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Wednesday, August 19, 2015 |

Football 2015


Greenes epitome of Andrew Jackson Volunteers

Cathyleen Rice
For The Lancaster News

No longer the tough linebacker and

fast running back he was back in 1974,
Gary Greene, one of Andrew Jacksons
chain crew members, is ok with being on
the sidelines.
As a volunteer for the past 23 years,
Greene said he likes being close to the
Arriving at least an hour before the
game, Greene makes sure everyone with
the chain crew will be present and takes
the initiative to see to the officials needs,
as well as the visiting team.
Its about dedication, Greene said.
As part of his job, Greene and his men
check the chains for yardage and help
officials make decisions based on the
original spot of the ball. Standing on the
sidelines, one man does the down marker, two do the chain and one person does
the clip, Greene said.
Greene said he was sitting in the stands
at a Friday night game in 1991 when his
good friend Wayne Bartell asked for his
help with the chain crew.
Since then, Ive been helping and attending all the football games, even the
ones on the road, Greene said.
Although Andrew Jacksons football
team isnt as good as Greenes team was
back in the day, Greene said he still supports the orange and white because it
was there that his dreams came true.
Playing football during his middle
school years, Greene saw how proud the
older high school boys were putting on

their jerseys every Friday night.

Promising himself that one day hell
get there, Greene said he strived every
day to be good enough to join the AJ varsity squad.
I had to be bigger, better, faster and
have a disciplined work ethic, Greene
said. After local schools joined Andrew
Jackson, there was so much talent on the
team that I knew I had to be just as good
if I wanted to play.
Because of his dedication, Greene
started all four years of his high school
career until he tore the ligaments in his
left knee and right side of his hip. He was
a member of the region championship
team in 1973.
It didnt matter what I did, Greene
said. I just knew I wanted to be under
the lights and I wanted to wear the jersey,
and I did.
Greene has also acted as a football and
baseball official for 40 years.
I did high school, NCAA college ball,
Legion, church, Dixie Youth, state championships and two all-star games where I
made calls twice on the plate, Greene
A big sports fanatic, Greene said his
heart still bleeds orange and white.
When I see guys on the field miss
tackles and cant stop the opposing team,
I wish I was 16 or 17 again, so I can step
in and play the game, Greene said.
Giving back a large portion of his time
to see the Volunteers succeed, Greene
said he does it all to bring comfort to the
athletic director and coaches.

Greene, who plans to continue his support for the Volunteers for years to come,
said hes happy to be able to work with
the school and have others depend on
him each night.
I like that I can do something for
someone where its one less worry for
them, Greene said. Even if you dont
have the best football team, you have to
have committed people who will stick
with it, through the good and the bad.
Promising to do his best and show
courtesy to those hes supporting and the
opposing team, Greene said for the 2015
football season, when visiting teams
leave, I want them to be able to say the
chain crew at Andrew Jackson is very
Its a pretty good job on Friday nights
and a wonder to be there, Green said,
even though he doesnt get paid for his

ERIC ROWELL/For The Lancaster News

Gary Greene supports the orange and

white from the sidelines.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015 |

Football 2015


Jackets chaplain puts God ahead of the game

Cathyleen Rice
For The Lancaster News

Camp Creek Baptist Church pastor

Randy Mellichamp makes time to spread
Gods love and word to the football players of Buford High School.
As the Jackets team chaplain, Mellichamp said he got his start four years ago
after coaching most of this years team
while they played fifth-grade youth football a few seasons back.
Mellichamp has weekly devotions with
the coaches and the players, not only in
season, but also out of season.
Lining up speakers for football camps,
helping with the Fellowship of Christian
Athletes (FCA) and lending encouragement to the team to have greater faith
and do better, Mellichamp said he enjoys
his duties with the BHS squad.
I feel like my purpose is being fulfilled
every day, Mellichamp said. Once you
start being around the guys and getting
to know their families on a personal level,
you start to be more than a team, but a

