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.IS ,~~CI'Si;lf(f REV. '!'2006

T~ :.is-4A ..;t.iil J~r .sh.e8"~ ~ too i~fa!#jal~ C;l)n::i~rnBd ~erein n~ilhei'~~ oor .~uppiemtiM ~'NIII'f!] .~ St\l1OCB or ~~_ or' a~ ,p~~f~ as reQ!f,ire(II:l~ laiN, e~ep"l.as pro..~ct t.)' IM3I rules ar~. Thl'S','Onn, ~eq W'1Iie ~18r 'C-<)lfl1!rl!!n~ CI !lie 'Uni~ SI$I!~.~~~mbef 1974,i~ f~UIr(e!J Iei!' ~M 01 iheClei'X 01' Cool!' rOt' E~ PUfppSe Pi'

I.nltiMing IhB cilliil a~..ilt Sfm!I. . ,-.


DQIW J~ & Co~ny;.inc..

DEFENOf.INTS: £:Ine-nog.Cflm.,lnc-.

APitz· 0 nno.

ATIORNEV$ (FIR ';t NAME; I\D~ESS"ANIJ:TEL.EF.HQNE NlJ'ilBER) Pattwson8eI~..oaP 'rNebtl&.1'yler I.LP

1133 l!:';,l\c'"lIe of 1hll"'U'l'll!;rl"(~ilS

New: Yci1l;, New York 100H

::z12":3J6..Zoo~i .


("00 reorerrs JURIOO~ONA!. SfAT!.flES iJ~S O\I\Ie~::IITV,

DDw J.iOlIes>Seek:5l'elklf ,lIl11de.r !-7.U.S.G... §§,~01·a.nd i$Q1 eu&!q., t'or. Brieflilil'.l;om'S. unlaWful and! IInall.thQ~ CQ.pyllig aM ~i8Vt:blldOn of'Dow JiOnn,' eQ>pJi'\'ght~ works; llfi;cie,rt 7: U.S.C,;·§ 1201 e(' Jeq .. ,f~1" eriefillg).ClQm~!j gnla"Wfl,li ii'illt(j una\l1horlzed ~ltemtioii aMI.".. re!nIC,vill 0; copyriglit nlaJri!¥gemllnt It'II,~iO.!l from Dow J,OIl:"' ",pyrtghl.lld Wiort\$; .md undif,r ~~. law '~1. Bri:eilng,CQm'!j, UII~ misawropriatiMl.j)f IWtIKlWS ail." b~t'I O'f. CXlnU~ or, attematil'ljOlltj; 'klI'IiOIJ$ litleif.M!t',m::o wUII_ ,aJ (;Qnllr,actWi!li l'!IlIiaIiOO5h'p'_



il110 mUfWlCE [1(20~

r ]1;]0 MIL·LEfUoiC-T r ! 1<40. NF.'OOT~E


J: I J50. FliEa~OF OIIiiEIiIF>A.'I't!iIlNT.& I5NFoo.cEMEt,1T OF ';.II.J:O{;MEN:r

[ ! l~, ~1C.i'IRE p,r;l r,rl5:2'~EIiI""'Ol'.


I ,lIs:} REOo\ii;RX Of 0\'mP.AYI!1EmQf' vETEF!AJ\I'S. ~HE~IfS · [ J 'I\'iO 6WCKHOL(J!;;:IiIS SUITS

[ ]' ISO. OTtiEiFt CO!fF.ll'.ACr

· [ l1$\; CONtRACT P;RQPUCl ,1,~1.m"

· [ 1 ;9HFi'ANt;HrS~



I: p'W AiiIli~E ! 1 ElKl' PEFi$otu..L mg_T' -

t 13:15 ilJRP~l: MQOuCr MW MAlM.AcnCE

- UI(DILIlY' I l~' 'PEil~AJ. IN~tlR¥

I I;l-2D . .M;SAU~ T,'LIBEl is. PROOOCT' lu..~LIIY

.~U!MJEiR [ J.:tal ,Ma.ES'W~ P,ER.8ONAL

I, l~ FEOO!ilAt.. . II\IJI..!R:Yl'fI:.fJD\icr .

EMPlQvERS' LiA'tIllm'

LIAIliIl.J1Y I 1340 ~RINE.

113,15 ~tAftlNe P'RQDIJCT llABU!'y. ('j'3MMOT9l"I ~j.~E


l.laM t)!M:R. PERSQ1<I),~

. 1t.lNRi'f.

PiI!!lSOftAL PROl~TI' I. ] :!<i'O, OffER fRALm

I 1 Jj1' :mL:.ITI-I I!oII.e!'JOIliQ II aoo 01lfER P'EROONN.

"ROP~RT'i' OA.J'!,1AG.E: 1.1 aes j>RQf'E.Rrt I}.O;PM/;?l;'

- PRpo!JGT ~li\SILIrv

1lffl~~ER'I"ETI"TicmS 1151,,' MOTiONSTOVA-OA'fE 3EH'r"!;~

:20 U',sC 2.Z~

I j"s3il !>WIEi\S OORPUS-

I ] sas llEA,i; P\ENA!..lY IIWJ~&or.IER I ]_5~' QI\!!l_ RI~

f lOi5i5 i>RI~ CQNOillON

[ ]6;0 MlRiCOl.I1JRE t l~ 11'00011 DRUG_ [ J~;:; DF:!JGH~Ev..TEO

SErn;ru:OF PRO~ItN <li uaca£l1

I' I ~ LilQUOR LAW:;> l l;;.tll RR ~"liWCK I I.W) ~INE REG , j' 1560 ocCtJP'ATlO .'~ . :

. $:PS':~'iFYJ1i"IEALTH . j 161iO ODlElit

[ l ~ NA,.lJAA.LLYi,IOiN AAPLICAllmi

r 1 ~6·3 H. .... DEAA COlilP1J.liA.l.1~f.!QI£T"E.

i ,465 OrnER M'!.4!GFtATtON ·ACTIP.NS


.UI'Wi·Il:,F_RG..P_.~ .


1;:-80, STATE~' .

DEr.4i\NO!'!Oi1 1m mao S§OCl"OOO .. OO ··OTH.ER Iril!JJ!.1tjw.rElIiBif JUOOE ~ OOC~ NUM8ER_~ __




.' 'Ii t.."'. \;:".. ;;;. ...

R b IT P LB" ~ r4.lii.:l .it ~ .~" ~: ',~1.; ~ ~ . ,: ),t· :/'.

one ,.,oue ~joo' , ..... '¥'.. trtl:~~' .• t: ~,"~. t!. Y'!'

Alicia: A, lIDlbe

PATIERSON BELKNA:P WEBB & TYLERLLP '1133 AveQ,ue·o:fth.e·.A:tn~riCl;l8.

