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Observable Universe

Limit: the final, utmost, or furthest boundary or point as to extent, amount, continuance, procedure, etc.: the limit of his
experience; the limit of vision:
A hallucination lights the brain up not like a dream but like perception. Like, the cat, long dead, drinks
droplets from the bathtub faucet. In the night we (both) hear his customary mewl.
In other words, to the brain, its the same damn thing.
Some people are special in that they can conjure remembered smells. You or I remember a smell, we can
describe or liken it, but cannot conjure. My aunt, the stuffed rabbit she gave me, smelled of cigarettes and
Chanel. Unable to conjure, I will never smell her again.
This is a limit.

a boundary or bound, as of a country, area, or district:

A moment when the doctors move from saying Ive seen miracles to this is no miracle. Gently. Dulcetly. Slowly
easing into unbearable water. Lowered without recourse.
To recourse: to adjust course?
I make the most of words I learned from the Bible.
A tornado alarm sounds, but I cant possibly believe it.

limits, the premises or region enclosed within boundaries:

When I draw my own boundaries they fill a space larger than my body, but to illustrate my usefulness by
pointillism is to dot forever the three-pound lump of my brain.
I mean, after the brain died, was there any of her left? I mean that when I try to write her death date, I
become so terribly confused.
To dis-acknowledge the heart: Is it heartless? Where was the heart of her located?

something or someone that exasperates, delights, etc., to an extreme degree:

I fear these questions misuse her.
When an alarm turns off, like a machine unspooling, I do not know if the storm has become safer or if the
storm has killed the electricity to the storm alarm. So many things operate at extremities.
Do you imagine unbearable water as unbearably hot or unbearably cold?

Do you imagine the edges of the universe as a permeable wall? When an object moves through, does it ping?
And the eye of a hurricane, the wall around it leading into strongest stormhave you heard it, the shift?

to restrict by or as if by establishing limits:

Younger, a confusion at all my compulsions: To eat healthier is to be richer. To exercise thrift is to exercise
the body.
One focus: nothing about me could expend too much, contain too much.
One misunderstanding: to grow older is to inherit excess.

to confine or keep within limits:

My brother calls his babys play area his cage. He says, Arlo is playing in his cage.
The body is a cage for endless bacteria. The more we learn about these bacteria, the more we see our bodies
as whole universes. The bacteria matter, too. They resonate far outside the gut, to our reflexes, or weight, our
mood. Or so we believe. So much is still conjecture.
The body, a universe, can fail, always does.

Law. to fix or assign definitely or specifically:

I can play the song a person most loved. I can squeeze a hand. I can spell every word I know onto the tender
skin of the wrist.
Remember most stories are told due to their difference; most everything worth saying, an anomaly.

Caroline Cabrera is author of The Bicycle Year (H_NGM_N BKS 2015), Flood Bloom (H_NGM_N BKS 2013),
and the chapbook Dear Sensitive Beard (dancing girl press 2012). She lives in Denver.