300 word description on my book, “Black Gold” The historical background about the Arizona territory, ranging from

the tribes that originally roamed the range, to the cowboys and settlers who eventually made it a home. Arizona’s history is full of colorful characters – cowboys, Indians, lawmen and outlaws, politicians and city-bred lawyers who came to make a name for themselves in the wild west, dreamers who kept hoping for that one big strike that would make them rich, farmers and settlers who faced harsh conditions that sometimes included ranchers and land-grabbers, military men who felt banished to an unwelcome land, strong women who were determined to make a home, strong men who feared facing commitment, so kept moving most of their lives…… All of these characters – and more – are featured in the new Romance Western “Black Gold”. This book is a combination of western lore, romantic adventure, and historical novel as it intertwines many different characters into a story that culminates in a powerful courtroom drama. Central to the story are Ed Daulton and Amy Baggen, a man who has wandered most of his life and experienced wars and divisiveness and the cruelty of mankind, and a nurturing young woman who has lost many of those she loved, but also yearns to settle down on her own small piece of property. When Ed stumbles onto Amy being assaulted, it is only the beginning of a mystery that will take many months to solve.

The story is centered in the Prescott area, the first capital of the State of Arizona. It intermingles both folklore and fact and defines the strong wills and characters of those who settled in territory that could be both beautiful and harsh, peaceful and violent, creating not only hope for the future, but desperate discouragement because of the challenges just to survive.

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