Mellichamp, who played football and

basketball during his high school years at
Battery Creek High School in Beaufort,
said he mostly played sports after his father, who also served as a pastor, moved
the family to Batesburg, where he attended King Academy.
Raised in a family centered around
God and a former athlete himself, Mellichamp knows how important it is to
train up a child both spiritually and
physically, while theyre young.
Mellichamp said his greatest memory
serving as the Yellow Jackets team chaplain was during the 2014 campaign last
Seeing the team beat Indian Land at
our homecoming game last year was one
of the greatest memories I can think of,
Mellichamp said.
The rival Warriors had opened the 2014
season with a 28-6 home victory over
Buford at ILs Reservation, so host BHS
was seeking a revenge win in the late-season rematch.
Bufords Wade Lambert kicked a 32-

yard field goal in the waning seconds to

give the Jackets the emotional 23-21
comeback win.
It was a tough season for our team
and we had a new coach, whose first year
coaching was last year, and for years, Indian Land has been our top rival, so it
was really something to see the boys pull
that off, Mellichamp said.
The determined Jackets set up the win,
recovering a crucial onside kick for the
first of two key special teams plays to
trigger the victory.
As Mellichamp continues fulfilling his
duties with the Yellow Jackets, he said
none of it would be possible without help
from fellow chaplain Catlin Rollins.
Watching our team grow has been
amazing, Mellichamp said. But I
couldnt forget Catlin for all the hard
works he does, as well.
Buford High coach Tripp Watts said he
appreciates Mellichamps work.
Randy is a key member of our staff
and he provides an outstanding service
to our team, Watts said. He gives our

LORIE SELLERS/For The Lancaster News

Pastor Randy Mellichamp thinks of the

players as family and encourages them
on and off the field.
players key guidance and is always seeking to encourage them on and off the

LORIE SELLERS/For The Lancaster News

The 2015 Buford High School football team will

be led by the Jackets seniors. BHS seniors, front
row from left, are Nick Jones, Dillon Sutter, Caleb
Parker, Christian Catledge, Paul Blas and Ladarius
Parker. BHS seniors, back row from left, are D.J.
Stradford, Lane Knight, Brandon Carnes, Scotti
Moser, Wade Lambert, Austin Jordan and Nathan
Mellichamp. BHS seniors not pictured are Zach
Brown and Mason Smith.

LORIE SELLERS/For The Lancaster News

The 2015 Buford High School football team will be

guided by head coach Tripp Watts and the Jackets
staff. Buford coaches, front row from left, are James
West, Jason Sanders, Darrell Taylor, Wes James and
Steve Sellers. BHS coaches, back row from left, are
Garrett Plyler, Jimmy Clyburn, Zach Newton, Jareth
Bailey and head coach Tripp Watts.


Football 2015 | Wednesday, August 19, 2015

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Cheerleaders tumbling into new season

Cathyleen Rice

For The Lancaster News

Now that August is here, and area football teams are gearing up for a successful
season, local cheerleaders are hoping for
an even better year.
With loud claps and even louder voices, pretty bows and new stunts to wow
the crowds, many teams are hoping to
make it to the top this year as they compete for the state title.
With summer camps and practices to
better their chances of winning competitions and to heighten the spirits of the
football crowd, local high school cheerleaders worked hard all summer long.

Lancaster High School

With a private day camp given by
cheerleaders from Gardner-Webb University, the Lancaster High School cheering squad is ready to bring more attitude
and spirit this season.
As the new coach for the 2015 football
season, varsity cheer coach Faynette Waldrop is all about remaining positive and
helping her girls form a sisterhood.
My main goal this year is to keep them
positive, have them work as a team and
stay involved in community affairs, Waldrop said.
Helping with local partnerships such
as HOPE and United Ways Stuff the Bus,
LHS cheerleaders still find time to work
on new stunts, routines and tumble
down the blue mat.
LHS squad: Ariauna Adams, Tytiuna
Alexander, Kayla Bell, Ashley Boyce, Jada
Bush, Hallie Caroway, Delaney Cauthen,
Mallory Cauthen, Keasia Clyburn, Sierra
Crockett, Kayla Doskocil, Kamiya Duncan, Sara Faile, Tamiah Flowers, Essence
Frazier, Alicia Jones, ZyKeshon Jordan,
Savannah Lee, Takia Mobley, Logan Pelham, BreOuna Portee, Savannah Roberts, Amber Scott, Ashiana Thompson,
Alexis Todd, Asiah Truesdale, Reagan
Wade, Gabby Waldrop and Rayven Williams.

