Spiritual homeopathy combines the healing power of homeopathic medicine with a penetrating understanding of the subtle energy bodies in the Human Energy System. These bodies contain our life force, desires and aversions and the soul forces that determine our karma and destiny. They form the context in which we live our lives, either by being balanced and open to life or by being closed and contracted. The etheric body is the subtle body which contains the regenerative life principles that stimulate physical and emotional development; the astral body holds our spirit’s longings and desires and our mentality while the Egoic field showcases our individuality and sense of freedom which allows our soul to flourish. These subtle bodies, described by Dr. Rudolf Steiner in his Anthroposophical writings, can be considered pathways to healing and consciousness. When these bodies fail to thrive or grow appropriately pathology and imbalance harden into a crucible of limitation and restriction. By addressing healing from this deep level we balance to our genetic pre-disposition, known as miasms, and emotional blockages. This allows a gentle transformation to occur, which will eventually bring about balance and harmony so the system can be dynamic and vital again. It will need to be released of stress and toxins in the process of re-establishing balance. The best medium for this change is homeopathy. Homeopathy, developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Germany in 1800, offers the most conscious and effective way of shifting both our genetic pre-dispositions and emotional blockages in a permanent and productive way. Homeopathy helps us move on in our lives because it can penetrate deep into the core of dysfunction and what ails us. Homeopathy is the treatment of symptoms using the ancient principle of “like cures like” so that natural substances, which have a specific imprint on the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our being, can be used to help us decongest what is blocked and stagnant. These substances are made up into solutions of miniscule dilutions. They do not overpower the system but gently stimulates it to generate its own vitality and to strive for balance and health on all levels. It is through the direct application of these miniscule remedies that we redress what is disturbed in our physical, etheric, astral and egoic bodies. In recent years the healing properties of sound and color, transformed into homeopathic remedies, have been used to distress and unblock the human energy system. They have proved to be gentle, safe and effective in healing a variety of pathology, as well as emotional and mental problems.

Each one of the subtle bodies resonates with and is especially attuned to personal archetypes of empowerment, responsibility and vitality as well as to life issues and challenges. They resonate with the chakras, or energy centers, of the human energy system. Color and sound, as it happens, have a particular affinity to these centers. All charkas also have a “right of being” that corresponds to it. The Root chakra, located at the base of the spine, has a right to the life we say we want. It helps us become anchored in the earth forces that control cycles and rhythms and helps us move from a place of belonging and connection. It helps us to receive what is rightfully ours to experience in a way that allows us to assimilate what is nutritious and eliminate what is harmful. This occurs on all levels of being. When we do not possess a sense of this right to our own life then we lose our grounding, both psychologically and energetically, and lack confidence and authority about who we are and where we belong. The right of the Sacral Chakra, which is located below the navel in the area of the pelvis, is our right to pleasure and abundance. When we deny ourselves ease and pleasure, abundance and prosperity we operate in a paradyne of lack and limitation. Whether we experience guilt or a sense of unworthiness we are not claiming our right to that which matches the abundance and creativity of the universe. The right of the Solar Plexus Chakra, located below the sternum, in the area of the stomach, is the right to our own power. This means that we know we are worthy of what we say we want, and we have sufficient self esteem to generate confidence and personal power. The right of the Heart Chakra is the right to give and receive love. Many people only experience love as a giving out without cultivating the capacity to receive. When we allow love to enter into our lives we calm the heart and stabilize our emotions. The right of the Throat Chakra is our right to self expression. When we express our truth, both our personal truth and the higher truth of God we open a channel for healing to happen in our life. Suppressing self expression creates tension and pathology. The right of the Brow Chakra is our right to our own thoughts. Freedom to think intuitively is essential for a strong spirit. Discernment, knowledge, intuition and imagination foster wisdom from which we make sense of the pain, loss, separation and traumas of our life. The right of the Crown Chakra is the right to our indelible connection with the Creator. Without a sense of this eternal connection we give over our spiritual will to others to define what and who we are as spirit.

