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Proposal to add 1 unit for NCM 103 Lecture

NCM 103 (Care of Client across the Lifespan with problems







Metabolism and Endocrine) deals with the principles and

techniques of nursing care management of sick clients with
emphasis on the adult and the older person, population group in
any setting with alterations/problems in oxygenation, fluid and
electrolyte balance, metabolism and endocrine function. Though
NCM 103 has the most number of hours among the Medical
Surgical Nursing subjects, there is still insufficient time to discuss
the topics in a comprehensive manner and provide rationalization
of major examinations. There is a need to augment the number of
hours to cover the details on the major concepts. Oftentimes,
make up classes are not feasible since the nursing students have
their clinical rotations on the weekend. Moreover, as per
observation by the College and feedbacks from the graduate test
takers, the Nurse Licensure Examination has shifted to contextual
approach. Most of the items in the board examination are tackled
on NCM 103, thus necessitating additional time for lecture
discussion on the concepts of the subject.