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turned ear
asleep & undazzled
(be) come aware
attempt dawning
full of other matter

(a) larceny enwreathed each poem

blindness decreed siezed
suffer strode alone
old maze extend(ing)
remain(ed) awaked
rose soon hold home
consort still another

fragment(s) fragment deluge year
year great grief grief great
flood turned eyes

you nearer myriads
came aspiring
inasmuch (I'm) O chosen

Brad Vogler is the author of i know that this ritual (Lute & Cleat, August 2015), and four
chapbooks: Fascicle 30 (Little Red Leaves Textile Series, 2013), Amid the Waves Which (Beard of
Bees, 2015), errand : towards (Little Red Leaves Textile Series, forthcoming), and errand : a version
of (Meekling Press, forthcoming.) He works with Delete Press, and is the editor/web designer of