By giving the right homeopathic color or sound remedy we can help the chakras stabilize. For the Root Chakra we use red for a person who does not experience the right to their own life. It has been used successfully after divorce, illness, separation and loss. Each chakra resonates with a color that brings these rights into focus and clarity. Sound remedies bring balance to the astral forces where our desires and longings can take sway over our lives and cause us to avoid fulfilling our destiny in life. This work is now being taught in weekend seminars for those who wish to see if this work is of interest to them, and in two year training programs that invite serious study and development of practical clinical skills. The Homeopathic Color Remedies These remedies were developed in 1990 in the north of England by the author. They correspond to the energy centers in the human energy system known as chakras. The chakras are vortices of energy connected to the etheric forces of the subtle bodies which exist in the auric field of a person, animal of plant. They relate to all life matter. Each chakra nourishes a particular center that, in turn, feeds energy into the ductless glands of the physical body. The physical body is the repository of energy that comes up from the earth and down from the cosmos. The earth forces are the magnetic forces that work to ground and anchor us physically, emotionally and mentally into life. They pull us down and stabilize us. The cosmic forces lift our spirit up. They have sway over our mind and emotions. They work in conjunction with the earth forces to create a flow of energy that we use in our daily life to fulfill our tasks and live out our destiny. The homeopathic color remedies work at the level of the chakras to decongest, stimulate and tonify them. They come in three different potencies of 6x, 12c and 30c and in ten different colors. The colors relate to the chakra, the endocrine gland and the life issues of that center. By adding the potentized color the chakras find their balance and encourage healing. How are the color remedies made? Homeopathic color remedies are made by taking pure water in glass tumblers and placing them in the sun. Auspicious days are chosen such as the winter solstice and

summer solstice, days of maximum and minimum light on which to make these remedies. The tumblers are placed in a quiet place without much commotion and colored theatrical gels or colored silks are placed on top of and around the glasses. The glasses are placed on small mirrors to maximize the color vibrating in the glass. The glasses are left in the day light for approximately four hours. The solution is fixed with alcohol and then potentized in the homeopathic fashion in one drop of solution to ten drops of alcohol for each dilution. Remedies are standardized in 6x, 12c and 30c potency and have been made at Helios Pharmacy in Tumbridge Wells, Kent, UK. Homeopathic “provings” A proving means that the remedies are tested out on people who are relatively healthy. Their case is taken by a homeopath and thoroughly reviewed for chronic and acute conditions, emotional states of mind and current activity level and stress. A single dose of the remedy is then given to the individual who is the prover and all sensations, feelings, activities and reactions are dully noted by the homeopath for up to three weeks. Provings of the homeopathic color remedies have revealed the interesting way that potentized colored light works on the human energy system. How to use the remedies and warnings These remedies are meant to be used in a homeopathic fashion, meaning less is more. Use them to gently stimulate the system. They are not vitamins or supplements. If you have a serious medical condition, please see your doctor immediately. These remedies, though they can be a powerful healing tool, do not heal pathology. They only stimulate the energy system.

Homeopathic Color Remedies: their Chakras and Qualities

The first color in the homeopathic color remedies is RED. It is the densest of all colors. It has the longest wavelength and lowest energy level of all the visible colors. It is the first color the human eye sees and is often associated with passion, violence, life force, danger and vitality. We use it for grounding and rooting in to life. Red is the color of life. It is used in the homeopathic color remedies to help anchor the spirit in the physical plane. Whenever a person goes through life changes that take them away from their safety zone, or level of accustomed comfort this color grounds them soundly in their experience. Red is a color that has density and gravity. It works well when people are recovering from long term or acute illness, surgery, life change such as divorce, deaths of loved ones, shocks, traumas or house or job moves. Chakra: The Root Chakra: The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. It nourishes the adrenal cortex of the kidneys, which contains the fight or flight function of the kidneys. It deals with life challenges that focus on survival, community and family. Whenever we fall into the Victim archetype we lose our ground of being. Constellating the Mother archetype, learning to be our own good parent, sustaining a positive outlook to whatever our situation is, comes from a strong Root chakra. The qualities of the Root Chakra are: Patience, Security, Stability, Structure, Order and the Ability to make our dreams manifest into reality. . Mentals: ( 30c) This is a good remedy for people who are recovering from illness, going through a life change, or coming out of a serious shock. It is suited to spiritually involved people who do not live or think in a practical, rhythmic manner, people who are very detached from reality. It helps the dreamers, and indolent to refocus their attention on the world around them. Contraindications: This remedy is not to be used where there is suppressed rage or anxiety. Physicals: ( 6x, 12c)This remedy can raise blood pressure and is good for weak , lifeless people who are exhausted, have poor circulation, are constipated, have piles, or varicose veins, rectal or urinary problems, are going into childbirth, are anemic, weak, slow to recuperate or immuno-deficient. Contraindications: This remedy is not to be used for people with high blood pressure or who are violent or aggressive by nature. Do not repeat often and keep the potency below 30c.

General Symptoms: Red addresses a lack of connection with physical life. It works well for people who feel they are disconnected from family, community, and tribe. It brings one back to life with a greater certainty about one’s purpose and place. It helps foster patience to let one’s good unfold, it can be used for deep depression, even suicidal tendencies. Contraindications: Do not give to people who have a history of violence. Consult a doctor for physical and mental conditions that may need treatment.

