - Labor its e lf is a pleasure
Labor Otnnia vin a t - Toil eonyuerj a /l fhiiys.
L n b o r u m dul.ce teninem . -If JrMs street sofare.
M:\teriem superabit Opus. -(fh e worhonanship yrfismore
vatuab/e tfiw i the ra w m aferial-

Modus operanti- -

manner of working.


Facile e s t Lnventxs addere. -It u easy to improve what

has hfi&n already invented-

Monopoly, diploma i/nventori aticujus reiA pa for a discovery.

Ne suior u ltra c-repi/dam. - % shoemaker should not go

beyond h is lastNe tentes, aut Vev&yS- - E ither do not a/fewfit, or else
Garry i t Out thoroughly.

Rn7vi.ri.bus- To the- best o f one's ability.

FU e ru m artifici. addicere ut artem. ejus di-seaf^lo apprentice -

Q uae regco in terris no<stn n o n plena labored?

iViia t region i-n any i'and is nol fult o f our labor-1
Quam quisdue novtt a rte m .in h a c s e ex erc.ealWlaiever one has learned. th a t he tfftould pnzcfcce.

S e c u n d u m a rte m . - flccordiny io [heru/e,r o f a rfS uutn tantum quisqite offlctum ae p t- -L e i eask^

attend strictly to n is own. jvork.
Divinus est opera ri us aHmenlo suo. -

tftie, workman is w orthy o f hus //inf.-

Jfotk 10, /*>

ilfff e a t u s Lite quv procuL n e f f o tu s p a te rn a

s,Jpii r u r a bovious a r a t su is. -Blessed is he, who

^ f a r ^ f r o m public a ffa irs ploughd the paternal actus

C u n e u s cu n eu m tm d it -One wedge drives

. the oihert
lu x in te r s e s e m a g n a v i b n a c c h ta toUtint in
n u m e ru m v ersan tq u e tenaci. forcipe ferrum .
'T1hose (smiths) together Lift their arms with much
energy and rhythm and tu rn the iron buck_a^dforth,
with, strong tongs.
R d p r ib u s atque poeti's quicUrM audendi semper
iu it aequa potesras. - f a inters andp o e b always
(had equal lib erty w dare anything.
b u a o r e m tu n e i - He. fears the s $ a i t im d labor)
Tempus m a g ro ru m cu ltu co n su m ere dulceesl
11 is street To Spend the ti)ne in the cutjiea "(orvt

. . ,

Qi iem Upidem eprgverant st n sto re s ,7-/ef in

c a p u t ansnli. - ne stone which, the bui/dem refuse
is become the headstone o f(he corner. ?s.n&,22


Altud sceptrum^alLud. plectrum- - The

Jer is sonet/un,,
d.efferent from the bki
Oivmm in nim bus rei publucae satus. - ~n. 6*

r c. ' <VC?atiiZenf .'/* fie sat
W cammorM (M
Du prae-stdCum ci-vitas. -Training the dti/.nse
o f He state

Du-tce c-t d*2o oi'um e ^ l pro p a t r i a mcri. Sweet a n d fittin g Ct is to (tie fo r ones ecucntry-

E gp e t r e x tneus. - 1 and w ktna.

Hoc voLo, sic jubeo, sd pro rations voluntas"his T ty ifiL , tim s l Comtmtnd 'Vmy m t!sufiirdt maiMt
Interdum v a lg u s rectum vudet--S&nelims Ik rabble
wh&i is ritfhl-

Tustum n e ca re Regecj unpios- 'ne \<st must />ave

(>nfjthu*> j^t nod-

Qualis rexdalis grex. -A s tl* kin g , tie Sery'ant

Ejagnant populC - The peewits ride .
TS.e.gnum rttf-u-m non e s i de hoc mirndo - ,*fy kiwrfam.
LS not o f this Wt>rld ('jeswlknsll

Rex eril qui recle faciei,qui non factel non eritking i'fti'jiv*:>e you do well,//'you^<nflyjn:*nafthot beS e n /a r e Rempublicam- m seri/e the sta le-


S ic sem p er tyrarm is - Tru.5 - ver to

Sic via p acern ,p ara beliutti -I f y(*. wtxni pease.

\ ' i d e a n t consale^.ru? q u ^ respubWca d e trim e n t

le t the consuls <s*e ic it that &* slak
capiat - Lei

t ot

V ox b o p u ii ,v o x D ei- - -!he Vattv o f (fiepeeve is i k


o f God.

: A n n e s c is bongas res^ibus e s s e m a n u s ?
'Lo>'( you

y th a t kinos have ton? arm s?

h r\ nescis,

Caesar non supra gram

mattcos.% emperor

\nith how Utile setjoe tno

world (3 ruled ?

Concordia respubltcae
coraia magnae stares 10 jrow,

]r, terrain Salieam

eaurol i.nvrruk

parvae crescunt, disoidunt-THarmon'} causes

fiscordmtl aesthy gn-ul

In S'a/tc tantis women,

n-o re g e saepe.prc
J V / r

mulieres ne succedant

??> .-a rm ! irtkrt: f a Ihvnr

atria sem per- vk.'/v.,- for fa 'nut/y

Oiti ticscct atsstrauLare ,nescd reghan?

Who cannot be a. hypocrite does not


[Rex r e ^ n a t , s e d n o n ^Ia b em al- /Jk/toy rules.

out does net govern .

UVibuntcs faelus, aerva omirittii

Tribune, keep order !

A- ,f.w

8 J

AlnUervancU jus- - he riqhi .**'

^bsolwfio ab mstantia Ffeleasz wiii rtm airnm
\.baotuUo In causam -fhJje&sz wiH dedamiian o fdinactnat.
Accusal nemo se debet- -.4o one is bound k> crimniit


.Actionem a lic u i Lnlendere- k> fairy an a d ion. apamn w

Adiiuc sub justice tis est- The case is n o t y d decided
/4ntuc]ixis mortbus- - A eco n lin y fo o ld >mj.
C o n se n su s facit Lecje/n- -C bnsenf
the law
Corpus d elicti - %t & sxn tia l fo ci o f he eommlstM 0 * cnmtC rim en Falsi Grime or [xrjury-

poena xp rv n u t co m es
I X -

. m :r

cJ n

/ = . -

CTi -tyC

D e non. c u ra t Lex".-The law does- noteenaem <1

S elf v M trif/esDies nonjuridicUs. - 4 nan-judicMt dagl ;val

Duo sifac iu n t idem , non. e st cdern.. - Hien ho urt Joiny

the same thino, il is nor th? same lluny.

