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Vertical Curriculum meetings

September 2, 2015
Vertical Alignment is ensuring that curriculum objectives are specific and
build upon another, that prerequisites are mastered, gaps are eliminated
and there is an increasing sophistication and rigor in concepts, processes
and skills across the grades.
Vertical Scan and Cluster for Skills
The following questions can be used for vertical discussion on Wednesday morning.

August Flex Curriculum Day

What was accomplished either by individual or grade level team?
K-6: Were 4 core areas updated: Math, Lang Art, Science, Soc St??
7-12: Do all courses (other than AP/WETC) have updated maps posted on the v
If above wasnt accomplished, what needs to be done yet?
Are all content area standards addressed in the current curriculum being taught?
If not, which ones arent addressed and why?
What standards are hardest for students to attain?
What can be/what needs to be done for students to attain these standards?
Resources? Staff Dev? Better planning between grade levels? Other?
Non Lang Arts classes: How are literacy standards being addressed?
Are we using the vocabulary found in standards/MCA Test Specs? Continuing to use
that vocab across grade levels?
Is common vocab aligned vertically, have teachers looked at the standards two
grades below and one grade above to know vocabulary used?
What academic concerns are noted for students entering your grade from the previous
Suggestions for improvement
Do teachers have enough student attainment information prior to getting
Ins and Outs: some school have identified 3 to 5 skills that students must have
prior to entering in the fall and 3 to 5 skills that students must master before
leaving a grade.
Something for ZM to consider? What happens if students havent mastered the
required ins and outs?

Are common formative and summative assessments given when more than one teacher
teaches a subject are?
If yes, please note where this is happening
If no, what is the rationale for this not happening, what can be done to get this

Links to standards on MDE site, other curriculum probably follow National Standards
which can be found by an internet search:
Lang Arts:

Social Studies:

ZM Curriculum Review Cycle:

2016-17 Math and Ind Tech

Update on Mathematics Standards Review
The Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards in Mathematics were revised in 2007, with full
implementation in districts by the 2010-11 school year. Though the math standards were
scheduled to be reviewed again during the 2015-16 school year, the review has been
postponed. As passed in the spring 2015 first special legislative session, according to
Chapter 3, H.F. 1 , the math standards review has been postponed until 2020-21.

Math Review, purchase 7/1/17 on ZM purchase cycle

2017-18 Art/Music/Health/PE

20-18-19 Science, Ag, Counseling

2019-20 Lang Arts, World Lang

Here are the steps involved in a vertical scan and cluster for skills:

Select standards documents for one subject area from two grades below and one grade above the one you teach.
Scan and cluster vertically through the documents for one interdisciplinary skill (e.g., research) and highlight the standards that
address the skill.


Note similarities and increased complexity in required performances over the years.


Repeat the process for other interdisciplinary skills

18-19 Science, Ag, Counseling

19-20 Lang Arts, Languages

Ag, Ind Tech, Tech, FCS, Business, Art, Music:

Literacy Standards, where are successes and difficulties? Needs in addressing
these standards?
Electives: course length(qtr, semester, yr long, trimester etc), addressing
standards for your content area, needs? Changes?
Programs: Ramp Up, Olweus