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You and I are a lot alike.

I am a:
wife for 18 years
mom to two children
hard worker
We all have a desire to be
a childs hero.

Allow those things to inspire you

to be SUPER!
Not afraid to stand up for what is right
Sees the best in others
Knows theres always room for improvement in
self and others
Student ambassador
Leads with love

My Role as a Professional Educator

Problem solving, individuality, and creative
thinking will be valued and utilized to
ensure an effective learning environment.

Personal Position Statement

I am responsible for developing active and
creative minds, a sense of understanding and
compassion for others, and to be an
ambassador for both students and teachers.
I plan to work closely with teachers to use
student assessments to guide decisions. I will
coach teachers to ensure that they provide
varied content, process, and product to meet the
needs of all students. I will enable teachers to
be responsive to students by providing them with
the experiences they need to develop and grow.

Learning is a result from human

interaction with the world. Learning is
considering new ideas and concepts
while making sense of experiences
and constructing knowledge.
Learning is personal and must be
Teaching is developing students understanding
through inquiry. It is developing students enthusiasm
for learning. It elicits students schematic knowledge to
help students become cognizant of their own ideas,
then building upon and refining them during the learning
process. It is providing students with a variety of
learning experiences to help students expand their
initial ideas and abilities.

The Teachers Role

The teachers role is to alter
conditions in the classroom to
achieve desired student behaviors. However, the
teachers role expands much further than student
behavior. Teachers build character and transform
students into motivated, active participants who
accept responsibility for their own learning.
Teachers develop the whole child be providing
guidance, showing compassion, and mutual
respect for others. They utilize effective classroom
management to promote comfort, order, and
appropriate student behaviors.

Students Role
Learning involves meaningful organization of
experiences. Students must be actively involved in the
learning process. The learner cannot passively accept
information. They must internalize and reshape the
information by connecting new learning with alreadyexisting knowledge. They must take responsibility for
own learning. They must show respect for others and
display appropriate social behavior.

Parents Role
Parents are
vital to student

It is the schools responsibility to

help families get plugged in.

Our School Will Provide

A rich, engaging, and culturally relevant curriculum enhancing vertical

Safe, orderly, respectful, and nurturing learning environments.
High-quality teachers in every classroom, using truly differentiated
Daily recess for all students.
Minimal time spent on test prep and testing while utilizing data to drive
Services for the special education needs of all our children.
Community based programs and services for children and families.
Disciplinary policies applied equitably to all students; the use of alternative
/ in-school suspensions and positive behavior programs.
An open-door, welcoming policy that encourages family engagement in
student learning.

Continuous Improvement
The organization should maintain a
spirit of continuous improvement for all.
Students must have support from
Teachers must have support from

On Curriculum
Principals must monitor student
performance and adjust the
curriculum as needed.
Differentiated instruction is
essential to meet the needs of
all students. Teamwork and
collaboration among teachers
is essential for success.

Instructional weaknesses
differ from curriculum weaknesses
in that it varies from teacher to
teacher. Weaknesses can be
identified by the principal being
present in the classrooms.
Teachers not differentiating their instruction and meeting
the needs of every child can improve instruction while
using the same curriculum. Often curriculum changes and
teachers fall back on their old routines. Simply changing
the curriculum will not guarantee success.
The instruction must change as well.

Revelations 3:16 Do not be lukewarm.

Our test scores are not bad.
Our students are reasonably well-disciplined..
Our parental involvement is average.

If youre any good at all, you know you can be

better. Lindsay Buckingham

Everyone has a superhero inside!