Indian Land High School

Indian Land High School varsity cheer
coach Erin McConnell said that although
her squad will not be competing this
year, shes looking forward to growing
their talent, the reputation of the pro-


Above, the Volunteers cheerleaders display their leaping skills during a squad cheer
last October. At right, Alexis Todd cheers on the Bruins during a game at Lewisville
last September.
gram and encouraging the girls to be
good role models in the community.
The ILHS varsity squad is focused on
doing their best for football season and
helping the youth learn big girl cheers
at their annual youth cheer camp.
With a few great tumblers this year,
were working on stunts to keep the
crowd involved and increase school spirit, McConnell said.
ILHS cheer squad: Claire Chapman,
Macy Chassereau, Kayla Custer, Lauren
Cvitkovic, Chandler Gladu, Crystal Johnson, Cassidy Kraft, Amber Lennox, Caitlyn Loughry, Jada Penn, Baylee Rowland,
Joey Sorce and Sara Vess.

Buford High School

Buford High Schools varsity cheerleaders, who finished fourth in the state
last year, hope to make it into the top
three this year.
For the past 10 years, it has been the
same top teams making it to the final
two, and this year, I want my girls to
break into that, said Bufords varsity
cheerleading coach Julie Thompson.
When I decided to take the time to
become coach, I promised myself that I
would take them far, Thompson said.
And thats just what shes been doing
the squad has competed in the state

championships the past nine years.

Bufords cheerleaders work hard from 9
a.m. to noon four days a week conditioning and doing boot camp workouts.
I believe in discipline, Thompson
Staying ahead of the game, Buford
cheerleaders had camps before the other
county schools and spent the rest of their
summer perfecting their style and presentation.
As they do back handsprings, front
handsprings, roundoffs and tucks as they
fly through the air, Thompson said shes
making sure everyone on her squad is
skilled in each new trick theyll be performing.
Thompson, who is on the State Board
Association of Cheerleaders, said this
year she is working on living up to the
new score sheet.
Buford cheer squad: Megan Beckman,
Savannah Beckham, Alexa Blackmon,
Alexis Blackmon, Alysa Blackmon, Chelsea Blackmon, Chloe Blackmon, Kirsten
Blackmon, Alexus Bryson, Emme
Burleson, Destiny Dickson, Haley
Faulkenberry, Tia Garrick, Aubree Holden, Lake Holden, Bethany Hott, Natalie
Howell, Gracie Killough, Madison Knight,
Madison Lloyd, Bailey Milhorn, Loni

Moser, Megan Oswald, Gabby Payne,

Alexis Rutledge, Kaylee Shelby, Baleigh
Snipes, Baylee Starnes, Victoria Stokes,
SaVanna Walters and Rillie Williams.

Andrew Jackson High School

In her first year of coaching, Andrew
Jackson High School varsity cheerleading
coach Rachel DeBruhl said she doesnt
have any complaints and believes that
everything will flow well this year.
I have such a passion for cheer, DeBruhl said. My team has the drive to be
better, their practices are stronger and
everyone has a common goal.
As she implements new ways to keep
the sisterhood intact, DeBruhl hopes Friday night fans see their spirit, hear their
roar and cheer back with them to root the
Andrew Jackson Volunteers to victory.
AJ cheer squad: Lori Blackmon, Jordan
Blanks, Taylor Boatwright, Kendijah
Brown, Talen Carter, Katelyn Clements,
Paris Clyburn, Annalee Dover, Addison
Gregory, Brianna Hicks, Ashleigh Hoke,
Jade Johnson, Morgan Johnson, Olivia
Johnson, Niyana Jones, LaKorie McIlwain, ShaQwala Miller, Karli Nunnery,
Savannah Pittman, Laurin Rae Polson,
ALexxus Sowell, Jessica Truesdale, Caitlyn White, Alexandria Williams and Payton Williams.