E cee signum - -Behold Out efian hen is

F x facto jus oritur- -.'V la v arise

bn -

tom fa

F iat iu s titia c ru a t- coelum - -L etju stice fa done, ti*.\ <yl

life heatvos fall
lenorantia non ex cu sat legem - Tjnoranai. r.-:
a aLt-tnst I f -aw.

In commendam
In iruM.
In dubio pro reo. -I f in doubt, in fav-vr of the a tc m td

111 flagranti - I n the yen, a c t

In toritia paUfvrij - In the condition o f a j>auj>cr

In propria persona - I>> one j .wt.person,
i irt.s periutj.

ix ed 'v- tit.' /;in^'Ju5^fenttuni' -j 'mat

U3 civile - QivCl la w

|i^3 divinum. S&WVw la #

iUS summum 5ape surnma malitia e st Extreme Ian' i s often extreme, wrory.
TusUtia omnibus
iisUee tor all.

Latsa majeaLi.s - L ts e



Lesjalts homo - A lawful person

J.t'X lOCl The L zw cftheplaci
Lt?x oblivtoms
Act o f in d em n iivj.
L e x non scripts - i t m n A r . AwL e x talionis - Law of retaliation,
l/CX Ui'iVie - La* o f A , tantiL u a t in corpore, qui non ha bet in aete -He Ahull

Pi<ii tvdh f'is in'dy nho ha.i no money.

NewssilaS non fetal le^vtn -Aecesstiy fttvntf no fa*/.
Nem o judex idoneus m propria causa - J v b c d y can

be the judge, i

on/n. seise

Nespanlt incumbit probatio - A t k >denies. m<stpmn> /.

\tnil prohat qui ntmtum probat -H ep m tsm Vd-ty *60

Unnws too muck

Nonevistentis nulla sunt jura

lie n o r e x is f r ila s

m rightsNon numeranda, &^d pondenvuia argumenia t in shaU ru'i i'rtinl m olu^s. bid weiyk 'iwri Non omne Ucitum bonp.slum--^ / a l l ! k d p* txrmMfod.

is a Iso /K>nar^ 6,('.


O m nia,quae mulierts {uerunt.virc flunlnomine dolus.

Everythin'* that a Woman, possesses becomes the npnj properly
under ihe na w / "dower.
Onusprobandi- /he burden^ o fp r o o f
P actu m illicitlim - Uwlawiul compact .
Pro aeotto e t bono v r & juily a nd JusticePro bono publico - For the p u b lic weal
'urfrldiu. St3 bene g essertl- '-Durirnf <y,-od behavior
Q xi facit peralium Tacit p er &&-M vks> aefs through.
another a c ts through h im self
Qui tacet COBSfSltlt- - tk who (s Silent. BOfisenfs
C\ulibet praesumutor bonus, donee propefcrcontarium.
^ t v ernohe is considered pood u n til the contrary f m oeen

Quod non est m actis.non e s\ in mundo.- m at is not

written, ir> the records, does no! exist ffoeartL
R e c tu s in. c .u ria - Lp riaU m court
R es nidli-us eecUl primo' occupanli--A lost arli<Je. can
b&appropriated by Me first tinder
8alu5 popult suprem a Lex eslo -The. safety o f He/xo/je
obid: be the supreme taw.

Sclent Leges inlet- a r m a .-Z a w are silent am d arms-

t?i nox turtum faxsit, si un occisit, iure caesus esbI f (he! shall hav# committal a th e ft byw/pht. i f (het shafl
buii .iiitt d him , U i him. be renam ed u s bid to death lea-dty.
ipectefTiUf agendo- - L ei u s beju d g e d by our deedsSu|>j?ressio verc,suggealio falsi - The suppression o f
"'the tru th is the suggest: 'n cfa ratsthwd

LTbi p e ric u tu m , cK lex , ubc Lex, Lk poena .there the dancer is, there is taw, when taw is there is
. c
i a lso Punishm ent
1 1 aLictuxd. Ix e ri ^ u x e a t u r - ,
-, r
L et u s see io d tnat. We can, m ake something s>u or it.


Ubt jus incertum, iti ju s nullum. -Where the law is un

oerfairv, there is no law

Vferitatem sequi et ixtert iusUUam. - fo seek the truth.

Arid to qu.ard Justice

V exata quaestio - M uck disputedpoint

8ant scrtptae- -Th& laws an? H/rcttcn
for the m tc U u l people-

Volenti non

injuria - - Jfo injury is done, to a. con SvntLmy p a r ty .

a iv e n ia m c o rn s,v e x a t censura columbis/pe censorp erm its rat/en and suppresses dotes.
(dig thieves are riot molested, hut smallffiierts as-e
nnocenturn quisque se dtctt
respiftens testem,non conscierttiam .

H ost people fancy themselves in n o cen t ofthose

crim es o f ti/hick. they cannot be convicted-

u n VI repeliere Licet- % repel force withs

force in perm itted.


S.TVB^E-E.Q,V-/?t'^ v a le s ,b e n e &>t; e g o o u o q u
- I f y o u a r e, i t i s a p o d jla m . a&so iveu'.
' CLectin Opening to Csth-sJ
A rs c te rtc a lis . - iim a r t o f w ritin g .
A .c c .e w i. - I h a v e re c e iv e d . ,
V a le o .

.A dtioutiam . - /o y o u r n o tic e
A d s ta tu m legendX. 1 0 p e ru se Efpistola non 1er u b e s d i ~-A fetter w ill n o t 6tusk
H a n c v e m a m p etim u sq u e d a m u sq u e v ic is stin .
W e a s k your- indulgence anO, y r a n t i t to you.

Hls aud itis - HcLvihq heard.

In fidem coptae JV JK '-to r the correctness o f the

copy vouches

Me auctore- H e insolence-

wy s u y y e v tio n .
tv tth o u t m y k n o tv iec h e.
v ig a O u f m y w ill.

