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‫انـجـمن پـادشـاهـی ایـران‬

The Kingdom Assembly of Iran

24 Farvardin 6372 (12 April 2008)

On Saturday 24th Farvardin 6372 (April 12, 2008), the brave Soldiers of Anjoman-e
Padeshahi-e Iran {the Kingdom Assembly of Iran} attacked a terroristic organization
center, Basijis and Pasdaran, of the Islamic regime in Shiraz. In this attack some were
killed and a big number got injured.
The Kingdom Assembly of Iran is determined to free Iran from the ruthless Islamistic
rulers. For more than one year we were warning the terroristic organizations like
Pasdaran and Basijis to stop supporting the ruthless Islamic regime and stop
suppressing Iranians.
Tondar {the series of operations against terrorist organizations in Iran} is starting the
second round of operations. There is no mercy for those supporting the anti-Iranian
Islamic regime. They will have the same faith of those perished today.
To those, standing in the way of Freedom, Prosperity and Liberation of Iran, we are
warning you, stop putting your lives or the lives of your family members at risk by
supporting those corrupt mullahs. Join the Soldiers of Cyrus the Great and Dariush.
We call upon all Iranians to join the Tondar operations that will Free Iran from the
1400 years of Islamic atrocities in Iran.

Long live Iran

Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran

Farmandeh Kourosh

The Kingdom Assembly of Iran

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