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Focusing on the little things, so we
don’t get run over by the big

Why Take A Moment for Safety? .

BP 8 Golden Safety Rules • • • • • • • • Permit to work Working at heights Energy Isolation Confined Space Entry Lifting Operations Vehicle safety Ground Disturbance Hot Work Each of these safety rules were written in blood .

Assume on every lift that something will FAIL! .

• • • • • • • PLEASE stay clear of the load! Is the lift covered in a Lift Plan and has the certification been checked Maintain good communication Conduct a walk around on each Plan your work! lift Work your plan! Inspect load for hidden hazards including the tops ( potential dropped objects) Inspect all rigging prior to lift (every lift) Clear area of ALL non-essential personnel Ensure all loads are secure .

You’ve Heard These All Before • • • • • • • • • • Line of fire Pinch points Trip Hazards Maintaining your escape routes Securing the Load Dropped objects 3 Points of Contact Maintaining Good Communication Red Zone Management “Stop The Job” “My job provides my paycheck. but safety brings me home” .

Thoughts? Little things can result in big consequence s .