Me invito NU-lio lespondehte.- J fo one replying.

Pro su b strata m a te r ia . - In relation to the matter.

Quod scfipsc, ScrcfSL-

[Jcki /9 ,z j 'i f h a l l h a r e tvr'itferi'

I nave H/ritteiuS e d h a e c h acten u s.- Enough, o f that

S.p.d. -6'aiu.tem . p tu rim a m . diciC ~ Hee>ays h is oest

S u b obtat to n e a d recip ro ca - H ttk a n ofer o f

reciprocal $errice-

ra te - I n the hot# o f ra tific a tio n ..i
Tandem aUquando 1- Something a t la ^ t.

TabeUartUS- Letter carrier.

Te non adjuvantfi - IVithouiyour assistance

Verso folio - On, the 6nek ixxge
Vix credo - - I Can. hardly helieVe it.

u I fa posse/// s e n bei %sed t wlo /w

tip arm. nti.un e t cala/uu/rc tfbtscribere .Spero anteui fort u t statute
ty iideaub, at tunc coratn toquertitir.
:ni:r: tib iS a lu lc u il te artua Satuta

a i/ u c o s n o i / t L n a l ir n . .

u/'.y iki/MCi o write,but 1 ta//X ,i ft/; f.:A

'i wnU unto thee: But trust f shaiL'ifk'rtty
e, ami .is . fall speak, foot to foe?, reuee or
o tht?. u u /1frie/ic'te 5afu.Lt' i //Cjc . v/ l <( t/;t Tfu./iUi
t)>- H


Q i u desoen.du.nt in mare na vLbus^exejxenfe s

arte m in.aquxs am p Ils :

Ip.5i quiv cd en t opera lehovae etm u ab iix a eius
in vrdPundo
, , ,
, J
(. u em a a m o d u m e d ic e n s co nstiu^ai v e n iu m
proeellosutn,. q u i attollat
___ . fluctiCos ulius
Q n em a
a sc e n d a n t ad eoetos,descendant
.nd ahy&soSianLma ipsorum m ato seCpsahi dissolvat,
T U u b e n tse se moveant tanquam ebKus.-et fota
peritia eorum absorbeatun
p u u m cLamantes fid Jehovam
tKsomm. e x a n a n s tiw ipsr'
Rjestituertt p ro ^ e u am m a
bus tllam m a q u a ru m :
E t ta e ta n te s ipscw.postquam conticueram mctus,
dcdt-ixerit ad portum optatum.
A . /<?/;


-Afflavit D eus et d issip a ti su n t--6 W blewand

they Wen dispersed-

[Sj>am;>bArrnadt A'D-ISBlj

C ^eu im jnonanim urn m u ta n t/q u t tran.5 m are

currant- - /nose \vho crass the ocean, change only Me
alirriQLte. not the inind-


D esind in p lscem m u o e r tormosa supernc


A HSed formed, fem ale tytlk a fcsk fad. ( %<?rrrm4 ; fcjy

Navtgare nec&sse est^vivere non eat necesse. W &

,Aciv(()atCorv Cs tieceSJarp , it-Ye is rtof..


Crescit am or tm tnini, qu antum ip sa pecunta aestif

,7*2 lo v e o f n i ^ n s i f y r o tv s a s o u r w e a lth in c r e a s e s

Uteri bonus est odor ex re qualtbet

-T h e

s m e lt

'/ m oney is g o o d w h a tev er i t s Source

JNorVl belli jp eeu n ia. - Monei, us th e Sinews o f w ar .
Non defieiente crum ena.. -W hile, the m oney la s ts
P; i r i a n d e n t . - fe e <xdy cash, <smih?s.
Peounia,nervus rerum g e r e n d arum. M oney , the m a in sp rin g o f a U a ctio n s.

Pec u n La n u m r a t a - C a s h
Quod, non opus e s t, a s s e c a ru m e s t
l i'h a t i s n o t W a n t e d , i s d e a r a t a p e n n y

Tempera su n t m a la,p ecu n ia ra ra

T im e s a r e h a d , m o n e y is Scarce


X)at,census honores .

'Tfie. COX-assessment Canfern honors.

Deficteate peeu- ,defcctt omne-nia.

( s i L a tin bun! jjfhen. th e n 13 n o tnOM *, then. everythin/}

$ CcL.cKi.~nO.




H o m in es, quo pkxra h ab e n t,eo cupiunt arapitora

/5Jt! more wen hai/ej the. w ore they want-

0 cives, cives, q u aerenda p ec u n ia p rim u m e s t,

v ir tu e PO^t nunifnos. -O k citize n s, the fir s t is
the acauZsitio/v o f m one^ V irtue comes atter the

Nam uhi est thesaurus vesteralUceiu.eEiam

cor veslrum.-Ihr where your treasure is there will vtmir
Non potestis Deo servire et

Ye. cannot serve God and mammon,-'H'M.B,*


Ab ovo u s q u e ad. m a l a . -Trow eggs to apples.

Arbvter b ib e n d i. - Toast-master.
Aut b ib e a t ^a u .t abeat,-Zre/>wrj drink orgo away.
A at q u in q u e b ite , a ,u t t r e s a u t n e qua.tu.or.
D rin k fiv e g la s s e s , or th re e, b u t n o t four.

Bt-bere- v e n e u m i n - To dnnkpoison- froma cuf> o f gold. p ra-n d iu .m - ^4. dog\s moal.
Da-jpes in e m p ta e -V ia n d s u.vboughl(made a l home) .
E pulis a c c u m b e re d i v u m . -T o s it dotfn a t the
banquet o f the gods

In p o e n ite n tia m b i b a n t . - th ey m a y d rin k (Beer)

during lent
I n v in o v e r i t a s . - In wwe is truth. L a a a n u m e x o v o f r ic tu m - PancakeM alam c e r e v i s i a m f a c i e u s ponaturincathedram.
stercoris -Whoever brews bad beer tvill be locked up
N o n v o lat in b u c c a s a s s a c o lu m b a t u a s .
J/o frie d sq u a b w ill fly into y o u r rnou.tfi

m ! * - __

__ ____ _____

S' J&

Plenus venter non studet libenter- -A fu ll stomach

do&s not tike to studyPost c o e n a m ststbis, s e u passus mille meabis.

