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01 Administrative Procedures

Franklin County Schools

Club/Organization Criteria
Franklin County Schools clubs and organizations are to provide a positive academic
and social experience for the members, school, and community.
Must have a sponsor
Must have at least 10 students listed as members to establish the club/organization
Application must be completed and reviewed/approved by principal and leadership
Goals/Objectives submitted in writing and signed by sponsor and club
Sponsor and principal meet to discuss goals/objectives prior to club approval
Sponsor is to be present at all club meetings to monitor and keep discussions in a
positive/professional atmosphere
Agendas, student sign-in sheets and minutes of the meeting are to be kept on file by
the sponsor; copies will be available for school administration and the Director of
Schools to review upon request
Once a quarter, a school administrator will attend a meeting of each established
club/organization to ensure the meeting agenda is followed
Meeting times are before or after school (Club sponsors should work together for
appropriate times for students wishing to participate in more than one club)
Meeting times only may be posted within the school in areas designated by the
Open membership to interested students (Any restricted membership requires approval
from the Director of Schools as stated in board policy)
No solicitation for membership (Can publicize the club and who to contact if
interested in membership)
New clubs/organizations cannot conflict with use of facilities and scheduled meeting
times with other already established clubs
Promote a positive school & community atmosphere and unity
Work with community, when applicable, to help with various community projects or
aid in services within community organizations
Procedures for fundraisers or field trips require proper documentation and approval as
established by the BOE
Any proposal for a club deemed as needing special/professional assistance beyond the
realm of a faculty sponsor, will be determined by the principal and specifics of that
individual or group of individuals reported to a counselor, social worker, etc.
All clubs/organizations will be reviewed every five years by principal and leadership
team to ensure criteria is being met and appropriate number of students are involved
The review process will include a review of agenda and meeting minutes, student
sign-in sheets and any other relevant documentation provided by the sponsor
If a club/organization is found to not meet the set criteria, notice will be given to the
club sponsor with corrective actions that must be taken. The sponsor will have one
month to make corrections or the club/organization will be removed from the
approved list