New YorK,· NY '10036-67(0 .

TeJe:phcme: (212) 336~2000 Fax: (212) 336-2212 rplobue@.pblNt.com a4l11be@pbwt.«;lOm AJtornqs for Dow Jones & Company, 11k ..


... , • .., • , ... - '., ,. ,- - , .... - ,. - , •• - ..... "" .... """ "" ... '""' .'"" ;.. .- ... ,- ..... ~~""lI' '!!!' ,!iii' iii :x,



Index. No. 10 Civ.


~ .






~rlaintiff Dow Jones &. Com.pan~.:inc.~ .('~Dow Jones"), b~ .and .throu~tb: itsatt(lme'ys~ Panerson .. Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP. -Cor irs complainta~nst "Defendant: Briefing.com, Inc. C'Bri~fl.ng .. com"), alleges as follows;


r.. >;;;...

..,. . ~

t s- .'

Dow Jones has a ]o:ng and distinguished hlstor,r of reporting "-'ws· a~;

~ ~...: ..': 1



business.-infonn;at£o:n; Tedo so with a:Cc'Urac:y~ speed andauJ:hQrLty, 1:(' dedicates co~ide~"1ile' ,: ~.~>:.

. .._. ...)

resources to illves:tigatin,g. reporting and publishing news in a tirnelymanner to tnilliQfif:;Qf :;V

. . ~ ~

.paying subscribers. and customers around the world.

2. There are·.othe1:"entit~eiS,. including the defendant inthisactien, which




. ins,tead. 'ba..~ their.business model substantially on iheeatIy and systematictakin,g ofth~ preprletary centerrt puhlished.· bymedia otganiu.thj.nslik:eDow J0nes.\VhiLe tlio~ "COmpanies. might denveseme centent f-rom thejr ownlegitimate.news-gathering operations, they also. unfaidy fide fer free ·Of.!: the backs of,o'lilers. By instantaneously cutting and. Pasting into their

. own products the: reports (If news.evenrs uncovered and- veri.fled by other flewS .. outlets 21.-1- significa~t investment and expense, they offer a pirated psodnct at a cheaper" cost

3. To combat; this unauth.Qrized ftee--ridln.g~ andto preserve the strength and

viability:of i.t~ intellectual property 304 ne~gathedng-efforts, Dow Jones Is seeldngr.e~ief thro.ugh c.opyright. contract &:1d: hoi. news misapp.rcpri.a.tian·cJaiJns; The' miSappropriation of, news and other content not only devalues-news :products" it alsotbreatens tbe very economic sttu¢t.ure '(J,pon'whic:hjournalistjc enterpris.es 00':* as Dow Jones are blliltand_ oll·which its customers depend.


4: This is.an aetton for: (t) cOIYyright infringement in. violation of l7 U.s.C.

_§§ HH and .50l et seq.; (2) im,proper removal·or.alt~r~ion of,copyright managemenLinfomtatian in violation_ oflhe Digital ~1.ineW:lium Copyright Act ("DMCA'1~ 17 U.S.C. § ]201 etseq.; (3) mi sappropriatlon of hot news; and "(4) br-each of contract or~_'il:lte:rnali'Veiy ~ tortious interferen.Ce with a contractual relationship.

S.DPw Jones Is a widelY,:,kn9WR. and respected publi~her.of business news and informa:t~on. 'It provides news and inform.a,tionlmO'!.'l.gh its newswires, ~ooites, i1eWspape..ls~ newsletters, database» and magazines. as weU as through radioand television. Dow JCines.is-abie -to collect and provide accusate; compi:ebei:l~ve-. and timely news and business information to its mH1iqns of'wcrld-wide eustemers through t;hesJ._gJ1l'fi.cant e:ffo-rt!ofitsjoumalisls. :and its


J9! 1713"'11".1

'SlJ:bS~lj~] lrnre.s~men:ts in its. wod'dil>Vide·Jauma:Hst.h; ;infr,as.tructUlJC,

6. At -iSS1le in thlg-case~ the Dow Jones N~vrsw]res. ("<DIN'? is a famHyof

electronitally~delhje:red proprietary .news· OO-rY.ibes 'that provide paid s;u~.:s£:rioors_ with. a. 'cOillstanti.y""upda~ing fee~. oJ b:reAk;ing news 'and i1nan~jaland bJ]Sin~s l]1iormation. In 1897 ~ Dow Jones. hnmcliedtts ~~:~e,ws :li,c~rr'~ the· prede~ssol',~O t.be DJN service of to~ay ~ making -The DJN 'Gne oime first atldIQingest~liV'ed.nr.:rws.senricesfol·the·busine:ss afid.:tinandal oommunity.

7., Without p=llissiQn:"from pow)on~s,'tQ< do. so ~d withpu.t OO\ml;lepsatiil;g

Dow Jones, Brle;f'iQg. .. cem -systenl.ati~ny cQpiesverb~l·m or· nearly verbatjrn su,bsmndaJ.portlOU-5 of: f)-ow -J ones ~,: oopyrl.ghtalattiCles from the DIN and distdb:utesmem in, oo~petitionwUh. Dow. Jones io-.Bri:efin,g),c.om subscribers and to mfonnation vendors, in some eases wIthIn ·:a·minu.te or two after 'the aI1lcle'] s ])llbnsh~d.by DO'Ylone:s. T~1):t cO~_dUbt Infringes 'pow Jones' ·oopyrighls. ln 'viobitiou' nf the .oM CA~ B~ieii~. enm strips Dow 'Jon;eg~ copyrigh'E notice crff·.Qfthep.i.rated· versions {If Dow Jones. articles that: it" Fedistd.butes. ntIe:€ing~,oom also systematieally

r.oolstrJbu~s i:lmny· s.tond ... alol1e 'PIN. bea.dUri.eS within: mln:~oos. oftheii'pubUcatj,o[l. 'oy Dow Jones .. B:ciefing.,com.tllusmrrairir oompeoo:s witb [)ow Janes in the ,d.elive,ry ijf·l:hot Re'Ws:~'~and tortiously ll:l:l\SappmpnaJes Dew Jones' headlines. and artitJ.= from, the DIN.