A fter dinner either rest or wctlA? a miie

5 ero v en L erilib u s o s s a -To the la te com ers belong

S alivam rn ilu movet. - I t mokes m y mouth, waterUnde fam es hominl v eitto ru m ta n ta ciborum r
whence tnun's areal* _______ Jiutiger for fomddei food?


Cibi condimentum / A
fames, est-*

Hunoer is th( SpLt& -

of the meatift v t

Cranibe recocta

0 armed overrafibaot

C u m (ibentissirnifs
edis.tum auferatur

COeJia. -Often your meal

^ te s best. Then sto/j

i u W"'

ilata os impleturus sum illud -

Ooen thy mouth, wide, and I will fill o f 'A.ffh/o

OcuU avid tores sunt quam venter -''.tie eyes
are more, za o er than the stomachy.

OcuU omnium ad te speela^t; qitibus tu d as

escamsuam \gp\pore f$uo. -;V-,<

yea otaUyraii

upon 7mt :a n d Ihou g iv eo l tfenv uieir m eat indue


(^uo sem el est unbula recens,seryabit odorem

testa diu- fhe fir s t odor imparted, to a new p o t
m il adhere, for a. tony timeV inum tac senurrf. - Wine, the m ilk o f do ixrd s.


Aiatomy U

Medicine 4A m atorius m usculus- - J fu sc li o f love CdCmfJej

Ambabus m a-nibus - w ith both.Ucx.nds
A capite u sq u e a d calcem- - From head to foot medendo- - I t becomes worse frvm the remedies

A fronts aique a. tergo - From the front artd behind

A rreeU s a.u.n.bus. - With erect ears'.
Ars medi-ca tota in observationibus.-75? entire
m edic a t a r t is founded on- observation.

Ctau4e OS, aperc octllos. - Close the mouth, open the

Graviora quaedam sunt remedi-a jpericulis -

Borne re m e d ie s a re Worse than the d isea se.

is a p ro d ig a l

Ingenii largitor v en ter - 7 he slo m a c k

disbenser o f genius

In p u ris naiuralibus. - S ta r k nakedManious pedibusque - Ifrith hands an 4 feel

Hens sana in corpore sano- - / / sound mind w a sound

Odium - M utual hatrrd among physicians.

O ssa n u d a t - I t shows the bones. '
FUgnis e tc a lc tb u s -W ith, fists a n d beets.
S i r n i l l a sim ilib tx s c u r a n t u r . -L iH e things are eared hy tike
T a n g s r e u lc u s . - To to u c h a sore sp o tVr i s m e d i c a t r i x n a t u r a e . The healinc/ powers o f nature.
O cutos habenl et non. v i d e n t
eyes a m see w t-


Apparel id etiam caeco- -Em a blind man can

dee that
Cor meum palpitat.
panieth., %.M,m
Custodi LLnsuarn tuam a malo;et la big tua
ne Loqaanaxr frauaem -^e^ thy tongue fromml,
and thy lips from speafino gucte- 'Ps-34,/3
Eo quod suspiaendis openbus istis Inadmiratiofiem craaucor-7^r Jaw fearfully and wonder
fully made
In succum et sangiunern.-in fLesh and blood.
Minorem qtudem fecbti earn panlisper angefe.
For Thou hast made him. a little [oWer than the^vyels.

Ne (oquamint coRo duro. -Speak n o t with s tiff


neck_- &.7F, S'

Ne ulium pLium iquidem boni viri habet.

r/e has not one single h a ir o f a yood m a n .

Nescit.quot digitos habetin manu -He does not

know how'many fingers he h as on his hand

Os est eis, sed non Loquuntu.r; ocuii sunt eis,

sed non vident^Aires sunt els,sed nonauaiimt;
nasusesteis,5ed non odoranturManus eis,
sed non palpant-- pedes eis,sed non ambulant
non mutiunt gutture sno. -fhey haye mouths, but
they speak n o t Eyes hot/e they, b u t they see vo t:
fhey hai/e ears, b u t they hear n o t: Noises haw they,
but they s m e lln o f Tney haie hands, but they
handle n o t- fe e t hairn they, but they n^atk n o t
'neither sp ea k they through their fh ro a t

O ssa atque gellls totus est --He is nothin? but

skin a n d bones.

Praesenu medico nthU- nocet -In the presence

o f the physician, nothing hurts.


Pro paupere - For a poor person .(_on & )

Putruemnt, contabueruni tumices m etiVounds stink, a n d are corrupt 7h. 38, S
Quae medicamenta non sanant,ferrumsanaf,
quae ferrum non sanat, ignis sanat,/#W
-m ed icin es H /itt n o t c u r e , s t e e l
M id n o t c u re , fir e w itl-

utlI I care,-

w h a t steed

Q,uia ilia mea plena sunt v i(itate--/^ w to

?/ fitted, with a. loathsome disease Rs 36,7'

Serva me tanquam nigrum pupillae oculikeep me a s the apple of Vie eye.

rs. /7,8

Ulcus e s t- This ls a sore spot-

I is qui valent non est opus medico, sed iis

qi.ll male se habent.
th a t be whole need not
a p h ysicia n ,, b u t they th a t are sick-

