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Classe de Mme Schultchen

Projet en famille
Mars 2016
2ime anne

La Moufle
- Listen to the story online at
- Read the book provided in your childs family project package as a
family. You can read along with the audio recording above if necessary.
- Talk about the characters, the settings, the order of the events, and
the problem that occurs at the end. Try to be as specific as possible
using the words and phrases in the book.
- Have your child read the story silently before continuing onto the
other activities.
***Please re-read the story as often as youd like throughout this project. Rereading is an excellent strategy that especially helps students gain fluidity when
reading aloud, and understanding of technical vocabulary when reading alone.
- Practice reading and spelling the names of the
different animals using the spelling sheets.
Re-write the word in lowercase letters and
cursive. Use the vocabulary cards to double
check letter formation and spelling.

- Sort the characters by texture using the cards and sheet
provided. Use these words when retelling the story later on.

- Use the sheets and cards provided
to chronologically order the
events of the story.

- Cut out the characters and the mitten.
- Glue each character to a popsicle stick to make puppets.
- Ask your child to re-tell the story to you using the puppets.
- Make sure your child can identify the characters, the setting, the
order in which the animals enter the mitten, and
the problem that occurs at the end.
- Talk about how there isnt really a solution or
end to this story. Guess what would happen next.
- Make another puppet or prop if necessary.
- Your child should return to school with the puppets and any other
necessary supplies to retell the story aloud to the class. Students
should include their invented ending in their storytelling presentation.

Name: ____________________
Date: _____________________

I can
learn to
do this.

I can do
this with
help from

I can do
this with
help from

I can do

I can retell the story by naming the characters and the setting.
I can retell the problem of the story.
I can introduce the animals in the right order.
I can use props or visuals to help me tell the story.
I can use different sounds and noises to retell a story.
I can turn towards to the audience or people I am talking to.
I can speak loud enough to hear at the back of the carpet.
I can pronounce all my words clearly and properly.
I can retell the story for at least 3 minutes.
I can answer 5 questions about my story in complete sentences.
I can invent a new ending to the story.
I can follow the instructions of the assignment.

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