This color works to enliven, rejuvenate and heal. It is the color of youth and vitality. We can tap into its energy whenever we eat food that is orange, such as squash, citrus, carrots. This food carries the vibration of the color and feeds the energy center that has to do with movement, emotions, and well being. The homeopathic color remedy orange is used to revivify and revitalize worn down and exhausted systems. It focuses on the life energy systems of the body and supplies energy to the sexual organs which create life. Orange is a stimulating color that offers excitement and joy as part of its components. When we need a lift this is the color to use to raise our spirits and move us forward. Chakra: The Sacral Chakra is governed by the color orange. It stimulates this vital center located two inches below the navel and two inches inside the body. It brings healing energy, vitality and warmth to the lower abdomen. It deals with the issues of ease, well being, abundance and acceptance. Whenever we are not connected with the truth of this center we fall into the Martyr archetype where we become too strict and punishing, leaching sweetness out of our lives. When we find balance we embody the Empress or Emperor archetype. This archetype has a proportionate sense of balance and sweetness in its life which makes them joyful and easy to be around. The qualities of the Sacral Chakra are: physical well being, self acceptance, ease and pleasure, and abundance. Mentals: This is a remedy suited for anyone lacking a sense of personal well being. It offers people who have a negative attitude towards their bodies and sexuality an opportunity to open up and develop a healthy degree of self acceptance. It brings a real sense of pleasure and stimulates an appetite for life. It can also stimulate a sense of creativity, playfulness and fun. Contraindications: Orange is not to be used by people who are persistently restless or anxious, nor should it be used at night. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your doctor.

Physicals: Orange is a remedy that can be used for bowel problems, infertility, period irregularities, slow onset of menstruation, anorexia, appetite disorders, when people have little or no appetite or are having food cravings. It is good for post viral infections, auto-immune deficiency disease and the after effects of shock or trauma. If you have any of these conditions please consult your doctor. Contraindications: It should not be used by people who have an excess of rage or anger. It is not suited to someone with an abundance of energy or who have trouble resting or finding a quiet space. It can over-stimulate their vitality and lead to restlessness. Consult your doctor if you have a serious condition before attempting this treatment. General Symptoms: This is a color that can be used to boost the immune system by repeated use for several weeks in a medium or low potency. It has helped people to regain their energy when they have been stressed or exhausted. Contraindications: Do not give to people who are overly stimulated or who have a serious medical condition and are on medication.

Yellow is the color with the brightest light. It is associated with the sun and with the metal gold, the object in physical reality which shines the brightest. It is a diffuse energy and can create confusion because it has no boundaries. People can become disoriented when in the presence of too much light. It is the color associated with personal power and triumph. It is linked to worth and value. Yellow lightens a dark mood or a dark day. It can generate feelings of euphoria after the heaviness of red of the energy buzz of orange. It is associated with the element of fire that aids digestion and assimilation. It is interesting that yellow foods all are important to digestion such as lemon, grapefruit and corn. If you have a serious medical condition, consult your doctor before taking these remedies. Chakra: The Solar Plexus: This chakra is located in the nerve ganglions between the stomach and the sternum. It is a center that revolves around our sense of personal identity and issues of personal power and worth. When people acknowledge their self worth they begin to negotiate in the world as a Warrior archetype and no longer fall into the Servant archetype. They take personal responsibility for how they want their lives to unfold and are no longer at the mercy of how and what others dictate. The qualities of the Solar Plexus chakra are: self worth, self esteem, confidence, personal power, and freedom of choice. Mentals: Yellow is the color of gut responses, or lower intelligence. This color can stimulate the mind to be clear and focused. It charges the gut responses and

carries this impulse into the higher mind to be analyzed and thought over. Yellow can help increase the memory and thinking processes, and provide a rich potential for clarity and effectiveness. Contraindication: Too much yellow can cause a dissociated feeling from an over expansive mind. Physicals: Yellow relates to the organs of digestion and can help with physical problems of breaking down food content. If the liver or gallbladder is weak this color can add additional strength. If there is chronic weakness from any form of liver disease, or gallbladder problems this color can tonify the area with energy and vitality. It is an excellent remedy for acid stomach, Celiac disease, which is the inability to breakdown gluten, and can be used concurrently with other remedies. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your doctor before using this treatment. Contraindications: Yellow should be used as an astringent and a decongestant. It should be used in daytime only as it can cause sleep disturbance by bringing too much energy into the system. General Symptoms: Yellow is a color that can be used by anyone with lack of confidence, problems with self worth or personal identity. It is well suited to people who give their life force over to others for their approval or affection. Yellow strengthens the egoic forces and stimulates confidence and encourages personal empowerment. Contraindications: This remedy should not be used by people who are overly confident or have an excessively developed ego. It should not be used at night.