Jtafh-9, /


H x p p o c ra tis J u s iv ra n d u u i.
e r A p o llin e m m ed ic u m e t A e s c u L a p iu m ,
liy g u x tr ia u e e t f e n a c e a m ju r e ju r a u c ta
a m n n o e t cLsos c L e a s a u e o jn ties t e s te r ,
m e q u a n tu m v l r ib u s e tju d ic L o v a lu e ro ,
quod n u n c ju ro e t e x s c r ip fo s p o n d e o . ,
p l a n e o b s e r v a t u r u m : p raeceptorem quiaem,
qui m e n a n c a rte m ed o cu tf, b a re n tu m Loco n a b itu ru m
e iq u e cum . a d v i c t u m tu rn e t i a m a d u su m n e c e s s a r t a
g r a t o a n im o c o m t n u n l c a tu r u m e t s u p p e d ita tu r u m ,
e ju s q u e p o sti-to s qpud m e e o d e m Loco quo g e rm a n o s
f r a t r e s fo te ,e a a q u c s i Liane artem a d d is c e r e A'oient,
absque m ercede e ts y n g r a p h a edocturum ^praeceptiotiam ,
quoque. e ta u d itio a u m to u u s q u e re U q u a e d lsd p lin a e cum
raecte e l e ju s q u i m e edoqdU U beros, turn d iscipulos
out medico m re arando n o m sn fid e m q u e d e d e ru it/a rtid je i
facturum ,aliO rifm p ra e te ra e nem iuem V ictusquoque r a llonem, quantum fa cu lta te e l judicio conseqm polera.eagris
u tile m m e p raes< xiptum m ,eosque ah om ninoxa e t in ju riav in d icatu ru m .'Ifeq u e cuju sq u am p recib u s adductus
a licu ll m edicam enfum telhaLeproplnaDO.neque hujus r e i
aucfor ero.jN eque sum li, ra tio n e mulieri.pessu.rn subditi-tiutn a d foetum corrurnpendum exh ileb o .sed casiam eia b
om niseelere p u ra m turn vitarnlum aetatem meam_perpetuo
praestabo.N eque vero cateufi laborantes seeabo,sed magistris ejus arils p eritis idmuneris concedam.In quamcunqueamem
domum itgresais aeaotantLum salutem ingtediaromtiem
injuriae inferendae el eotrupfelae susplctonem procul fttsjans,
turn v el inaxii ne rerum veneratum cupiditatem erga m uueres
jioda ac viros turn irraenuos turn sep/os.Q uae vero intercmand um .aat etlam m edianam m intm e Ladens in communi homuwm
Vila vetvideffl velaudtera.quae minlme in vulaas effem oporLeal,ea a rca n a e s s e ra tu s siiebo Hotifj-Urjus/ai'andum si
religiose observaro ac minime Lmtum fecero,mib<. [iceatcum
suitrma apud pmries xistirmati,or)e pergetuo, feliceni c tefe
e ta n isu W ru n u m trucuim percipere. uuod si LLuia.violavgfo
et pejeravero, contraria muii oohungaTit


T he Hippocratic O ath f!.-ar 'j y vdt&Uo, tU' ph ysicia n byffieiKCJlapLus,

by Hyyle.ia.'/1 xnaaea., a r d a tt fnegpds a n d

cjodd&ss&s, that a.<xx)nfing to rmj abMutf a n d

'judgment 1 willfe&ep tiiis oath yid stpute&on. to reckon, him who /teaches me (his a r t equally
ur with, nrn parents- fa Snare mr/ SU.6stance H-ctfi him' <vxl
'> '-t ie-Ve /.<is necessitiesr i f recfuined; to loof( upon, his ofF
sprim upon the same footing ogth\} own brothers; and to toad
ftf-M. this? a rt if- they ahait wish, ti> Learn* it, without fee or
Stipulation/; and "nut by precept. Lecture and by every other
)7)ook o f i-nstructio>v I will impart a, Knowledge oftftis a rt tv
my own sons, fa those o f >ny leaders, txjid to disciplesoound
jyp. stipulation, and outfi according to it* law o f'faefctint
but to no others- I will fallow this s*/slent- of regimenv which
accordin >to my bestjudgm ent,1 ''consider best for- my p a
tients arid abstain from Whatever is injurious. T w illgu# nc
dmdl>? nudicinp to anyone, if asked rbr stuioeSi any such
counsel- ~FurOwrmore, j., wilt not q<i.ZBto a W o m a n , an instrument
to procure abortion ftCth pul'd*? and holiness will I pass ;ny
Uu and practice try a rt. I will nvf cud a persoti who is suffer
inn tyifo &{<'/>>,hut will leave this lo '(c/vH 6? iiase who art
p/'iicfifio/h rs of' Such tpo/y Lhto whatever houses I enter 1 Will
ro fcr ffe advantage o f trie $ic& atuf abs*ainifoni^evertf >ilun'nry act or m ischiefand corruption, and, further, worn "the.
faction* o f ferriaUs or males, boutd or free .Whatever in conVcctiojv Witt) my professional practice, or n o t ip connectioiy
wijft it. -L lnay see or near, I Will not divulge,Holding that
ail such thingj should oe k&bl secret. Mule I continue to keep
this oath inviolate >nay ill be granted to me^ to enjoy life and.
'/). bmctice a; my art respected, always 6 >>al/men; but skat'd
I break t/jtwok and via Lute this oath, >nuy the reverse Oe m 'ot




-'Tile Zodiac -

v A i'ie s
is T a u ru s
1 Gemini

<> C ancer fis Libra

^ C ap er
<n JLeo
W\Scorj?Lus ~ Amphona
Yp VirD
/ Arafenens X P isc e s

The SwesonS
Vc'.TLS - -


A etas - S u m m e r
Auctumnus- Fall
H iem s----- Winter

Cardinal. Points

O r i e n s ------- East
O c c ld e n s ----- West
M e r id ie s ----- South



The Four Principles

Ignis -Fire . Aqua -Water . A e r -Air . Terra - Earth.
* * * * * * * * *


The TWelve Houses of the Horoscope

VII. O ccasu s
VJll. P o rta supem a
I . Ebrta, i n f e r n a
IX. D e u s
If D e a
IVTImum Coelnm
X . M edium Goetura
VrBona fortuna
XL B o n u s g e n iu s
Vt M a la fo rtu n a .
X U .M alus geni-us.

I A seenclens

Aequo M arie - i f Jlars is faVorabL .

A d a s t r a jper asp era. - To the sta rt through difficu lties
Astra, trah u -n t j n o n coffu.n1:- The sta rs direct but do
n o t impel\ Non est ad astra m oUie e te r r is v i, a . . - ^ o i easy
i-S the Way from the earth to the stars.
P rim u .m m obile the seem ing daily movement o f Me
heavens \^ith a ll the s ta r s within. 2 i hoursISue L tu r a d a s t r a . -Thus do We reqck the sta r s

G p e lie n a m
e;us mdica'
' 1rJ
r ry o t
/K2 ojlo

Haud secus quam pesJust as it net by a taJerul

i star.
S>U> e ra t m r a t a ,!i,ra:o sidgre ,Lotus- -,

fhus i t was fated.