8. Do.w Janes ~:s. :Unaware of how Briefmg>c~m ·obtains.the »Ow Jones, .iJ;ews

tll{lt Ihediswibutes. Yet. bec{),use-djssend'llMlon ofDJ.N c:o~uent is gtl"veme~. by oont('act~l. relati0nships,.Briermg .. .eom's unauthorizedredistribatian ,or-Dow' Joaes'. news Llkely >constitutes eUh~r bft&iJn ofepnttact "(i.fB.rictiri.g):om· is receIymg the'service as a subscriber to DJN). 'Of In:rtjpu~ irr~'er:fep~nC¢ with: eonq2,c( {if Briefb;lg ... 90ni" is, j:ddoo~:!l; a .subscribe:rto DJN to' provide-it with DJN n.ews· content (Ol purposes Cjf!J'I1l):u:t:horizOOr·edJ.smbutlon),

9. Dow IOries seeks in.Jun.ctive reUeffQf :Briet'illg;~oomt;s··p,att.ern of copyright

- ... _---------------------------

infringem.ents~ disgorgement of Briefing.com' s profits and mO(.lf:ta:i:·y damages. to' compensate

. ., - . .

pow Junes far the ~:DjUry it has suffered as a result ofBrLefing.oom.~s anlawful.eondact, and



10. Plaintiff Dow Jones is a.Delawareeorporation withi~s p:rinclpaI place of

bnsiness located at 1'211 Avenue Elf the Americas, New Yark, New York,

~ra:tion. with its principal place of business located a:t40 1 N~ Michigan Avenue Suite 2910.,

Chicago, Illinois. On iuformation aad belief Briefing.oom.ts website, www .. briefing.com, is

regularly accessed by customers in New York State, On informanon and belief; BrIefing.com

·tontf~cts vvj,tn customerS in New York to provk!re its pred,nets in New V ork, and delivers infringing material copied. from Dow Jones on a regular basis 10 its customers in New' York. .and

to Internet websltes tha.t are 'fun on computer servers Iacated 'in New York.


. - -~ .

u.s.c. §:§ n~8.(a) (action arising underen Aet of Congre~ relatimg to ICOpyrights), [3.31 (actlon ar~sing under the laws of the-United States), and 13'67 (supplemental jurisdiction),

n.: Venue in thisjudicial. district is 'proper; pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1391(b)(2)

and (c). because a substru.'ltialpru;toftheevents.or emissions giving .risetoDow Jones' claims occurred •. and Briefing .. com Is cu~tly Sllbj~t to personal lridsdiction" in, the Southern. Dinn:ct

of New York


A., The BUS'iness of Dow ,Jones·

i4. In 1. g82~ CharlesDow~ Edward Jo':ltS .and Chad,#s Bergstresser founded

·the company that would eventually be knownas Dow Jones & Company, Inc, Dow Jones', current1y.emplo:ys, approximate:lY 2;.OOOj.ouU1altstsan~.t has become 'a worldwide leader in financial jot;lllnlU sm thn)ugh its many highJy-tespeClOO publicati.qns~ncIud ing TIw Wall Street Jour..nai. the DIN, Barron "8~ and ,Ma.rkefWatch.cQln.

1 S. Among the bestknown and ~most hig1:d~ te!,arded of Dow, Jones"'

'publications is The' WitlfStreel./oumai, which has nadcnalcirculation of approximately 2 million, givlng it the ]ar,~egt circulation of any daily newspaper in, the United States. Dow Jones has several.other publications ineluding The: Wall StreerJQW"Ral Asia'and The Wall Street J:Oum«lll-urqpe .. which' focus coverage ontbose;' martds. rh~ WaJl Slr,eft JQUI'~ currently emplQYSQyer '70,0 j eurnalists, Dow Jones _ elso offers business arid. financial news and' informstion to flnancial services firms, businesses, and government institutionsaround the world, most promine;ntly through tbe DJN .

.] 6~ Between the DJN and The Wall Street: J~,u,rnal. alene.Dow J.o:n~s,ope:n}leS:

-82 Bureaus 'lll 50' countries., IVlain.tenance of thig woddwide network requires the ex,pendi:mre of significant resources by Dow Jones; Dow Jones' substemda:l,invest.ment in its many-talented and creative journalists and 'jn maintaining .jJs globa1 presence ~s ,allowed. Dow Jones to deliver accurateand timet,' ~ and for that reason valueble, business and financlal news to <"pproximat-eiy 42 m:Ulion readers worldwide and in a dozenIeagnagee.

B Tb'e,l),ow Jo-nes, N~s,wfres

11 ~ The. DJN provides real-time. news a research. and Information products to a

eustomer base of paid s:ubscrlbers. The, DJN feed - appears, on ,a subsceiber' s.computer. SCI,eeJl as ,3,


series :of scrolUng hea.41lnes .H~t,ed In tevets'e chm~(jloiglca:l order .. S'omle' of the .heedlines are

- _' ~ . . - .

·and ea~ by Oow.Jo'nes· emplo;yees. Eath n.ews article ·appearing .. cntbe DJN that :was wrltl;e;n.

• I. .' ~ .• . .. • I •

by a Dew JDfiesjom:r'u[fiSJj"lep~e:sen.ts orIginal,. ereati ve,expression: .MId ereati VI!'; selection and

, .,' .-

. siL~.ffof~pp'roxhtlil,tebr -980 jb.urilali SIs an~ editors wb:o. work fQir :DJN, as 'well as.by dmwin.g an the: subsmnt.i,al global resources of Dow Jones/ 0t1ler ne.ws'-:~athering·Qpe:mtion; suchas The

Wali /stre,et Journal a:~.d Blirrrm 's.Whe-n:·s Dow .. Janes journalist. bre'~ks ca.. n~s stl;)ry) 'aoeW:s ·,headline. or a;rticJ~: will Q,ften appear 0]] the. 'Om beJDrejt~Jlpeafs.in any other Dow Joo~ pUb1icatlon; il;,cludin!lOn The Wall $trff~l Jcmrhflrs~bSlte (wvrw-~ wSJ ..com). ,By clesi~~ hre~ldng news; stories and hea,dUnes a:repu.bHshedtJist onthe~nJN, whose, su::bscribel's. are


,.. .~.

Infcrmation, finencial instituti:oruh investment managers 'and bankers~ retail wealth. advisors, sales.

end trade professionals. and :markettr-ading floor professionals. Subscribers '[(I the DJN ~ 'Wh~ch. include' apprO:x:imately 43.8;(MJO ,fi'ilall1clal PJQ;{essiOfi,a]S w'Ol'ldwjde~r:ely' on the .Dm fOIf. I~] ~ time

J.l~W·S a,nd. infoni:wltio.n. to use in advising th.eir clients and attracting new ones,

21. The eleenonic delivery of business and financialnews is 11. highly'

competitive bu.r;in,ess. in. which vendors includ:in,g .. Dow Jones tout their abIHtytQ break market-

movIng news before other sources do SO. pow Jones s.~lls 'the DJNby ,em,pilasiz:hlg: that pIN 's subscribers have the advantage of'flrst notice of breaking news and market events. and important

and. hedging opportunities and to capitalize on them l>e:tate'~os,t 'of their eompetitors,

22. DIN content is made available tu, customers both directly and mdirectly,

A eustomerean obtain. access to the DIN directly by entering. t'lito,a subscription, ~reementw:hb.