This is the color of balance. It is neither hot nor cold, but neutral in the realm of visible color. It is the most prevalent color in nature and soothes and comforts us when we are tired and weary. It relates to our emotional balance and the healing power of nature. It is the easiest color for the eye to see. The lens of the eye focuses green light almost exactly on the retina. It is a tonic for the eye, which explains why eye shades and sunglasses are in this color. Medieval engravers used green Beryl to contemplate on and relax their eyes after the intensity of their work. Green is a natural detoxifier and helps drain the body of toxins. It acts as a diuretic for congestion, particularly to the heart. It is also the color associated with decay. There is duplicity to this color. On the one hand it is the color of life and also the color of decay. Its dual nature is linked to its ability to fit both the top and bottom part of the visible spectrum. Do not take this remedy without consulting your doctor if you have a serious medical problem.

The Chakra: The Heart Chakra: This is the center of the human energy system. Its emotional component, love, is the center of our life. It is concerned with all aspects of love and joy. It works on two levels, just as the color itself does. On one level it is the heart protector which acts as a shield against the negative and hurtful. It relates on a physical level to the Pericardium. On the second level this shield protects the purity and innocence of the human heart from exposure to harsh or unloving experiences. The heart protector provides a shelter for the heart itself and sustains the core of our being from hurt or abuse. Its positive archetype is the Lover, the person who loves life and others unconditionally. Its negative archetype is the Actor or Actress, who loves only through imitation and makes love a conditional experience. The qualities of the Heart Chakra are: love, joy, peace, sister and brotherhood, and unity. Mentals: Green is the color for those who suffer from nervous tension. It is good for those who are highly strung and hysterical. It is has the ability to soothe shattered nerves, and helps create a more balanced nervous system so that clear thinking can occur. It provides a stronger sense of happiness and inner harmony. Contraindications: It is not to be given to indolent people who need their energy. It is not indicated for night use because it acts as a diuretic and can keep people up running to the toilet. Do not take this remedy if you have a serious medical condition. Please consult your doctor before taking this remedy. Physicals: Green has been used successfully to drain excess fluid from the body. Where there is edema, inflammation, or congestion, this color removes toxic fluids that cause stagnation. It has been used for PMS when women become engorged and retain fluids. It has helped with lumpy breasts and eased pain in the left breast. It has been used along with heart remedies, for congestive heart failure to tonify the heart and stop fluid from building up around the heart. The relief is quick but not long lasting. It has also been used for tired eyes and headaches where there is congestion. It can be used for inflammation of the breasts, testicles or soft tissue swelling. Contraindications: If there has been a serious loss of fluid from diarrhea, vomiting, or kidney failure green is not indicated. It should not be given at night. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your doctor before using this treatment. General Symptoms: Green has been used successfully for patients who lack stability and equilibrium in their emotional lives, who barely manage to cope with problems and when their resources are drained they are tired and

exhausted. It is good for people undergoing major life changes. It helps to restore emotional balance and provides an opportunity for detachment. Contraindications: It should not be given to people who need stimulation as it is more of a tranquiller and sedative than a stimulator. It is not to be given at night. TURQUOISE This is the color of creative expression. It is a mixture of green and indigo. It represents all forms of creativity, communication, truth and will power. It is the color associated with spiritual healing and values. It is associated with the veil of the Virgin Mary. Many cultures prize this color and value the stone by the same name. The color received its name from the turquoise blue seas around Turkey. Turquoise has the ability to soothe our nerves and relieve the body of physical pain. It works well for many conditions from tooth ache to sore throat. It can calm an inflamed earache and ease congestion in the sinuses. doctor before taking this remedy. Chakra: The Throat Chakra: This is the center for personal expression. It is related to our capacity to express our needs and be creative with our life energy. Matters of personal will power are affected by the strength of this chakra. Will allows us to strengthen our character and develop maturity and presence. This chakra is also meant to be the center of truth. This applies to how we express our truth as well as how we ingest it in terms of our consciousness and awareness. The Throat Chakra controls the sense of hearing and speaking. When we hear the truth it resonates in our being. When we speak the truth we open a channel for healing between ourselves and others. It s archetype is the Communicator, that person who expresses their truth to the best of their ability. The negative aspect of this color is represented by the archetype of the Silent Child, the person who suppresses their feelings and is afraid to say their truth. The qualities of this color are: integrity, communication, will, truth, both your personal truth and the higher truth, and creativity. Mentals: The mental symptoms associated with Turquoise all focus around our ability to hear and express the truth. People have resistance to saying what they think or feel and many opportunities for healing are lost because of fear of repercussions. This remedy can be used to heal closed minds with fixed ideas and when people have difficulties hearing what is being said to them.