Q uis splem fattere

po-sslt / Who r/'Ov oe ,

able to deceive the dun

Supputans numerum .
3teUa rum,quotquot sun
nominious Vocansr -

fie i&tirth the number ot fat

stars,-hr caileCh
:nem aii jr Ttxiir


T i.bub-i. S m a n igd.iita
\'erba Secrv-'torum HermeUs

y e r u m sine mendaclo,cerium et
verissimum- Quod estinremis ,esl sLcut quod est superius, et
tjuodest-superuis.estsicul quod est inferius, ^ perfetranda
miracu[a rei unius. Et sieut omnas Tea tuerunt ab uno,
merjialiotie unius, sic armies res natae fuerunt ab hac
ana re, adaptations Pater eiius est Sol,mater eius
Luna j Fbrtavit illud ventus in ventre suojTiutrbc
eius terra est. Pater omnls telismi totius tnundt esiiuc
|Vus eius integra est, sc versa tuerit in terrainSeparabis terram ab ighe,subtile i tyi&so,swavifer,cwm|
masgno ingenio-Ascend it a terra in c o elu m .iteru rn au e
desoendit 'in terrain et reeipit vim superiorum cl in feriorum.Sic habefeis gloriam t. tius lnuriili.Io >ofugiet
a te omnis o b scu ritaS - Hie est totius fji'titujims fortioiqo
fortiSicfula vivicet omnem ram subtilem, onmemque
solida penetraUt- >io mundus av-atus est-Hce erunt
adaptions^ miratilej.qaarum. modus asi Kic.Itaque
vooatus s u m Hermes-Trismegistos' habeas ires parley
vxi -Cor^letum
philosophise totius muncti
esl quod Jixi
de optTatione solis. s h ihts alchemical ora^hon
Latin- an English. Version.


is tUtvcops pmnonneed t-yt/J'Xppecirs unrtece^ajy.

Igne i lLtrutri r o r ts tn v en ttu r

3y /ih?
n i t e r o f th e d ew i s e x t r w t e d .


T h e d e a l of Hermes.
3 tu d e ergo ad inveniendum hoc sigillum secretum :
quia sine wo magisterium perftei non potest, et lioc
est duplex m odus : p rim u j p e r to r tu r a m ooIIl3 b m ake a*1' effort to fin d tin s se c r e t s e a l , because
ti-ctiotd i t the m asfefvijb ca-n not 6e ci.ifa.ineJ- /4r>d f/>e/v
is a double method} {he fir s t is by bressure o f fke&roa.i-

In v e rb is, in h e r b is , m lapidibus-Jh Wor^ ^ ^ 5

siM ercum ^

lwoul d,

chatty? d into (r0l4 (jhyifl Lullusj

A u ra loquente,nLl poliet quaevis oratio.

Where qrotd ta.Lk^, w'orc/s a re fu .liie

A u r i s a c r a f a m e s . -.Accursed greed o fyotdCaput rrio rtu -u -m - A Worthless re sid u e I g n e n a tu ra r e n o v a t u r In te g r a . A t nature u

renewed by fere-

Non omne duod n ite t auriun est .-y id is noi yold

Thai qLtterj-

Qj,u<i n o n moctaLLa peefora cogts,aurd saera

faynes ?- Felt tu-sl o f qold ! abhorred\ occur,si IWhat wilt no/
>nan. ti> dakc. Such, thirst? ( (oxinpm J IimsI)
Vilins argentum e s t a u ro .v irtu tib u s a u ru m .
Sitver is o f less Value than o/o/d, g o ld than virtue.

Ar gentum purest um in
Ferro noee ntius aurum
catnno lecassirrto ferrae, . .
Gold is more harmful imn,
aefaecatum sebues. fSV-<(T> iron.
As stiver tried in a f u r n a x ^ f ^ ) |Terrlcuu.s uiapum are^nof earth,purified Se&n times.
teis et 3UTIS--their idols
V_y are .SitZer anct Qout

Anguillam canda tenes .- I t cs an eelyouhotd by the iailA ft^U.lo in Kerbs - 3 y><].li_. in, the Cfrasj
At t-MTgliem LfiOnSm--The. Lion, is recognized hy hisela\>6
Aquila non capiat ~'/he eagle does ndcokk flies.
A ra re bove et as Lno- % plow' with an ox and an ass
C ave c a n e m. - Beware o f the dogEquo ne credtfe- -%> nol tru st the horse.
Ha bet e t m usca splenem - - Evan the fly has its spleen.
Jlupus pilum m utai, non m en tem --% wolfchanges
h is c o a t , not h is disposition.
P a re s cum paribus faci-Uime co n g reg an tu r
Q irds o f a. fea th er flock, together.

P artu riu n l m o n ies,n a scetu r ridicu-Lus m us.

/he m ountairu are in labor, there will be born, a- rid i<=utous mouse.
Ubi. m el, ibl apes. -M ens the honey is, there are the bees.
Vox C-lgnea - SvVa.n's song.

F a c iliu s e s t cam elum p e r foram en a c u s transire,

quam divxtem in re g n u m 1)61 i n t o ire- - E i s easier
for a, cam el to qo through the ey e o f a- needle, than fr a .
rick moav to enter into the- flin g don\ o f tfod. Hattie*!9,2 -t.


A n v'escor cam e robustorum iuvencoram,

a u i sa n g u in e m hircoram b M ? -n fu I e*t
the flesh, o f b u lls or drink, the bbod o f goal?