Dow Jonest.'andpaying the required fee .. A customer also 'can ,obtain DJN content lndir«:dy

tlu'-ough one of the .over 1 00 jn:term.~iate information venders •. such as Bloomberg, Thomson

Reuters, r and F act8et., that, through Iicensmg agreements with Dow Jones; areg.r.antoed.·the ri,glrt to

redistribute the .DJN ,Wll".part of a: bundle of informatlon products. Informatien 'Vendol"8i with

Ucen~s,to,redisttibtlte.I)JN oo~t~t arc cQntraerually required 'to limit aeeess 'to the DJN productsto thos.e cit their subscribers wbq have been ptoperiy authorl~d to recei ve the DiN

product, to display Dow Jones;' copyright notice on the redistributed urn content, and to prohibit

'their subscribers fr9ril f~dlstributing.the DIN in whole or' in part. AU subscribers to the DJN~

. .

re~less of'whe.the-r thrulI:gh direct erindireet mea:n.sl,.arerequired··to sign'eithe..r the EllN Subscription Agreeme·nt (the "Subscription AgreemaYt";). a' Conn of which is annexed to· this.

Complaint as Exhibit A.. or simiJar'conttactual terms restricting their abilityto redistribute the



,.23. The' ~ubscripUonand licensing fees paid by DJN customers and

infbrmationvendors help to' defrayihe"c(list to Dow,Jones-ofd:evelop1:ng,and'maio.tainin.g a':

worldwide newsgathering, reporting.and distribution infrastructure and prooess. The' revenues

journalistic operation.

c. noW. Jones:' Registered Copyrigbts"

24. Dow Jones has, registeredwith tb~: United S'tates: CQpYrigh~, Office its

copyrights in the DJN articles en which the, copydght jnrrin,g~ent claims in thi s action are

the followlng dates has been registered with the C9Py.r1ght Office under the Registration Certificates :indicate4. below '( each such ·arttde~ a ··Colpyrighted. Work");

.January 29. 2010-

TX '~122-681

TX 7~122""6,86 rx 7a122-684

January 3 I zero February i, -20 10 Febril:ary 2, 2010

F ehruary 1, 20 ~ 0

TX 7 ~122~69{) TX 7-122~692 TX"7-122.-696

February: 4.-2010 February.S, 201'0

TX 7-122-698

'February 6~ 2:01 0 February 7~ 2010

TX 7_·1 '2· -7'1'1-1

',' ,~_i - ~.V

February 8, 20l 0 F ebruat'Y' 9 ~ ~OI (')

TX 1-l22~·7o.5 TX 7~]22-701'

Fe:1;ul1iIry lO~ 2m 0 'February l. 1,. 20ro

U7-t22~709 TX 7-112~ 7.1 0 nr1~ 122-712

'e~ployee.s. \vfi,cr are idenfjn~d'on Briefing.emn 's :website. as '"experts, work[i,pg] . "' to' uncover ,acti·ol'ltible investment. ideas and provide, " .' independent and lnieU:.g~nt lmd.ght em market events.'! . Briefbjg..oom' s websitJl:; alsoclaiius. that: ·~[j]ndividual, invest~.rs. aC~N~ftt'.idels' and

·D..T n:LA" 'Y' ,j. . ·h' .'1,.; .r., ..'1;.- cl .. " '8 .• ' Cl_ , . •. ..... bsi ,~, [I}' :1_. ,1 H'>I~' .... . .• - W .. lel} IS ueSCrlU'= Gil. 1'.le:.LlLlg,cOm: s we . srte as:i,l\le~r(~ic,ove:rage anu


On infonnati,O.ll aru1.beij'\;f~ Bri~nng,¢.Qm ~ f) B\'nf\(ng.· IN PLAY and Ot'bt!f

~. . .. .. -

products ,are Qf:fer.ed mcustclmers,.,at prioos si;gniflcandy lower than the prices" at whic.h Dow Jones.offerstbe .DiN services.

6f 'clients iJ:1.cl~.dmg in4jvidua[i.n\fe.~tOrs~' aclive ·trad;¢r~ aI:lid pr.pfes:siQllW. mo.ney· matiagfn~ who have a:n:av~ge of five years oftr,adfnglinvestrns: experience aud an ,av.efa;~,e 'p'OJrtfolio ~l~ze of

3l ' B.:ri~nni;90m :~dyert!S'e:s lts. pw4l;icfS in. many-of the ·swme.~W'ays;;m.a hi. ~he

. SMIle p]ace~ that now J oJ:1,e;s adverttses ·tlreDJN serviees; :inclu;ding :print andtelevision adv~rttSen:lents~. at trtuie shewsand in tmd,e pub]~catiOl'.lB.

K .al'i.efiilfg.co·ln~s furrhlg;eDl~ .. hi Of DOW 'lOD'U~ Copy.rights

32, Briefing.cam has enpied ve.rh!tlm~ ,or·near{yveroatim,subst:aIlti.aJ portions

d,istrlbuted .sub~WIitial portions of these DJN artieles toBr.ie:fi.n~~OQlll customers,an.dlot to .<in:fonna.tion vendors, i:nvlolation ·ot" Dow Jones ~ ex.cfu.siv~,rightS under:th.e copyrigl.lt lavi.:tQ

inllirmntionancl,·beUef,. fhrougb ~e~ actaand practi:ces;~ Brj.efing.rom.hacs inftinged o.rcea!Used to be·.infrin,ged Haw ·jotlcs·· copyrights. in its.ne:wsuariic1efillrundred,g: ifnQt"thoumnds. otthn~.

such -wo;rkln th.e OJN.

J9U7pv .. i

_ ....

35.. The chart att8Ch~d_ to the COmplaint as Exhibit C .eontains excerpts-of 107

Copyrighted Works that were first. publish.ed by DIN in 'the ;t~me period.' between. Jan'ua_ry- '2.9, lOlQ; and February 12. ·:::W:iO. 'These works were in-nin:ged by B'riefing:com.·s verbathnm·nearly verbatim copying and recijStribuUQn'ofs,ubstantial portions of the original articles, often Ml0unti'ng.·tQ one third~ one- haIf~ o:r more 100f _the original ,a,rtj,cies.. TIle c-opying 'o(;c'urred without authority or permission from Dow iones'and"vi.tbout:any journalistic effortonthe Part of

16. The following is an ~fm1ple of.Bri.efing;com IS infringement The

excerpted portiolO oIlhe,Uaw Jones article in the le:ft';band eeiumn, c.-onsistirJgof~abo:u.t 3_QO words and representing about 4Q4A., of the original article, was eopled nearly verbatim by

Briefing .com and re:distri,buted to Briefing.corn customers,;

f1lFclJ.:l'01 0'_l';I)9 EST WS.:Jl214) 'Hoilpltal8 .Disp,u'te l'ii'lied:tl:"Olfic. Dilt!! On Wires .