Physicals: This remedy can bring healing to inflammation, particularly around the throat and gums. It has been used successfully to alleviate toothache. It can be used for mouth ulcers, ear infections, sore throats, and bronchial inflammations. It is good for treating obesity when the thyroid is under active and the patient has low energy, tires quickly and is apathetic. Contraindications: It is not recommended for people on medication or taking drugs. It would be best to wait for several weeks after taking medication to take this color remedy. General Symptoms: Wherever there is a problem with self expression and a need to stimulate communication skills this remedy works very well. It strengthens the Throat Chakra that may have been weakened by allopathic or recreational drugs, over or under eating, smoking or drinking. Any time the will needs to be engaged this color works to strengthen and fortify a person. Contraindications: This remedy is not a substitute for communication, but it helps to relieve tension in this sphere where it is blocked.

This color is cool and chilly. It represents the intellect and symbolizes emotional detachment. It influences the Pituitary gland, which stimulates grown and controls reproductive cycles in the body. It is the color of the higher mind and heals what is inflamed and impassioned. It acts as an anesthetic, and soothes and gives cooling relief from inflammation. It is the color that is most favored in the world for fashion and decoration. It is known as the color of discernment. It calms frayed nerves and anxious states. It is used to cleanse the psychic forces of the body. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your doctor before taking this remedy. Chakra: The Brow Chakra: This center is known as the control center in yoga. It is located between the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead. It functions as an antenna allowing us access to both inner truth and perceived awareness about people and situations. It controls many vital functions and is our conscious link to the life choices we make for ourselves. It helps us cultivate wisdom from the trials and sufferings of our lives, and find the good, the truth and the freedom we need to consciously evolve. The Brow chakra rules our ability to discern who and what are for our highest good. It s primary archetype is the Wise Person who is able to harness knowledge and make wholesome choices for their good and the good of those for whom they are responsible.

The negative archetype of this chakra is the Intellectual, the one who only wants the facts of the situation and avoids knowing their inner truth, or intuitive perception. The qualities of the Brow Chakra are: wisdom, discernment, knowledge, intuition and imagination. Mental; This color remedy is useful for those who need clarity and organization in their thinking. It helps the mind focus and elucidates matters which weigh on the mind. It is good for tired and overused minds, as it brings in other dimensions besides thinking into the choice process. Contraindications: It is not suited for people who analyze constantly, and who are always in their heads. It would only accentuate this. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your doctor before using this treatment. Physical: This remedy can lower blood pressure and act as a clamant. It can work as an anesthetic and help relieve pain. It acts as natural blood purification and can alleviate lymphatic congestion which causes inflammation. It is useful for swollen ankles, boils, carbuncles, skin irritations, and can soothe wounds. General Symptoms: Indigo homeopathic remedy is used for anxiety and fear states, or whenever the emotions run high. It cools, relaxes, and helps the emotions become detached. It is good for agitated emotional states. Contraindications: It is not good for depressed states and can make a person more depressed and dissociated from her /his feelings and body. Please do not take this remedy if you are depressed.

This color is associated with serenity, beauty and spirituality. It soothes calms and brings comfort, and on the physical plane it acts as a purifier and anesthetic. It is associated with the Pineal gland located at the top of the skull. Oriental teachers share a belief that this gland opens the Crown center, or the gateway to the spiritual realm. Violet is found in nature amongst the most delicate and beautiful flowers of spring and summer. It is sometimes disorienting to physical reality and can create a sensation of “otherworldliness” or disorientation. Chakra: The Crown Chakra: This center sits at the top of the head. It governs our communication with the spirit realm, and becomes strengthened with meditation, inner reflection and prayer. It governs our aesthetic sense and connects us with that place within ourselves where we find tranquility and serenity. When the Crown Chakra is impaired it affects our health by creating such problems as epilepsy, brain tumors, strokes and disjointed mental patterns. When there are physical

problems in this chakra there is often a problem with growth, maturity and development. The archetype that empowers this chakra is called The Guru. It is when we become our wise teacher and learn from our life experiences that we live in the Source, and the Source lives within us. The negative archetype is called the Egotist, and refers to the person who thinks they are responsible for everything that happens. There is no spiritual connection to a higher Source at all. The qualities of the Crown Chakra are: serenity, beauty and bliss. Mental: Violet gives a person a spiritual or higher outlook in life. It can ease our egotism and is useful when people struggle with personal growth issues. Contraindications: Use judiciously with people who do not have developed egos as it may make them uncertain and create instability. Physical: This color can be used to help with disorders such as alcoholism, epilepsy, and neurosis. It is good for stopping pains and can be used for menstrual cramps, headaches, and pain around the head, neck and shoulders. Contraindicated: It is not to be used by people who are too sensitive to life. It can make them feel uneasy or irritable. General Symptoms: Violet can be used to open up realms of spiritual understanding, ease the emotions, and bring the gift of peace and spiritual insight in to a person’s life. Violet can be emotional stability to violent minds and relief to neurotic states of anxiety and chronic worry. Contraindications: Use in limited dosage. Give the remedy and wait to see how it affects a person before repeating it. Be cautious with overly sensitive people.

