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Castillo, Juliane Alexandra E

Grade 7 – Maalalahanin

Sex education, an internationally known issue, still remains to cause a melee to the
different worlds we know, either social, physical or emotional. Sex is a natural part of our life,
and we should not deny or cover-up the world of sex through the innocent minds of the children.
Therefore, sex education in elementary schools is very necessary for youngsters to acquire
information, form attitudes, beliefs and values about our identity, including the history and
processes of how we’re made; relationships and intimacy. Sex education also encompasses
sexual development, affection, body image and gender roles. In other words, it is about learning
how we grow, reproduce and change over the years. It also includes a positive view of sex and
the safety involved on sexuality. Talking about the importance of teaching sex education in
elementary especially Grade 3 students, I firmly believe that it should be implemented for the
best of our own lives.
According to Oakley et. al, sex education refers to the knowledge about sexual
reproduction, sexual intercourse, reproductive health, emotional relations, reproductive rights
and responsibilities, abstinence, contraceptives and other issues relating to human sexual
behavior. Through this, it helps young people to be more prepared for life changes such as
puberty, menopause and aging. Sex education can develop skills and self-esteem to help students
enter adolescence. And it would be okay for them if they have noticed any necessary changes in
their respective bodies.

Filipino teenagers give birth by more than 60% in the past ten years. but ignorant does”. In conclusion. .Causes of the disparity of sex education in elementary schools are now arising and alarming here in our country. Well. According to 2014 data of National Statistics Office. the third highest among our co-ASEAN countries. That. certainly makes us without doubt. This causes death to most of the girls doing the labor. This is to ensure the students that are our future generations will be well prepared to stand up against all the unexpected obstacles in their lives. “Education does not hurt. we must realize the importance of sex education being taught to Grade 3 students. and enough problems to put them in state of poverty. this is just one problem caused by lack of enough education of the children. After all.