'S,omiC h::a4illg .iI~i!ali5'·:we: repqrting Caiillr.fl rates fill: 'Mednonic Inc.'s .'fracllue.:p:rQfiC. defibn lIato:r wires - including auwng YO'Wig p!.>oplc - thll!t art: signifIcantly h,igh1llr thll!ll whal the ,nmpany' has publicly ·discln~d.

· 'MedttQI)Lc, a Jhedk'al-devio:: m~ .. pul~~'e·Sp'ri~ll?i4eHs def:tbril~aw'r w~res o:ff'the·m;arlrel ill 2001 . and $UbSlilUted' lU)othe.r type,ofwite with a low~i' failure rate, BUl an estimated ] 510,000 Sprinl' Fide:lis wires. wbi.ch an.) known' as: leads, :rell:tai"

, hllplllllil.ed in U.S. patients: T.he WmPWl.Y~ ,iinlhIlQS't dot.;w.rs,. ge.ne:r,atly mlii$~ patients nplin_have 1he letId,s sur.gically re.mo'~ed if they harvtl.n't. f;rac:tl1red..beca"~e of the: :risk. of rornpJkatio;os,

· Med'trllnic 'say:; 'i:I:S OW[I researen s.!loWs.lhe Sprint FidelLS leads. .sul"ld.\ie r(lr tbroe years ai, Icnst 95.4% ·of the lim~, fur II faihue t,Me, or4,6%. ~'fl'IJIrtl! frm'll hi!upit.1h in.cluding me Ufl:i",ers'ity of RIXl.hester,i:n Nc'~' York saat.e, th~ MitT:iea~l,iii Bean Insti'tlI~t:'~ the Mayo Clillicmd the UJli1;lersi~y 0f OltaWll, say

· th(:ovc:rnll~:iilui-.r.:. raw foE Sprillt F'idtlis leads is as muc-h as two times as great as the compW'I)I'l>OIwn data indibat.e. SOm.e '(lfjlle- hospitals alw :report ·mlll the :ral~ of froelul"e'ac4eleratcj), as; the le~~ ~:e. -'

~n.Ci hazard (j.f rS'pnntlf:ldeliS.liiiad fraetl.lfoe ,is- iliiCteilsh:i..'t


04 Ffib 2O:10re:l~58 .MTMDT HospU.b di~[nl~ Medlfronic dia~~<!)nl ,wi:rea ~ W~J (~OO).

The Wltll Slreet Jo.wnal reports some'tctlt1:lI!!,l. h(jsptm:l~ are reponing (arh,re. tfiI:.o~ for MedtrQnic's fMD':r) fraclurc:--prot'ii:' deJ'i.fulllntor wircs--im:hiding among ,Y~ng. ·p~iio-----t.lla.t ilite si~ific8nny higher (hall whar the C(I .h~ publicly dlscJoscd,.

Medtro·iL1.ic. pi! Hediho Sp:ri!J.t Fid~li.~ tteflbrtilU-tClf·wlres. 00' llie mru:k.et·in 2001_imd. :s.uhsfitut~a!lqthin type o{wlre '''fiih Ii lower failure me. Butan estimated :1 5 Oil (1) 'Sprill.t Fidelis wires •. whicb ~ known .llIS I~ad_ s, (emain: lmplllJnted. in U:S .. pia[ierlls. The 00, and rnost·.ooc~ g~,neralJy advlse .p3Iients rllclJ to Im.lo'e ilic [~s s!IliiQally n~nlo.ved 'if t.hey Mven'l fm.c:.hn:c:d; b~ of.lh~ risk ('If (l'j:II1:lp~iColitL{l~ - .

ModtrQtiiC says il:S own .~~ s~ow:s the Sprint Fidl:lis Ii;ads s,ul"ili .. e fOt' three years at least 95,4% Qfthe :Hme, fu:r:'8, Iaihl.rO rate of 4J'i% R~ from hWllitills jllc1udillll w.e: UilivC17iSity of ~c:he.s.tcrin N~w'Y mlc Slate, th~ MimtaPQ]:is He-art fnstitIJre. tJw. MIl)'O Clinic. and die. Unive;rs.ity cfOt{m8., -sa,y the everall.failnre rate for SplirnFidel.is-Leads is asmueh !IS two times as~:;1,t. as the- oompanys OWl) clata, .indi~le, Some of the ],1os.~ib:ls 'also .reportJhat: the f.alI:: ~rf~tPre ,ac;celC"l~

~slh~ leads age:. .

"the .haz::ud. off$p'i'int] Fi~eUs.J~OId llra~1un: is im::re:asin!l!:

e',l(.pone,nial1y with time antl~ based ~~ aur'idata,mx:ulTing 3t cO nighe:rmto than the' latest Inlmutacwref's p'erfOml.91li1;:eupda.re, ~ doet~s iii the Uni versil,y: (if RQclws&er c{lilclud~ iii findings fJublished in JlIIIllaJy.s Amerl~iT1 JoomllJ ofCw:diology. The' report said the Ihree-year .sun/"vallate. or 4,26 M6:iu:-Oilk: leads '. ["~crt~ in lIie, h.ospi.i:lll's p'ati:e!!tS was 9{i,8%.meanin;g 9,2% . failed, SOll'le!Of (1]0 r-.r:~hen; Il;al<c recei".~d Cl;lflMl.ll:ir:l,g, 'fCC\!> 01' r~e:anih gr,imts fltim Me(Ur~ilil(; .ai:.dit& ooinpeti.tor-s. '

MedirollksaY5.its own tinding$-@I'e more ~I:iable D«:<luse the.>' come from mulliple h.ospiffal,s. "YO\l: have' to :be ~a.Ieful.Qf . smllll~(ertltr 8lWies.t said Dl!vY<jStciDhm'i, medkal"Q:irector of Medloollres'~cr!'lIrliac.:rhr!hln cl:ivi:sion, ·He.!::all,oo fue:

CO!DJlaTTY'S' da"1,8. ~"'el)' mbll.st~' and ~as a.~IIra:le ,as any dlltll Qlri

ther~" '


. e.KpOnentially with time all.d~ bas;ed on oor data.·,o~U!Tit'lg iI'I: II higher M!:e-thM the latest itlmufjl.C:lur«s: petf{irmance- ~pda'le.;' dootors ill:Jhe Hr:livers:i1)i of Rochester cOlldud~ in findings . publi~ed in IalU.lruys; A:melic~ Journal OIf Car.dio1ogy, The r!ljJQft Sllid the three-,yell" survival rate of 416 Mciilrol1i~lead.s illS:em:(f In the htl\'lp'i1~·S·p.~li~i'its 'l\-~ 9O,8o/.~. ,mean'iog 9~ tailed, So:rne o,f t~ ·{'e$wcltth. h,iiver~eiv:erJ ooillsuldllg fees· (l:r ~!I1'ICh gramS' ftom Medironk nt.ld Us ttlmpe:ti.too. . .