This is the color of universal mother love. It is often the favorite of children and is a color associated with love of all sorts. It pertains to the purity and innocence of the human heart and helps our capacity to give and receive love. It refers to the rosiness and vitality of life. It is suggestive of what is sweet, good and vital in our relationships. It makes people feel good to be around pink. They find their problems are less acute, and they manage their problems better. Chakra: The Heart Chakra Pink is another aspect of the love energy which flows through the Heart Chakra. It helps us develop qualities of love and releases our pain, sorrow and grief at the same time. The Heart Chakra is fueled by love; it is its reason for functioning and our reason for living. We nourish the heart, both its physical and spiritual aspects, by cultivating a loving outlook and a lovely way of being in the world. Each time we come from

love we radiate that energy out into the world around us. People who love their lives, their work, their friends and relationships actually glow with the essence of love. They spread that goodness and teach us all to love ourselves, one another and the world around us. Mental: Pink can be used to add an emotional element to the harsh light of the mind. It offers sweetness and a refreshing quality to the hard edges of our lives. Physical: Pink can be used for heart problems and is excellent for reviving vitality without the aggression of red or orange. It can be used to help overcome shock, such as trauma, injury or grief. It is a general toner and helps people through difficult times of change when they feel tired, fed up or exhausted. It can be used for skin conditions which suggest a person may be somatizing feelings of rejection and feeling unloved. General Symptoms: Pink is a color associated with love. Whenever there is a hardening or an emotional closing down, the color can add softness and a gentle quality to a person’s life. It is good for heartache, loss and emotional suffering, especially in association with loss of motherly or feminine love. Contraindications: Pink is not only a woman’s remedy. It can be given to any sex, of any age, whenever there is loss of love or grief. When combined with orange it adds vitality and a sense of joy to any situation. MAGENTA This color represents the highest level of creativity and is associated with the realm of the collective unconscious. It is a mixture of red, green and violet, and encompasses the energy of the life force of red, the peace and harmony of green and the serenity of violet. It is a color that is used in healing to stimulate the adrenals, the heart and sexuality. It is said to strengthen the heart muscles and stabilize the heart’s rhythm. It is the color which helps people find their spiritual insight and realistically view their problems from an elevated perspective. Chakra: The Alta Major Chakra This chakra sits about one foot above the head. It relates to our link to the collective mind of humanity, both in its most powerful way and in its most negative. The Alta Major Chakra hold information about the past , in particularly past life karma, and the contractual agreements we made with our higher self and others before incarnating in this life time. This chakra is our telepathic link to all knowledge and activity and acts as a communication link which makes our ideas and thoughts interchangeable. It is the center higher truth. Mental: Great thinkers gravitate to this color. It awakens latent creativity, and at the same time stimulates the sexual realm. This energy can be transmuted

into creative expression through this color. It elevates the thinking towards the higher realms of awareness while maintaining a grounded and realistic approach to life. Physical: This is a good heart tonic. It is good for impotency, and is used for frigidity and low libido. Contraindications: Magenta should not be used on hysterical patients or anyone with a serious medical condition. General Symptoms: Magenta is given when there is lack of insight or when the emotions are too strongly engaged and an overview of the presenting problems is necessary. It suits people who have trouble envisioning a larger horizon. Contraindications: None. SPECTRUM This is a combination of all the colors in the homeopathic color remedy kit. It is the rainbow of colors and brings a multitude of energy and healing with it. It offers the stimulation, tonification and sedation that all the colors bring. It has a special affinity to auto-immune breakdown and helps revive tired, stressed out systems. It can be taken daily for many months to help recover from chronic illness or injury. It combines the energy of all the chakras. Mental: this remedy is good for reviving tired minds and is excellent for recovering one’s equilibrium after taxing work experiences, or stressful events where one would feel drained and empty. Physical: This remedy has been used to boost energy in many different disease states. It has helped in pregnancy, labor, and post partum care. It is given for any degenerative disease state and helped people with immunosuppressive diseases have more vitality at their command. Anyone with a long term chronic disease, where severe pathology exists, feels better from taking this remedy. General Symptoms: This remedy is useful for people who suffer from nervous exhaustion and emotional upset. It is a remedy that offers relief. It helps people handle change and trauma in their lives. Contraindications: Because of the stimulating colors it may be best to take this remedy in the morning or during day light.