Assidue sum siimli.,5 p a sse r^ soUtari'o

C tl

16010 -

Z w& tch.and ctm a,y cz tSparroHS

alone, upon, the house-lob. Ps. 102,7

A t ego sum v erm is, a c non v ir .
But, T a,m a Worm,, a n d no mart., % 2 ^,^
Oprni-x oorntci. ritfnquam oeitlos e ffo a il f t crow does n o t pick a t another crawls eyes.
Lum m u ia p e p e re ril- -Hhen the mule gives birth loyouna
E qiu donati denies non in sp iciu v h jr-Q )o n '6 look
La a lft honse in the m outh.
I n c a u d a v en e n u m . - 7 u poison is in the tailL u v u m te n u re, a u rib u s .- % hold the w olfby the ears.
Lupus i-n tabula - - The w o lf in the fahle. '
Lupus non curat n u m e ru m --/% w olf does not
bother about tiem m b ero fsheep
5 a m a rc u m d ed eru n t m e canes .-F o r dogs hove
Compassed me. f i z z /e
N e estote lit equys, u t m uluj, expertes inte u ig'entiae : cuius os freno et habena vonstringendum
est, ne appropuiquet ad te -0 e ye. n o t a s the honse,or
a s th e m u le , wljicL p a ve no u n d e rsta n d in g :_tvhose
'm outh, ->nu^i be held in tvifh. b n and ------- j __
they come. ?')<zar unto thee.
Ps. 32, 9. .
fsion est de, p a s ta o y c u m q u a e stx o ^ e d de lama
I t is n o t the Question, o f me pasture^ but o f the woof.

Non m issura culem .,m ^t p len a cruoris hirudo.

/he leach w'iU n o t release the okln,, i f he is not felled up

0 praeclarum a v iu m custodem lupum . -Oh tvhal
a. fine shepard o f sheep is the w olf!
O si Cfuis daret m thi aLam yebxt colu,mbae- _
'-Oh th a t L had >vings tike a ctove. ! f?r. SS'.S^
P ie ces n a ta re oporteF- F ishes m u st cw.lm

Nanne duo passermlkadBL^^**.&s s a r to veneuni

A t f n o t ( Narrows I wfcT
Solo! for a farthing


vis sint sub aqua, sub aqua maledbcere M

snt- - Even when under Heater, under witter fronts
Hritt .slander

iServa me ah ore ieonis et a c ornibus unicorndum,

e x a j A d i e n s m e ! -fiai/q me fro m Me Icons m outh,,
fo r ihou h a s t heard me from, the horns o f the unicorns
Ps. 22, v

S tem c ervus stocitat^ aspirans ad atveos equavuni

d ts the h a rt panLetk, a.fter tfre w'a-t&r-brooks.,

Sicut Umax llauescens.-/js a. sn a il which, m euetii f
% r$ff
Sx.mi.lis sum ptateae aeserti. sum tanquam bubo
va5ti/tatam- ~ I <Vrv like a p elica n s o f the urilderaess,
Z a m . Like. a nscn vt o f />e o /eserl%r. /a 2 ,jT
S im d U u d o cujusque esi tan q u a m leonis abpetenets ra p e re -e t velut juvenis leonis r esidenlis
i-Tl Latcbuus. -L ik e a. lions th a t is greedy o fhis prey,
a n d a s i t a young toOtv lu-rkirig in secret pi'tces.

Venerium est illis sim ile veneno s e r p e n t is ,

stcuct asj3tals obluranXts aurem suam .
Their poisons i s tike, the p o iso n s o f a d e rp e ritth e y are
ti k i He d e a f ad d er f l a t sto /d xth tie r ea .r
9s. 5f, i


than. a. h o p ed fo r v ic to ry .

N o n sem per feriet quodcumque

mlnabitur arcus - J/Stevery boyv thai
threatens Will also hitia r c e r e eubiectis et debellare superbos.

75 spare, the. humble a v d to vanquish theproui

I'atrtTae solwm o m n ib u s c a r a m e s t vtfg Soil o f the fatherland is a ear to all.
P axC ererern n u trit,p a c is alu m n a Ceres.
Peace nourishes Ceres, Ceres
a m rslln a p f peace.
- i j___
S i a lte r a m ta te
rn ^v icto ria m reportavero,
mea e rd p e rn Ictes- A n o th er S u c k v i c t o r y a n d
X a w lost -

Vw hostibusjaua fugiant.munienda^

, J u i l d a r o a d fo r the e n e m ie s\o n w h ickjhey n a y fle e

V M rix c a u s a d iis p lacu it,sed vccta uatoruthe victorious cause was p leasing to th e g o d s , but Cato
liked the Vanquished.,! e. n a tu ra lsy m p a th ie s are with the

Ltnder dog.
V m c e v e sets .H an n ib al,v ic to ria a h nescis--,

You. know how to nan a v ic to ry , b u t yo u ao n o t know

how to m a fe g o a d use o f It-

Y>i^tWm o\
A nde tn ITIslorci
Qntiy !&ne&woe be to you '
Apage> Safonas!- 3eqone., Sa-lan, !
Consu-oitsm est^ut quisquis eumhominon dbdsset iuisse,capUaLe.m
oencLeret jaoanam. - I t whs deemed
that Whoso should say that ho had!(M
a. 7* should 5uf/er the putiisttnod
of a aapilal offense -

Contra v^m non -valet jus- There is no law aqtunsl Oppression,

3-redo quia absurdiuri- I believe d because It is a g a in s t

common sense.

5de, mortem nu.Ua

Voluntas.-Eat, dr ink txnd play,
after deatL there is no more enjoyment
ETheu! c i c a t r i c u m e t sceteri,s
pudet fratumque- Quid nos dura
reiugimu-S" A e ta s ? quid infedum
nefasti liquimus ? unde marwm
juvelitus metu. deomm contimil
By brothers' btox/S,l>y brothers'
blood, Our souls gashed a-nd
stained. A las Whcd horror haYe we
fted ^hfha.1 crimes not wrought 7
M4ia.l hath the dread o f heaven, our
youth, restrained L Horace, Carmml.ii


Faci Lis deseen<su5 A v ern i- - JJn iescent t,,/0 //, If


F ini s satictiPica* >nedia- - / /V end sanetifitsHtc mans.

l-I.ectere s i nequeo superas, A cheronta movebo. Li 1 -annot influence the ox>ck in. heaven.,I willmut heff.
Fu.icus tellurem amplectCtur a [is - Em braces it*earth oloorrty rvlru>s

Intus ul Ubet, torts ul rmvis -M ihw-al[>kasure, without

according to morzds.
J -i (c'fer'-s- cum s&crys. - 7 o sport w'iih aacred tM'mpOdium in longutn jacens- - J grudge ton# fosteredPV aeftscine' - knock wood'1.
: tJa.'S

a n i - vur .

