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Springfield College - Daily Lesson Plan Name: Meghan Flanagan Date: 11/4/14 Time: 9:00-10:24 AM School: East Longmeadow High School Lesson #: 6 of 8 Facilities: Gymnasium Class Size: 26 Grade: 11/12 Unit/Theme: Pickle Ball Generic Level: Utilization /Proficiency Equipment: 1.Nets/Courts (6) 2. Pickle Ball Paddles (26) 3. Pickleballs (30) Focus and Purpose of Lesson: Overhead smash and appropriate usage in a game setting Student Performance Objectives (SPO): (National #_;MA CF #_; Task/Activity #__) By the end of the lesson, students should be able to: (P) Perform at least 4 successful overhead smashes in the practice activity, and at least 3 in game play/modified game (National # S1.H1.L1; MA CF # 2.17; Activity #: 13). (C) Identify a time in a game when the overhead smash could be used when asked by the teacher (National # S2.HLL1; MA CF #2.17; Activity#: Closure) (A) Demonstrate appropriate sportspersonship by showing respect to self, teachers, and dassmates 100% of the class block (National# $4.H2.L1, MA CF # 2.26; Activity #: Entire lesson). Check each objective - appropriate? it specific? Is it achievable? Is it developmentally Teacher Performance Objectives - During the lesson the teacher wil 1. Explain safety and rules of all activities. 2. Check for understanding of the overhead smash and reinforce the use of it in the game. 3. Address off-task behavior right away without losing flow of the dass. 4. Give specific skill related feedback to the students. Special Considerations - © Be aware of surroundings including other players, and equipment. © Walk around nets, NOT over or under. References: -Darst, P. W, Pangrazi, R. P, Sariscsany, M, & Brusseau, T. A. (2012). Dynamic physical education for secondary school students (7% ed.). New Yor Cummings (pp. 166-167). - TIME ‘SEQUENCE OF LESSON ORGANIZATION 5-10 10-20 20-25 Attendance: Ss will enter the gym and will go directly to their attendance spot. Attendance will be taken and then Ss will go into the locker room to change for class. ‘Transition: Ss will go into the locker rooms and change, and then re-enter the gym. Warm-Up: -Ss will run/jog 5 laps around the gym. -2 sets of 20 crunches (T will cue each set). -T or chosen $ will lead the class in stretches. During stretches T will go over focus of the day and review start and stop signals, and safety. Focus of the day: Pickleball- Overhead Smash Start and stop signals: Start- “ready, go.” Stop- two whistles (attention on teacher, and equipment at feet) Safety: Be aware of other teams/groups on neighboring courts. Stay away from nets/poles. Walk around nets, NOT over/under! Transition: Ss will move from warm-up and sit against the wall behind the sideline facing the T. player wants to challenge their opponent with a powerful shot. -Typically hit towards the opponent's feet, so it is difficult for them to return. -Use the smash when you are dose to the non-volley zone line to guarantee the Pickleball will make it over the net. Refining: Skill Cues for Overhead Smash: - Shake hands grip - Opposite shoulder facing target (body sideways) _wall - Raise paddle back and up above head - Strike ball overhead with paddle facing downwards - Follow through down and across towards your target SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Demonstration: T will demonstrate smash for the rest of the dass with aS. “Be sure to demonstrate difference in hitting the ball with the paddle facing down and paddle facing forwards. ‘Transition; Split lass into 8 groups of 3 and 1 25.27 | sroup of 2 (groups are predetermined by mixing skill level evenly). -Have 1S in each group be the server (they will rotate after 3 turns), and the others will move to the opposite side of the court. 1 $ will step up to practice first, and the other will wait behind the baseline, There will be 3 courts with 2 groups on each. Activity 1: Overhead Smash Practice- 27-35 | “Serving $ on the opposite side of the court from love sn the Ss waiting inline w/the pickle balls. be non the -Lob the ball to the 1" in line soitis above their | pitiees | volley head. zone | -S will overhead smash the ball back towards the ground in bounds on the serving side. *Tell Ss to hit the ball forcefully in order to guarantee a follow through. -3 turns each and then rotate (Server will move to end of line, receiver will move up to be server, and $ in line will move up to be receiver). Extension: Ss to hit the ball as close to server's feet as possible ‘Transition: 20 sec. to choose a partner and move to a court and set up doubles style play. There will be 2 groups with 3 Ss. These Ss will rotate the third player in every point. 35-59 | Activity 2: Game Play 59-60 60-70 70-72 72-74 They will play using the rules and techniques learned in previous classes. *CFU: review of doubles- ‘Two players per team, Must let serve and return bounce before hitting, Cannot volley in non-volley zone, One bounce allowed per side © Baseline/sidelines are in play -Focus on using the overhead smash -T will keep time, 5-minute games, then rotate Ss clockwise to a different court to play a different team each time. Motivational Objective: If an overhead smash is used and it is successful that team will receive 2 points instead of 1 ‘Transition: -Ss join two other groups and then set up fo! doubles style play plus an extra pair (waiting at baseline the courts. There will be 3 courts with 6 Ss, one court wi Ss and one court w/ 3 Ss. Activity 3: Royals of Court Ss who are not playing will wait by the end line on the bleachers side of the gym. -Same rules as before except: The first team to score wins. Ifa team wins, move up to| the next side of the court (Royal side). If a team loses th| will go back to the bleacher side of the gym behind the baseline wait for another team to lose, so they can move back on. While waiting to go back on, Ss will officiate fe the game on their court. Ifyou continue to win, you will continue to play. *Remind Ss to use overhead smash ‘Transition: Ss will walk to place equipment back in appropriate boxes, then go to corner of the gym for adosure. Closure: T will review the purpose and cues of the overhead smash. ‘© Explain when it is best to use the overhead smash in a game 0 Where are opponents? g e non- s 3 a |. |=? L, Tssss SSSSS Beacher Side 74-84 0 Where should the ball be before the smash? 0 Where should the ball be hit? ‘Transition: Ss will help T take down Pickleball nets, then go into the locker room to change, and then return to the gym to wait for the bell.