Root Chakra
To what extent do you: Understand your genetic predisposition and genetic inheritance? Have healthy models for living creatively and wholesomely? Believe in the right to living your own life? Live the life you want to live? Experience challenges patiently? Organize your life? Remain stable during change? Feel secure with life? Take care of yourself when under stress? Give your energy to others in return for security or approval? Act like a Victim when life does not go your way? On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest rating and one being the lowest how would you evaluate yourself for having developed the following qualities? Patience A structure that supports you being the best you can be. Stability Security The ability to manifest your dreams in reality Establish order in your life. What qualities would you like to cultivate to enhance your Root chakra? Trust Hope Cunning Tenacity Perseverance

Sacral Chakra
To what extent are you: Deserving of good things in your life? Happy to receive the abundance that is rightfully yours? Find pleasure in life? Take time to look after your physical well being? Take care of your health?

Enjoy free time and holidays? Rest enough ? Do creative things that you enjoy? Regard your sexuality as important in your life? Act like a Martyr and forgo your happiness and pleasure? On a scale from one to ten , ten being the highest, how would you evaluate these aspects of your life? Well being Deservability Pleasure Abundance Which of these qualities would you care to cultivate to develop your Sacral Chakra? Physical movement: Dance, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, walking, jogging, rowing, swimming. Self entitlement Ease Fun Prosperity Sexuality Sensuality

Solar Plexus Chakra
To what extent do you: Link your self worth to what you have and what you do? Believe you are worthy of what you say you want? Believe that you are worthy simply because you exist? Know who you really are? Honor yourself? Feel confident about your ability to be yourself, make wholesome choices and live independently? Value your freedom to choose? Fight for what you believe is yours? Standup to authority? Know you are worthy of love, kindness and respect? Act like a servant to please others? On a scale from one to ten, ten being the highest, how would you evaluate the following qualities and attributes in your life? A sense of direction, knowing where you are going and what you want from your life?

A belief that you can have what you want? A sense that you are worthwhile and deserving of good things? Entitled to acknowledgement for the things you do for others? Feel you are a free agent to determine what you want in your life? Confident that you can achieve what you believe in? Are proud of things you've achieved in your past? Which of the following qualities would you like to cultivate in your life now? Self worth Self esteem Confidence Personal power The ability to manipulate others Have people respond to your demands Pick and chose freely who and what are for your good.

Heart Chakra
To what extent do you: Love who you are? Search for peace in your life? Love others unconditionally? Love yourself unconditionally? Allow love to be the guiding factor in your life? Receive the love that is available to you from the world around you? Give your love to others? Feel a sense of unity with others, your community, and the planet? Experience a sense of brotherhood with people around you? Give your love if others do what you want them to? On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, how would you evaluate the following aspects of your life? Are you at peace with yourself and those around you? Do you harbor resentment for the way others have treated you in the past? Feel that you will never find the love you seek? Feel you have the love you seek? Feel safe and secure in your personal relationships? Feel love for those who are and have been a part of your life? Feel connected to the world around you? Which of the following qualities would you wish to cultivate? Unconditional love

The ability to feel united with all of life. The sense that peace is a powerful force for good in the world and in your life. An ability to love and be loved in return.

Throat Chakra
To what extent do you: Express your truth? Tune into your higher truth about a situation or other people? Listen to your inner guidance? Express your creative nature? Value integrity? Speak honestly and openly about what is important to you? Discipline yourself and use your will? Abuse yourself with tobacco, recreational drugs, allopathic medicine, over or under eating? Gossip and malign others? Fail to speak up when you are unhappy or hurt? On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, which of the following attributes would you like to cultivate? Gentleness Tenderness Passion Unity Brotherhood Peace Joy Unconditional love

Brow Chakra
To what extent do you: Seek wisdom from pain, separation, trauma or loss? Trust your intuition to give you good guidance? Want to learn about new things that can help you grow? Use your imagination to see what you want to create in your future? Discern who and what is for your highest good? Revert to your left brain, factual side in accessing truth? See the realm of possibilities before you?