M:edlmnic IiiliYS its o,wIIfillding-s' ar~ mor:ereliable ~IIU!~¢ th-ey ClQmc ft{l!m multiple r.Q~pitak ~yo~u bave to be careful of

, small·cellt~r Sltudies," sat~ Davi.d. Steinhaus,; m.edk:al dll:eetDI' of MlI!dtro!lr~;~. c;a.tdittc-.ihythrn division ,H~ ca.lld the ws data j,v,erJ' r'Q:busJ.~ and "as ai:c:u~ 00 my a,am out Jhe:re-"

:3 7.. 'B'riefing;com~s',practioe of ~~(;utting and pasting" 'DJN ~material is

demonstrated below by its: reproduction .of even typographical errors that appeared in Dow


1.0 Febo.lOlD!il7:SO EST 'OJ <kml!ltrOfficral: No El,J.

ailaJf'!1ili .Aid For GN.\W.: Om Ell:}l.;gmda . . .

:.:nFeb 2IIUij (17:53 !EST';;DJ Gem:1iU1Y: IiUfMtDgTh Greek RcS~ructUriIl.!: Plan. On S\lmrni:t Agenda,

lOF£!I'1~n(l'00':S4 .EBT G~rm!ir.l • .ss S ilQ' Ell, biiatef'lll

ili.d fb"r Gr-ectie OJi EU lIg.enda - DJ . to' (Jl'lllek

f~tmctl.lrin.g. plan 01'1 :Summit.a:ge.nda;'Baiiout bali. Clx:ists. ~ri.in to·.stick to it

·F. Bde:6n:g._com '8 "Hot" News.~ l\tl:S;lpp.ro~:riation of Duw J'on·es~ }le9d.l~Des' ~:n.a Artj~J:es

38. Briefing.com copies, and re1flJOSmits,'both ·articles, published in tb.~ DJN, as

illustratedabove, ,WldheadIines from. the DIN. Attached to the Compl.aint as. EXhibit D-is aclml1

'... .

illustrating .72 examples of copylng· by Briefing.com of breaking news headlines that-appeared on the.'OJN on or between F ¢bruar.y' 1 ·.and 12,.' 201 O. T~ .headllnes were' oopied· and red]st.ributed

by Briefing.eom wilhin minutes ·.of their publication by Dow Jones. ~Some of :UJe copied

headlinea accompany copied articles and therefore are also Included in. Exhibit.C.

39. Dow Jones. expends. s,tgnificant effort and expense- to,~gathe:r,report. write,

edit, and dissemInate the news that appears on the DIN . servrce.


many su,~crlbers to. the DJN' service, Breaking news headlines- and articles ~hered and ])epo:rted;by Dow Jones jeumsdists often appear on. the DIN before appeadng in The WaH Street Journal 's website, and. Briefin;g,'coIDoften. copies and distribUtetdhe b~aklng OOViIS headlines and articles from. tJie DIN wi thin minutes of their 'being ptl.bUSlled. As a result, Briefing .eom of~en 'copies verbatim or nearly verbatan from the DJN and distributes. a breaking neYiIS headline .r-e:pol1ed ·by a Dow Jon.e~"j()'U,[i1aJ.lst befO:t'l~.,Of at. the same time-that The 'WaU Str-e,et J-ournalluis the opportunlty to distribute the news itself through its website.

41. "Ihrough its, practice of systematically copying and redistributi~ bleakin~

news headlines and articl,es by,electro.meally cutting and pasting the.m :ftt>:tn the'DIN a;pd redistributing 'them verbatim or 1"Ieatiy verbatim to Hriefing.co:w· custemersand information vendors, without :p-Uttin,g forth ,1;lUY j oumal lsdc efforts "Of its own and there.folewi~h(}ut incurring the costs pf'Dow Jones (<0 teportlhe Il.¢Ws. Briefing.cam 'has been free-riding on Dow: Jones' .substanrial investments In gat~erlng' and reporting timely news"

42. Brlefing.com competes directly withthe DJN for subscriptioasby end-

usersand for licensing an:angemerlts with information vendors. On' iri-fbrmadon and' be,Uef~ Briefing.com .content is availablethrough Bloomberg, Paet~et~ Thomson.Reuters, an:~: ·.shriilar· information vendors, p[-adng It in a p'osition to compete di(eCtl}l' 'with the DJN~ whIch is also available through these same vendors.

4-3.. The.DJNmd Btiefing.eomprnducts ~e.mark.etoo and. soldto some of'the

same customer base •. Because Briefing. com distributes news-copied verbathn from' the DJN In cQmpe1itiou with Dow Jon.e.s lWithout inc;uning the costs of'Dew Jones to originate the news, Bnefing.com is. able to offer its products and services at a substantially lower price than DoW. Jones can o.ffe.r: similar products and services, Bri.enng:comJ s actions di vert business


for timely business news .that would. otherwise; be fuIfiUecfby the PIN. This free-riding of the:

type practiced .by Briefing.com is likely tio undermine Dow JiJnes!' econemic mcen:tiveln invest in the costly process of reporting time-sensitive :news Jn the. manner of the Dm.


(CjjlpyrighlIDr ... in~eme'D.t)

44.. Dow Jones re-alleges and' inet?rpora~es by reference para,graphs 1· ~tfgh

37 of this Complaint:

45. Dow Jones' Is the sole. proprietor of all right, title and· interest in and to the

copyrights of each of :th~ Oopyrlgb.ted- Works.. As. provided by "11 u.s..C. § l(}:6~. Dow Jcnes has

the exclusive right to, inter (:ll'ia~~pr~uce. redistribute, and. display. and prepare derh'~Uve works from, the Copyrighted Wades.

46.. Dow Jones possesses copyright-registration certificates forall of the

Copy.righted Works on which this action is based.

. .

4,1.. ~thmu authority or permission from Dew Jones, Briefing.cem has

infringedDow Jones' oopy.r;i,ghts in tti~ Copyrighted Works. by·unlawfuUy·reproducing.

'tr~smi tting~ and di.spla!ying:, and 'c:a;using and inducin,g qthers to reproduce. fransrni t; an'd di spla,j1 ~

substantial portions of the origiruU.,. creative exprlessl9~ c{)nt~nedwithln ~e Copyrighted. Woiksl.aJtin violation of Dow Jones" exclusive rights under 17 U~S .. C.·§ 106.

