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1) Forma 3 oraciones correctas usando los auxiliares could, would o

might para hablar de alguna actividad o situacin que es probable en el
futuro. No se pueden repetir los auxiliares; por ejemplo no puedes usar
could dos veces. Subraya los auxiliares.
I might like to swim today if the water is warm.
John would make dinner for us if we ask him.
I could read you the paper while you work if you wish.
2) Forma 2 oraciones usando los auxiliares could, would o might para
formar el segundo condicional.
Subraya los auxiliares incluyendo la situacin hipottica que empieza con
if y la condicin.
If I went to sleep early tonight, I might feel good tomorrow.
If you came to my house, you would meet my parents.
Recuerda que If I went to sleep es la condicin, y I might feel good
tomorrow es la situacin hipottica.
3) Forma 2 oraciones usando but y and con oraciones condicionales.
Vas a hacer una oracin con but y una oracin con and. Subraya but y
Sally would work late tonight, but she has to take care of her grandmother.
I might like to go to college, and I could if I study hard.
4) Forma 2 oraciones usando el presente perfecto. Subraya el presente
I have played the guitar before.
Liz has sewn my dress for the wedding already.
5) Escribe 2 preguntas usando el presente perfecto. Usa for, since,

yet, already, ever y never en cada enunciado. Subraya el presente

perfecto y usa negritas para indicar los adverbios de tiempo que usaste:
Have you ever seen such a beautiful city?
Has Susan fishished her project yet?
Have you ever seen a soccer game?
What are we looking for?