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Web Site - New Business Plan

Web Site - New Business Plan

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Published by: Mitesh Shah on Apr 22, 2010
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Presentation on New Business Plan

Prepared by: Group 7

…….therefore we are

Nirav Patel Hiren Darji Bhupendra Zala Punit Laheru Mitesh Shah Keyur Savalia

         

Introduction Mission Vision Market research Data analysis Features Organization Costing Marketing plan Profit center

New business plan Health care service website For every class of society

To act as a responsible citizens by providing information and services regarding every type of medical facilities available to each and every section of the society in order to visualize the system transparency to society.

To work collaboratively with the medical industry and pharma industry in order to serve the society by availing various facilities available at various hospital and stores which can act as a platform for general masses as well as poor and people from rural areas.

To provide an information about medical service Do a better collaboration between the doctors, hospital and society Section to help poor people To create awareness about medical facilities available 


:- To find consumers need towards medical information

Sample size :- 100 Location Sampling :- Ahmedabad :- Random sampling

Awareness about medical services

Medical information required by people

Specialist doctors available

 Rating of hospitals and doctors  Foreign delegates’ visit in India  Insurance for medical treatment  Post discharge transportation services  Consultancy for treatment  Food facility to patient 

        

Drug details Transparency regarding treatment Donation section Doctors panel available in hospitals Medico legal support Portfolio creation Accommodation facility for patient’s relative Medical updates Disease specific diet

       

Medical tourism facilities Map for hospitals and pharmacy Blood bank Sperm bank Organ bank Gene bank Ayurveda and homeopathic details Telephonic service

Software development engineers Web designer Data collection team Catalog manager Content writer Search engine optimization team News team Customer service team

SDE : 6 persons: Rs. 60000 Web designer: Rs. 15000 Data team: Rs. 4000-6000 Catalog manager: Rs. 35000 Content writer: Rs. 8000-10000 SEO: Rs. 5000-10000 News team: Rs. 7000-8000 Customer service: Rs. 5000- Rs. 10000

 Hospitals  NGO  Television  Radio  Newspapers

 Search Engines  Banking Website  Other websites  Medical Stores  Pharma events 

oPharma companies oHospitals oMedical insurance companies oMedical colleges oMedical journals and pharma journal

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