48. . Upon. irtfonnati¢iU and belief, tne foregoing actions of Bn.efing.c:on'l. in

\ii.alatlon. ofDoyv jones' rightsha;ve been willfld.and. inwnticmal~ executed with fullknowledge~ of'Dow Jones" exclusive :rights in the Copyrighted 'Wor:ks~ and in conscious disregard of those


J!n 17,1. lv, I

49·, DOw JO:ilers is, entitled to recover from :Briefing .. com. the profits thet

Bneflng.com obtained tlrrocgh infringements of the Copyrighted, Woiks as well asDow Jones' d~a&es from.tho.s.e infi:irl;gements. o;,.a1. Dew Junes' eloctio,o. statutory dama;g~8·pur8uant to 17 U.S~C. ~ 504 for each Copyrii~;,htedWork Lnfri~ed.

So,. Dow Jones is also entitledto'Tocover costs and attorneys' fees' from

Bdefing.oom. pursuant to 17 U:S .. C. § .505.

51. Bcieting.oom-·s infringements of Do \,V Jones' c~pyrigb1s have caused, and.

unless restrained by this Court, will continue to cause, irreparable; injury to Dow Jonesnotfully [;Qmp-ep:sabh.~ in meeetary damages. Dow .Jonesjs tbe;refOl'e entitled, to a permanent injun:c-'tJ.Q:n. ertj oining Brieifing.com from further mfTi.nging its copyrights.

S.ECOND CLA1M FOR RELIEF (Vi;i>latioD Qf tb;eD MeA)

52.- Dow Jones re-alleges and l:n~grpota.tes by reference'-paragraph8'llhlq~gh


53. Dow Jones commmleares its ownership of the 'copyrig1fts in the.

Copyrighted W("l~ks by inclllding the following copyright uotice:in the'DJN at the bottom 9f eac-4 article andin conjunction witheach stand-alene heedllne. "Copyright (c) 20['0 Dow Jones &. Company, IlJc;w

54. • Copyright (0-) 2010 Dow Jones & Compeny, Inc." constitutes copyright

management infQrmation as.thatterm is defined 10.17 U.S.~C. § 1202(0), because it i~entifie~ the author and eopyri"gbJ ovmer.. of the walk and oon.v,eys .other infcrmaticn set' forth ina notice of copyright.

5:3. Withou,t authority orpermission from-Dow Jones, Briefing.cern bas


iri.tentionally removedand/or- altered .. and has' caused . and indueed others to remove a_ndlor alter. copytigh, management information from pow Jones; news headlines and articles in the DJN. including -the Copyd,ghted Wor~~ and has thereafter distributed substantial pertiens of :those works, having reasonable grounds to know that suchacts would induce. enable, facilitate or Conceal art infringement of copyright under Title 17' of the United siares Cede, in violation of. 1 '7 U~S~C+ §I 20~{bJ.

50. Briefing.com's removal or alteration of coI'yrig~ manegement

information from Dow Jones ~ headlines and news articles. inehsdingtbe Copyd~:hted r Works, and subsequent distribution. of all or $OOstantta[ pjJrliOM ottheSe' works; including the CO:Plllghted Works:. has been. willful and Imentlonal, executedwith fun ,kno:wf~ge. of'DowJones' exclusive rights in the Copyrighted Works.! and in ,COll5CLOllS disregard ef'those rights.

57. DoW Jones is en(itied to recever its actual damages suffered. as: a'oosul't of

Briefing.com' 51 violation, of the DMCA and any of Briefing.cam' s profit-s that ~-e attributable te tile violation and.nottaken into account in computing actual damages; or, at DowJcnes' election, statuto:ry·d.amages-:pur.suant ta 17 U.S.C. § ·t203(c).Fm each alterationor remcval of'copyrigbt management -infonnation.

58.. Dow Jones isslse 'entitled to recover costs and attume'ys' feesfrom

B.rietil1g·.co.m pUf5;u;mt·to 1'7 us,c; §.1203(b)~(4land (5)_.

59.,. Bnefing.com's 'violations of 1'7 us.c, § 1202 have caused; and, unless

restrained by this Court, will continue to eause.Jrreparable injury to Dow Jones not.fuUy compensable in ,monetary damages. Pursuant tD 11 U.s .C,. § 1203 (b)( l), Dow Jones fs entitled to a' permanent inJun.ction enjoining Briefing.com from further such violations"


39.i 17[3\':,1


(lIot News· Misa:plpin)priaUtm)

60.. :Dow Jones l"€'!'a1leges and "iru:orpora1.:es by :refe:renoff paragrapbs 1 tluough

43 0,( this Compiai·I11.

D.oNV Janes gathers and reports. breuk;lng· new-:s.-to· its, cusID.n1frS in.a ti.mely fashicn through the


vahublc to: its· p,ilst~m~ in lar:g~ tmtt because Qfit:s:tim·e-sensl(1veOOlU'e',

63 .Br:i.efing~oo.m 'scoPYlng andnxHstrlbutiQo ·o:f])Q'w Jones' hreaking news;

64. Briefmg .. com-copies verbatim.or ne-arly verbatirn Dow JOD!es~ meakiltg'

news headHn,eg and. atticles:Vlithou.tnndertaJ.dn:g ,any creative .,01' jouma1i'Stic~ffo.it:s-. of hs·ow:u."

competition \yUh Dow Janes.,

65., ifB:riefif!.g;OOtll'.aud-slw.iar entities continue to free-ride-en DewJones'

in~truetu:ren:~~e;ss~"y for d.0illg so, andthen 'tpoomftetf:' dir:¢edy with [)OV{ J.o~.eiS" :for eustemers.Dow Jones' incentives thr .1IDilerta.k:ing these costly efforts and p:rodooiIlg.:the ·DJN

.B'.riefins:.co.m. "s actions ·OOllsti~Ute'fltHGnab.le misappro.priatior(of h9"'t news.

. . . ~ ,-' ~.' .


Briefiag .. corn' saetiens were undettaken 'in bad faith, maUdously,

. .


6·8 i As a consequence of Briefing,c()Jri ~ s miseppropriati on of hot, news, Oow

Jones is entltled to: recoverIts compensatory and punitive damages, Inan amount to be

determined at tdai.

6'9+ As. a. consequence.of Briefing.com's misappropelatica.ot.hotnews, Dow


10. A real and preseerccutroversybetween !:h.e, partiesexists as to'

Brieflng.com's miseppropriatlon afhat news published by Dow'Jones. Dow Jones Isentitled to

a judgment declaring unlawful suchmiseppropriation,


(Bre.a~ch .ofC()Dtract· Or, AU~rnam'ely~ TOI',tioas In~erf,ereD.te with ,3. CoutrllctuaJ Relationship)

71.. DOw .Jones re-alle .. ges and incorporates by. reference psragraphs ] tiuOllgb·

·43 of'this Complaint

12. Dow Jonesls noraweee ofpredsely how Briefing .. corn acquires access to

the D~. Aecordingly • the _ factualeontentions onwhlch this drum is 'based are pleaded on information and bel ie:t and Dow Jones believes theywiU Hkel~thave e'Vtdentiary support after a reasonable opportunity 'rorfuIther investigation and dis.ooverr..

