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March 7, 2016 Hon, Andrew Cuomo Hon. Cheryl Dinolfo c/o Department of Transportation Monroe County Executive Regional Director Kevin Bush County of Monroe 1530 Jefferson Rd. 39 W. Main St Rochester, New York 14623, Rochester, New York 14614 Hon. Lovely A. Warren Mayor 30 Church St. Rochester, New York 14614 Dear Gov. Cuomo, County Executive Dinolfo, and Mayor Warren: n behalf of the residents of Northwest Rochester who use Lake Avenue on foot or by car, we are asking for your immediate attention to improve the safety of pedestrians, drivers and passengers on this important thoroughfare. Saturday evening's pedestrian fatality is just the latest of several recent incidents in which Rochester residents were killed or seriously injured on Lake Avenue. Two weeks ago, a woman was hit by a car just locks from Saturday's scene, and three weeks before that, two people were killed ina car accident less than two miles away. We are requesting an increase in enforcement of traffic and safety laws by the Rochester Police Department, Monroe County Sheriff's Office and New York State Police; a review of lighting, crosswalk placement, street parking and signage along Lake Avenue; and a publ service campaign focused on pedestrian safety. We stand ready to assist in these efforts however we can. ‘Thank you for your attention to this critical matter. We look forward to your response, Sincerely, a ey Cgnthea I. Kaleds “Hon. Cynthia W. Kaleh City Counel, Northwest District County Leslature, 28% LD, Minority Leader CC: Hon, Patrick O'Flynn Hon. Joseph D. Morelle Hon. Joseph E. Robach Hon. David F. Gantt Hon. Harry B. Bronson