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Emergent Curriculum in Early Childhood Education Syllabus

Course Description

Required Materials

This course is designed to cover the concept of emergent curriculum in the early
childhood educational setting. It will
include emergent curriculum principles,
educators and students perspectives,
observation and documentation techniques,
as well as examples of emergent
curriculum in the field.


Course Goals & Competencies

Emergent Curriculum in Early Childhood

Settings: From Theory to Practice (2008)
Susan Stacy
ISBN-10: 1933653418
ISBN-13: 978-1933653419

Access to a reliable computer with highspeed
internet connection, sufficient disk space (typically 10 GB), processor (1 GHz), and memory
(1 GB).

The goal of this course is to introduce

learners to emergent curriculum, provide
meaningul learning experiences in the
areas of emergent curriculum, and offer
practical methods of integrating this type
of curriculum into the early childhood

Your computer must have a webcam and microphone to participate in online video and chat
options as required throughout course assignments.

After completing the course, learners will

be able to explain emergent curriculum as
it applies to early childhood education,
identify educators and students roles in
the process, utilize different observation
and documentation techniques within the
early childhood setting, and effectively
integrate emergent curriculum into the
classroom or home setting.

Latest versions of Adobe PDF Reader, Adobe

Flash, Apple QuickTime, and Java.

Word processing software such as Microsoft
Word, OpenOffice, or Google Docs.

Instructor Information
Amy N. Beard
1110 W. Robinson Ave
Springdale, AR 72764
479.200.1979 between the
hours of 8am & 8 pm

Please note...

All coursework will be due on the required date. No late assignments will be accepted.

Syllabus Continued
Activities & Assignments


Introduction Blog & Quiz

Complete these two activities and learn
more about the course.

Late Work Policy

All coursework must be turned in on the
date required in the schedule. No late
work will be accepted.

Blogs, Wikis, & Discussion Boards

Complete These activities through Blackboard and learn through collaboration.
Written Assignments
Complete written activities throughout the
course to show learning in emergent
curriculum concepts.


Academic Honesty Policy

Academic honesty is key to your success in
this course. All work must be your own
and sources must be cited when used.
Each University of Arkansas student is
required to be familiar with and abide by
the Universitys Academic Integrity
Policy which may be found at Students with
questions about how these policies apply to
a particular course or assignment should
immediately contact their instructor.




63 - 70


56 - 62


49 - 55


42 - 48


< 50%

< 42

Nettiquette refers to online rules of

ettiquette. Please respect others, use proper
grammar, and do not yell (typing with all
capital letters).

Note: Incomplete Grades will only be

given in situations approved by the
university with appropriate paperwork.
Please remember these grades become Fs
after a certain period of time.

Computer Access Policy

Since this an online course a computer and
all hardware/software specifications must
be met by each student. See these requirements above.

Refer to the video on nettiquette in the

Start Here link for visuals on the topic.