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Senior Portfolio Committee

Buckingham Charter Magnet High School

188 Bella Vista Rd, Suite B
Vacaville, CA 95687
Dear Senior Portfolio Committee,
Over the past four years here at Buckingham, I have come to understand why education
is so important for ones success in life. I would like to give a thank-you in advance for reading
my cover letter and approving it, as I intend to begin my collegiate career in historical studies.
As graduation is coming up in June of 2016, I believe that I have gained the necessary
skills to graduate, as well as the skills required to be successful in my adult life. Some of these
skills include excellent computer software skills such as Microsoft Office Word and Powerpoint. I
have come to acquire a thorough understanding of history through the World History and US
History courses. By completing math courses through Algebra II, I have gained an extensive
knowledge in mathematics, and I have been taught methods on how to apply my knowledge to
real-life situations. The staff at Buckingham has been extremely supportive of my goals, and
they have assisted me by giving me tools to help make my dream of a career in history come
After graduation, I plan to attend Solano Community College to complete the courses
required to transfer to a four-year university. After my graduation from SCC, I intend to go to
Boise State University to major in history.
Attending this school has been the highlight of my academic career, and has prepared
me well for post-school life. I appreciate your reading of this letter, and I look forward to my
graduation from Buckingham.
Justin Adie