1i i f ;

L-'nak ts p m & a im d

P ar fa s e t nefas - _
left to starve
alt vncan >, ijo&ct or [lad .
Pojpulos vttif aecipi, decipiatur. - The people want to be
deceived, let us deceive them.
Quod licet Jove non Licet bovi- - Mai i.v permitted to
Jupiter is "notgranted fc the ox..
Sem per stu ju id h s e r e t-jfafnethinp ivtSstick Icalumm'tjj
Pi fec4.sU, n e g a . - X f you are &u&ly ,deny i t .
. >uave, m a ri magno iaf&antikts asquora venfxs, e
terra magmm atterius sj>etare taborem.
. i
v fhi
!-r cux- heading i/j sttrfac# mho


; ;

to Wittdi

'/ .'V :



, o f ftngfiitp

Tru.tis CHnm prndulit in ^ u s b s aar:^.uirw(enla faces.

msdofcfult xnd b h o d y , e x te n d w e UJwSss&f icrrj<e.r
Uhi Ires m edioi,auo athei M a e there an? ihrpt physictanr

!Oo oaturri pH rut

' "

bt? at,

.ruth tnafcts t'/Jerries


"bi in m a t a m c ru c e m .-Go to
the bad cross (fpthe(3evd!

/ BeaUts, qut prehendetet disstpabtl

I pgrvulos tiios allidens adpetram.'
Ho-pbu shall he be.} that iakgtk and dtishelL
thy Little, ones against the stones. Ps./37, 9

L u c r i bonus esi odor- -% e sw ell ofgaim is good.

M u n e r a , cred e jm lhi capLunt hofm ne^que
deosque p la c a tu r aonis Jupiter tpse d atis.

B e lie v e 7ne, o ifts ch a rm 'p o d s a s [y e lla s men,

a-rfd even, T tw iier w ill be p la c a te d by an o/terect$ifi.

N em o.irm?etrare p otest a p a g a buuam nunquam

morterai- -f\o b o a y can g e t a ra pa l Bult, assu ring
him- th a t he shaM vei/er d ie .

N o n p l e t - C^omy) does n o t slin k

, , ,
P raero ce i[[i improbum, qui a d v e rs a n s m sistat
a d d e x te ra m illius. - & / thou a kicked man
^o /e r him , and let /Satan- stand a t his riohl hand- %J09,e
Q u a n tu m noots n o strisq u e h a e c fa b u la de
Christo p ro fu e rit n o tu m e s t . - I f is
-much, w t a n d our people hcuse profited by the fable
o f C h rist
T a n tu m re ltsao gotuxt s u a d e r e rnalom m .
f )0 much/ e v il jia s religion, been able to adyCse I


y ld . i n f e r o s - To tU\

Anitna lu b e n d i fecit. - Jt-tM co iia l sympathy.

Ante obtltim nemo beatus.
d fa tk

C i vilifendas.
De inorluis nil ntei, bonum- lei

/* *(. .%>du4

but, whai tS qood

Etnoti nolo, ,sed me e 65 e mortuum luhd'cxiro. I

would net (fc ( but oaf'-. >10! to be c/ead-

Faina semper vtvat - %>/ htJ fame tire forever.

Fi. delis ad umamF aith ful Unto 1 ieuih

Exii.ncUus aniabi'tar idem. -This same m,.>


iifrer As deafii.
Hie jacet, liic -SepultuS. - Here lies [turn'd
Hoc nabet. he ha* i t . I t s a l l . vcr m/h him)
Homo admodmn macikntus.

Honesia m ots turpi vita potior - A worthy deaih has

<7t r u k r rfteof than a disqmrefcj life-

Ln articulo mortis. A t /te poin t o f death-1

Memento rnori - ,\V>n,\v, /th a t '>;ou musi d ie .
Mihi epl ptvpcvsiluni in taberna m o n .-iiniW ,v aie
in a lav&rH .


Mots janua vitae. Dealh is ti <& o f la.-Mor.'> omnibus comrnuru5 . - De# tt is c- >/ <' t
Multu;> ille bonis flebilis occidit- - Jfourr*-i :>v n^my
ht died .
Ob iit-

or she/ cited

Omnia mors aecjuai - ZW# levds a lld a /r d W

P i is mantbus. 7 (he pious souls o f He dead.
Q ^calis \ i'o , finis da. .
Ai soyeu tfi/ t/i
fetietn di diligunt -adole-seens mofttur- /; whom tk
uods love di&> nounq.
t l . R ''.'Luiu^ sal <ii,
,;i. />./ inpttact.

Romrw ^uoijue Ix?rnines m o ru in tu r-o . * < tf-wc

people mu*t die-

otnl iM.n c?uiquc dies. - E^cryane ha# ht<t day

8U libi feffS Lev 1$, ...m, . . a
.. liGfklt<j&t thct.
R e q u iem 'c e te rn a m d o n a e is - G ive theyn

eternal, res?.
P allid a m ors aequo p u b a lp r d e pauperum tabern as regumque tiirres- Pale d*uth. cr>Un with lie
o f I he Poor awd
ot kings.

Sfjviianl morluos
drad. bury (heirdead-

trtmqae op is ex< ,';i


in Black or Colors on Bristol Board


or Parchment
liir. F .

i* rvi'ijtl'

I ^ e c t o r i B e n e v ro lo 3 a b .ite m !

apprpci'xte a collection of tiie most valuable

Latin quotMims. The compila- lias endeavored to se! ictttiqse ol.laaipg w eruinihe origm alL atai and has
added Lne5igtuJi."'ereion..A book it this siz e cannot
make any claims to completeness an d fo r that very
reason sonie blaiiK pag es sre Lntersm^ed .which mav
be i lu >d m t iia d u n r n a l uius ofwisctgrn dtscpverBdw

tne sUident U nder fbe catffian Wisdom of o a t a a

Lna >a ta gw sn a Few; eplatrarns that are Generally
frovwied upo n . Let those be r e a d an d considered cufn
gja n o [5*l!.'SM.C3V tbuj uttie collection of ancientwisdom prove to
I^tfcw h?- r a y Leading to the gtorioas- Light of
J .W L