On a scale from one to ten, ten being the highest, which of the following have developed in your life? An ability to discern who and what are for your highest good. A sense that your intuition is one of your greatest assets. A powerful imagination and sense of desire to see your future unfold as you imagine it to be. The desire to find wisdom in the painful situations of your life. To seek knowledge, rather than information, for your inner development. Which of the following qualities would you like to develop? Intuition Wisdom Discernment Imagination Knowledge

Crown Chakra
To what extent do you: See beauty in all things? Find what is tranquil and serene rather than fractious and disturbing? Make a daily and regular connection with Source? Find the spiritual truth in the situations you find yourself? Re-enforce your connection with Spirit? Do you know the oneness of all life? Bring healing into your life? On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, what qualities are essential for your spiritual development? Peace Unity Bliss Serenity Acceptance Trust Faith Which of the following matters the most to you: Spiritual attainment Oneness with your fellow men Connection with the spirit realm Psychic ability to know the future

Where Did the Color Remedies Originate? The individual colors of the light spectrum were potentized by Ambika Wauters during the Winter Solstice of 1989 in northern England. The second, more formal, proving of the colors were done in 1992 at Helios Pharmacy in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England. Those same remedies are available today to professional homeopaths as well as lay practitioners. Ambika suggests that they are similar to flower essences and tissue salts as they work to rebalance energy states.

THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HOMEOPATHIC COLOR AND ASTROLOGY By Ambika Wauters, R. S. HOM, UK, director of The School of Spiritual Homeopathy, Tucson, Arizona, USA Astrology offers us a real understanding of the rhythms and cycles of life. We can experience the workings of the cosmos through our energy centers, or chakras. When we are in the midst of a Saturn or Uranus return or Mercury retrograde we become aware of irritation, grief, fear and negative patterns that limit our life. Our attitudes about ourselves and others emerge during challenges and they beg to be harvested from our consciousness so that we can move forward in life freely and lovingly. Healing these limitations with color vibrations is both healing and effective. The homeopathic color remedies consist of ten color remedies, proven and administered in clinical trails, over the last 15 years. They redress imbalance in the Human Energy System by stimulating the etheric field in which the chakras, or energy centers, are held. They are energy at its purest. The colors that have been made into remedies are: red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo blue, violet, pink, magenta and spectrum (all colors). Each chakra resonates with a planet. We know that Saturn affects the Root Chakra. Whenever we change home, have issues of belonging in community, tribe or family we know Saturn is working in our energy field, clearing away what is in the way of our fulfilling our destiny. When Saturn is inauspicious in our chart we will be too grounded in duty and sacrifice. When it is not strongly aspected enough we may be flighty and ungrounded. We can see, for instance, that Saturn’s recent two and a half year cycle through the sign of Cancer, may have brought up issues around housing or home, where we belong and where we can best thrive. Using homeopathic red, which resonates with the Root Chakra and with Saturn, helps anchor us in life and lets us know we are entitled to the life we say we want. It supports us to fully live our life. The planet Jupiter rules the Sacral Chakra. This is the planet of expansion and growth. When the Sacral Chakra is constricted and tight, or when pleasure and abundance, well being and self acceptance are limited we need to see where Jupiter sits in our solar chart. Using the color orange, which resonates with this chakra and planet, will help it expand and stabilize in a positive way. The Sun and Mars rule the Solar Plexus. They represent levels of personal identity and a level of aggression that helps us go after what we want in our life. Yellow is the color for this chakra and represents solar energy. It is the

homeopathic color remedy which will expand our sense of who we are in life and let our light shine brightly. When we are challenged and our Selfhood is diminished a dose of this remedy strengthens and revitalizes us. It helps the sun to shine in our inner world. Green is the color that rules the Heart Chakra, along with the planet Venus and the Sun. This color brings healing when we are tired, over-stressed and unsure about love. Pink also resonates with this center and provides a quality of gentle, loving warmth that nourishes the heart. When we are in the midst of a Saturn or Uranus return, or the planets are inauspicious because of some conjunction, these colors deeply affect our sense of well being and give us peace and joy. Mercury rules the Throat Chakra and our personal expression. During a Mercury Retrograde when communication systems crash around us and simple things become complex and mismanaged homeopathic Turquoise helps support the integrity of this chakra and the influence of Mercury. It supports us expressing our truth, both our personal truth and the Higher Truth, and using our will in a positive way to see things through. The Brow Chakra is ruled by the Moon. Every two and a half days the Moon changes signs. When we need clarity of thought and vision for our lives Indigo Blue resonates with this chakra and soothes the power of the moon’s forces on our consciousness. We are learning that eclipses create severe mental stress for people, who are dependent on its energy to stay focused and clear. When the moon becomes full many people become too highly charged with its volatile energy. A dose of Indigo homeopathic color helps stabilize this center during these times. The highest chakra, the Crown, resonates with violet. It does not correspond to a planet but opens up a consciousness to the entire cosmos itself. It works on the divine principles of spirit that transcend the zodiac. Cultivating an awareness of this center offers bedrock in spirituality that goes beyond the turning of the planets. It provides a sense of oneness with all life and awareness in the transience of even the furthest stars. Ambika Wauters, R. S. Hom, UK, www.lifeenergymedicine.com, via email at:

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