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Answering technique for Physics paper 3 Section B

1. Inference (1 mark)

The MV affects the RV

The RV depend on MV

2. Hypothesis (1 mark) (Must be correct if wrong you will lost a lot of marks)

MV increase RV increase / decrease

3. Planning one experiment to investigate the hypothesis

i) Aim (1 mark) : To investigate the relationship between MV and RV

ii) Variables: MV (1 mark)

CV (1 mark)

iii) list of apparatus and materials (1 mark): Write all the apparatus and material needed
(include that you draw in the diagram)

iv) arrangement of apparatus (1 mark): Drawing with label. (Drawing must be functional)
(size of diagram 1/2 page)

v) Procedure: 1. Write method to control MV (Value of MV) (1 mark)

2. Method to measure RV (1 mark)
3. Repeat the experiment 4 times, with (write 4 different values / 4 letters)
(1 mark)
( Do not write!!!! : The apparatus is set up as shown in the diagram)

vi) tabulate data : (1 mark)

MV (unit) RV (unit)
Value 1
Value 2
Value 3
Value 4
Value 5

vii) analysis (1 mark) : Draw a graph RV against MV