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Present Simple

1.) Mr. Brown always reads (read) his newspapers in the evenings. Mrs Brown sometimes
knits (knit).
2.) Mr. Black often goes (go) to the theatre but his wife doesnt go (not go) very often. He
likes (like) all sorts of plays. She preferes (prefer) comedies.
3.) In most countries a child starts (start) at six and stays (stay) for about five years in a
primary school. Then he moves (move) to a secondary school. At 17 or 18 he takes (take) an
exam; if he does (do) well in this exam he can go on to a university if he wishes (wish).
4.) My next door neighbor always knocks (knock) on my door and asks (ask) me to lend her
10p pieces.
5.) My brother lives (live) next door and his two children come (come) and see (see) me every
day. The boy ______________ (not bother) to knock at the door; he just climbs (climb) in
through the window; but the girl always knock (knock).
6.) What does the word establishment mean (mean)? My dictionary doesnt give (not give)
an explanation.
It roughly means (mean) the government ant people who have (have) power and authority.
7.) Alice: My brother gets (get) up very early too. But he makes (make) such a lot of noise
that he wakes (wake) everybody up. He sings (sing) in his bath and bangs (bang) doors and
drops (drop) things in the kitchen and plays (play) the radio very loudly.
8.) Lucy: Why do you ask (ask) him to be quiter?
Alice: I mention (mention) it every night but it doesnt do (not not do) any good. He says
(say) that he doesnt make (not make) a sound, and I think (think) he really believes (believe)

Present Continuous
1.) Ann sees Paul putting on his coat and says: Where are you going (go) Paul?
Paul: I am going (go) to buy some cigarettes.
2.) Mary sees Peter standing at the bus stop.
Mary: Hello Peter. What bus are you waiting (wait) for?
Peter: Hello Mary. I am waiting (wait) for a 9 or a 14.
3.) It is Friday evening and the Brown family are at home. Mrs Brown is listening (listen) to a
concert on the radio; Mr Brown is reading (read) a newspaper, George Brown are doing (do)
his homework and Ann Brown is writing (write) a letter.

4.) Imagine that you are traveling (travel) by train, in a crowded compartment. One of the
passengers is reading (read) a newspaper, another is doing (do) a crossword puzzle; another is
looking out (look out) of the window.

Present Simple/ Present Continuous

1.) Mrs Jones: My daughter never writes (write) to me so I never know (know) what she does
(do). Is your son writes (write) to you, Mrs Smith?
Mrs Smith: Yes, I hears (hear) from him every week. He seems (seem) to like writing letters.
2.) Why is that man standing (stand) in the middle of the road? He is trying (try) to get across.
He is waiting (wait) for a gap in the traffic. Why is he not using (not use) the subway?
3.) Look! He is putting (put) a ticket on Toms car. tom will be furious when he is seing (see)
it. He is hating (hate) getting park tickets.
4.) I hear (hear) that you have bought new house.
Yes, but I am not living (not live) in it yet. They are still working (work) on it and the work is
taking (take) longer than I expected.

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