73.. Subsc:rj bers·!p. the DJN sen/ice haveagreed.toend are 'baund by the 'terms.

·.ofthe St¢:scriptlon A,g:reeme:p,t, .restrlcting their 'us;e and redisteiburion offhe DIN, ail.d!o.f similar

centractual provisions ..

14. The Subscrlption Agre.e.me,nt is a.Valid·and enforceahle eontrsct,

75.. Bey signing the Subscription Agreement, the subscriber agrees, .pursuarrt to

sectian 9 ofth.e ,agreement, '~~ai neither' Subscriber nor any AuthoriZed User sbaJ ]store ..... ;.

copy., reproduce, retransmit, disseminate, su.b[iq!n~~ sen, ·distribute'!' publish, broadcast, circulate, create derivative 'Works = .". ,'or distfibUte·. by anY meens the [D1N] Service ill whole or in]lart to an.yolle" including, but not lImiited to} other employees (If Subscriber, without Do~ Jones' express prior written consent," The Subscription Agreement further provides that "under no clrcumstences shan qi stri,buthn;l . , . be permitted if such di$tr,ibutio:n m~y beviewed as ~. :substitute for a subeeriptionto the {DJN] Service itself. ~.~

76. The SUbsc:ril'tiOJI-Agreement also prcvidesthate subscriber has "no right

;pursumt¢. th[e] Agreement to. distribute the (DJN] S~rvioo in whQle or in part over the Interne.t.... ., ~~

77. Section 1 (C) Cif the Subscri pHon Agreement prohibits. $uhseri bets from.

editing, altering,8i.brid,gin:g Of otherwise cbangblg in any mannerthe DJN content, including. all c:opyti,g~lt notices.

78~ The restrictions on redistributidn'ot't)JN content found ~n the Sub:scr.iptioD

Agreement are common ln.the electronic n~ distributioe 'business" and it is, Hke[y that Briefing.com, as a partici pant in that business.knew of the' 'existenCe' of such 'contractual restrlceions,

79. it is likely that, in order 'to obtain secessto the DIN service; Briefing.com or one of its, .agentsor .representmives~ .fj,c.ting. atBrieflng.cem ~.s direction.undera real or an. essurnedname, eitherexecuted and became a:p$tty w:tite Subooriptioi:l Agreement. or ind~d otherpersons who ar-e parties to the Subscription Agreement 10: provide Brieflng.ccm With. DjN content lnv,j,olilttion, hfthe. terms oflhe SUbscriptiou Agreement,

80. B Y cop~rjng PIN content ~d redistri buting it 'over the Internet through the,

Briefing.com.website without. Dow Jones' permission or $' license to do so~.Briefi:ng.~om has


eIther bre,~ched. 'the 'express ~omractuai restrictiQllS'to whkll itagreed or., in the aJtemative~ Vlrith' .knowledge o:r the exisrenee of such vesuicth::ms'and without justi'ficMl~~' irue$oJla]]y induced -a'

o ~."' I

DIN. subscriberto breacii, the subscrlbe.r~ s contractual ob1jgatlons 'by ·provid:ingBriefing,.com-

. .

'$] . ,By. rem,Qving and/or a,lt:ering Dow Jones oopynght notlC€ fram DJN

aJtk:,les~ .Brlefing,com has breavnoo the Subscription ,t\gree'ment er, altemati:velY';j has .. in.duced.a DIN subscriber to' brea~h· the' SubSilnpuOJn. Agre,ement

to: eause signfficant. damage to Dow J ones, not all af-which: is, readily ealculeble,

-, '


A. permanently Ie.strniD~ng Bi.iefi~g: .. comfrom (1) 'itluin,ging Dow -; JQ'he~-~'

c·opyrighl'S.IR mticlespubl"l shed. in the IiJN ~ '(2) 'removmg or wterin.g, Dow JORe:r' ,oqpy:r'(gll.t mru,utge;m:eflt intornl"ati.,on; and. ·(J)c·ormni'tttn.g 'orlnduclllg furtheif llrea:ches ,or ooritrn~t .regM'din·~

.maleri'al . .dJr;ec.tJy or itld:i~e~t1y ~ without tbe: consent of Dow JiOn.e.\\;;

... ' .. '_' -

eaCh~¢ause' of-action. in .a~ ... amcunt to. be determined 31'trial~ or, if Dow J:On~~ SCI ,e]~:ts., 'with respect tothe First and. Second. Claims; ,fur·R.eHef,.·sraiulD,fY dat;na:g;es in an· ,a~0unllo be


requiring d]~~l'gorgemell,tto Dow J ones of the;;, prQifirn made by, Btie::fillg.com.

_. ' ._" ' '." .

. .

E. ,a1l,.vari!lng pun[d~e·damag.~s.Jbr:;Brieflng:.OQm·s, l,ln]3mul~d w~toR·

.G. awarding Dow lones irsc6"s.ts in. this aot!'9l'l;.··including: re~Qnable

- at!'Omevg.~ fees:

- .;to - ~ ~


New Yurk, New York

. .

April 'J. 0 .• .201", (1

Respec:UUUy .suhmitred~


Robert P " Lo.Rue Alicia A. "TwJbe.

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Ne.w York. m 10036-6110

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Aitorneys jo.r ·Dow Jone« &- Company • Inc.


Robert P. wane -Alieia A. Tal1be

PATIE:RSiON BELKNAP WEBB &. TYLER LLP 1133.A.venuie of the Americars

New. York~'NY 10036-61]0

Telephone: (212} 33~6':20{)O'

Fax: (2l.2) 336-2222



A rto.,neys[o( Dow Jones .&. Company, Ine.


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Index No. 1.0 Civ, _



Pursuant to _RUle 38th) of the F ederal Rules €If Civil Proeeduee, Plaintiff 'Dow Jones&. Com.p~u.y~. Inc .. demands trial 1:Iy j u:rY of all·].ssues triable thereby.

New York New York AprU +;l(X:~Wl 0

Respectfully sU:bmitted~

1IA1IJfIA'BV'tE~i'1B &. TYLER LLi> Robert] . LoHue

Alicia. A. Tallbe "

PA 'J'"'I'1jRSON BELKNAP WEBB & TYLEIl LLP l L33:Avenuf!: ot'.th,e Anie~ieas

New York, 'NY. -1oo3&-6,71(}

Telephone: (212) 336..,20{)O

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Atlo'J'm!y&/br Dow Jones & Cmnpa:nJl,. Inc.